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Kenwood KOS-A300 Instruction Manual

Kenwood external media controller instruction manual
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Take the time to read through this instruction manual.
Familiarity with installation and operation procedures will help you obtain the best
performance from your new External Media Controller.
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Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the
warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers
whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product.
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  • Page 1 Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product. Model KOS-A300 Serial number...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Calling a number in the Phone Book Calling a number in the call log Make a voice dialing call Registering to the Preset Dial Number List Display of phone number type (category) KOS-A300 Bluetooth Audio Operation Before Use Basic Operation Bluetooth Setup...
  • Page 3 • If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. • When you purchase optional accessories, check with your Kenwood dealer to make sure that they work with your model and in your area. • Characters that conform to ISO 8859-1 can be displayed.
  • Page 4: General Functions

    Audio file> (page 29). Text/Title scroll: Control knob Scrolls the longer audio file text display when pushing toward up for at least 2 seconds. KOS-A300 toward left Function Control : [FNC] Pressing this button allows you to set various functions using the Control knob. Refer to <Function Control>...
  • Page 5: Ipod, Zune And Usb Device Functions

    Illumination Control: [ Hold this button and turn the Control knob to change the display and controller illumination colors. You can select from the 10 colors or to scan all 10 colors, each of which changes every 5 seconds. ⁄ •...
  • Page 6: Function Control

    • The connected cell-phone must have the SMS function to use the “SMS” function. • This unit supports KENWOOD Music Editor version 3.0 (page 29) or later. If “FILE SCAN” is selected while a media file in KENWOOD Music Editor is playing, media files are played as follows: - First 10 seconds or the part picked by Intro Skip.
  • Page 7 Synchronizes the illumination color of the display with that of the controller. Turns off the display when no operation is performed. *Factory setting * Function of KOS-A300 with KCA-BT200. * Refer to <Menu Glossary> (page 31). Condition Page — —...
  • Page 8 Registers voice for voice recognition. Registers voice to select the Phone number category in Phonebook. Download a short message. Display the received short message. *Factory setting * Function of KOS-A300 with KCA-BT200. * Refer to <Menu Glossary> (page 31). Condition Page * — *...
  • Page 9: Display Settings

    Display Settings Illumination Color Selection Selecting the Illumination Color of the display. Enter Illumination color selection mode > Select “SETUP” “Color Select”. For how to select Function Control item, refer to <Function Control> (page 6). Select the Illumination Color Turn the Control knob and push the center when the desired item is displayed.
  • Page 10: Text Display Selection

    Information Frequency Station name Title & Artist name Album & Artist name Genre Blank KOS-A300 Enter Text display selection mode Select “SETUP” “Text Select”. For how to select Function Control item, refer to <Function Control> (page 6). Display Select the text display part “Title”...
  • Page 11: Auxillary Input Name Setting

    Auxillary Input Name Setting Selects the display when changing to Auxiliary input source. Select the AUX source Press the [SRC] button. Select Auxillary input name setting mode > Select “MENU” “Name Set”. For how to select Function Control item, refer to <Function Control>...
  • Page 12: Ipod/ Zune/ Usb Device Operation

    Set the ratio with “Skip Search” in <Function Control> (page 6). Keep pushing Control knob for 3 seconds or longer skips songs at 10% irrespective of the setting. KOS-A300 Function of iPod Music Search for iPod Search for the song (in iPod) you want to play.
  • Page 13: Searching For Music By Initial

    Function of iPod Searching for Music by Initial You can select an alphabetic character from the list in the browse item (artist, album, etc.) selected now. Enter Music Search mode Turn the Control knob. Start the alphabet search Push the Control knob towards down. “A B C …”...
  • Page 14: Drive Search

    • Turning on the all random function changes the iPod browse item to “Songs”. This browse item will not change even if the all random function is turned off. KOS-A300 Function of iPod iPod Control by Hand Mode Allows you to operate iPod with the control on the iPod.
  • Page 15: Favorite Control

