Printing On Cd-Rs/Dvd-Rs - Macintosh - Canon Cd printer Print Manual

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Printing on CD-Rs/DVD-Rs - Macintosh

This section explains how to use CD-LabelPrint to print directly on 12 cm CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Refer to the
CD-LabelPrint's manual for more information about this procedure.
To access the manual, double-click Manual in the CD-LabelPrint folder.
Importing the image to print on the CD-R/DVD-R
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Select Applications from the GO
menu. Double-click the CD-LabelPrint
folder, and then CD LabelPrint to start
CD LabelPrint.
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Click Paper Selection.
The Paper Selection dialog box opens.
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Select CD Direct Print from Print
Genre, and select Standard CD
(12cm) from CD Type.
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Click OK.
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Edit the label image.
For more information about how to edit the label
image, refer to the manual on CD-LabelPrint.



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