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Mainte nan ce & Care
Empty Dirt Tank
The dirt tank needs to be emptied when the dirt
reaches the "Full" line on the side of the tank.
1. Unplug cleaner from electrical outlet.
2. Remove the Easy Empty dirt tank from the
vacuum base by pushing the tank release button
on top of the dirt container.
3. Hold the dirt tank over a garbage container.
Press the bottom lid release button on the back
of the dirt tank to empty dirt.
4. Mount the Easy Empty dirt tank back on the
vacuum base.
NOTE: The dirt tank may be washed in warm
water with a mild detergent. Make sure it is
completely dry before replacing.
Cleaning the pre-motor filter and inner cyclone
Use only genuine BISSELL replacement filters
in your BISSELL CleanView vacuum.
1. Unplug the cleaner from electrical outlet.
a. Remove the Easy Empty dirt tank and
locate the pre-motor filter as described on
the previous page.
b. Remove the foam filter from the filter
tray. The filter tray is fixed in-place, but
may be removed for cleaning by unscrewing
the tray. The foam filter and tray may be
hand washed in warm water with a mild
detergent, if desired. Rinse well, then air
dry thoroughly before replacing the filter.
Make sure all components are completely
dry before replacing.
3. The inner cyclone may also be removed for
cleaning. With the bottom of Easy Empty dirt
tank open, reach up into the dirt cup and grasp
the cyclone. Twist the cyclone clockwise to
unlock and pull straight down to remove. The
inner cyclone and dirt cup may be wiped clean
with a damp cloth. Make sure all parts are dry
before replacing.
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To reduce the risk of electric shock, turn power switch off
and disconnect polarized plug from electrical outlet before
performing maintenance or troubleshooting checks.
Do not operate cleaner with damp or wet fi lters or
without all fi lters in place.
" When replacing the inner
cyclone after cleaning, open
the pre-motor filter lid to
help guide the inner cyclone
into the grooves at the
top of the tank. Twist
counterclockwise to lock the
inner cyclone into place.
Do not place the dirt tank or other product components
in the dishwasher. Hand wash only.
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