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Printing on the CD-R/DVD-R
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Click Print.
The Print CD Labels dialog box appears.
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Click Printer....
• The Printable Label image on the Print CD
Labels dialog box shows the print image of the
CD-R tray (rectangle) and the CD-R (circles). The
leading edge of the CD-R tray is at the bottom of
the image.
• If the "[Dark]" setting produces unsatisfactory
results (e.g. if images are too dark or characters
appear blurred), select "[Light]". Print quality on
CD-R/DVD-R may vary depending on the media
you use.
3 3 3 3
Set these items to correspond with the
CD-R/DVD-R and printing data.
Media Type: Printable disc
Print Quality:High, Standard or Draft
4 4 4 4
Click OK.
5 5 5 5
When the Print CD Labels dialog box
appears, click Print.
6 6 6 6
Read the message that appears and
then click OK.
Refer to the CD-LabelPrint's manual for more
information about CD-LabelPrint.
(recommended) or
Printable disc (others)



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