    Favorite Control Favorite Preset Memory Registering the operation procedure to select your favorite broadcast station or iPod Playlists/ Artists, etc. Display a favorite item Source Registerable items SIRIUS/XM/HD Preset Memory iPod List selection screen for Playlists/ Artists/ Albums, etc. Hands-free phone Telephone number retrieval.
  • Page 16: Favorite Name Setting

    Push the Control knob towards right or left to select “ENTER”, and then press the Control knob. Cancelling the Favorite Name set Press the [FNC] button. KOS-A300 Input Level Adjust Input Level Setting Adjusts the USB I/F and AUX input level. Select Input Level Adjust mode >...
  • Page 17: Hd Radio Tuner Control

    Function of KTC-HR300/ KTC-HR200 (Optional Accessory) HD Radio tuner control Tuning Selecting the station. Select HD Radio source Press the [SRC] button. Select the "HD Radio" display. Select the HD FM band Push the Control knob towards up. Switches between the HF1, HF2, and HF3 bands each time pushing towards up.
  • Page 18: Hd Radio Tagging (Itunes Tagging)

    • Up to 50 TAGs (song’s information) can be registered to this unit. When iPod is connected, the TAG information registered to this unit is transferred to the connected iPod. • The memory usage can be checked by selecting “MENU” > “Tag Memory” of <Function Control> (page 6). KOS-A300...
  • Page 19: Operation Of Hands-Free Phoning

    Function of KCA-BT200 (Optional Accessory) Operation of hands-free phoning Before Use • For details on the Bluetooth cell-phone with the hands-free function, see <About the Cell-Phone> (page 30). • You need to register your cell-phone before using it with this unit. For more details, see <Registering Bluetooth device>...
  • Page 20: Making A Call

    Select the number you want to recall from the memory Turn the Control knob or push it towards up or down. KOS-A300 Press the Control knob. Phone number is displayed. Make a call Press the Control knob for at least 1 second.
  • Page 21: Calling A Number In The Call Log

    Calling a number in the call log Enter dialing method mode Press the [ ] button. Select the call log mode Press the Control knob. Select the “OUT-CALL” (outgoing call), “IN-CALL” (incoming call), or “MISSED CALLS” (missed call) display. Select a name or phone number Turn the Control knob or push it towards up or down.
  • Page 22: Bluetooth Audio Operation

    • Switching between Bluetooth audio sources does not start or stop playback automatically. Perform the operation for starting or stopping playback. • Some audio players cannot be controlled remotely or reconnected after Bluetooth disconnection. Operate the main unit of the audio player to connect Bluetooth. KOS-A300...
  • Page 23: Bluetooth Setup

    Start registering a unit by operating the Bluetooth device By operating the Bluetooth device, register the hands-free unit (pairing). Select “KENWOOD BT200” from the list of connected units. Enter a PIN code Input the PIN code registered as mentioned in <Registering PIN Code>...
  • Page 24: Registering Pin Code

    ⁄ • By default, “0000” is specified. • A PIN code can be specified with up to eight digits. KOS-A300 Downloading the Phone Book Download the phone book data from the cell- phone so you can access the phone book from this unit.
  • Page 25: Selecting The Bluetooth Device You Wish To Connect

    Enter Bluetooth Firmware update mode Press the Control knob for at least 1 second. The firmware version appears. Exit Bluetooth Firmware update mode Press the [FNC] button. ⁄ • For how to update the firmware, access our web site. English...
  • Page 26: Adding A Voice Dialing Command

    Pressing the Control knob allows you to retry voice input. Select “PB Name Check” (Play) Press the Control knob. Play the registered voice and return to step 2. KOS-A300 Select “PB Name Delete” (Delete) Delete a voice tag Press the Control knob.
  • Page 27: Sms (Short Message Service)

    SMS (Short Message Service) The SMS arrived at the cell-phone is displayed on the receiver. A newly arrived message is displayed. ¤ • To prevent car accidents, the driver should not read the SMS while driving. When a new message arrives “SMS Received”...
  • Page 28: Satellite Radio Tuner (Optional Accessory) Control

    Select the Channel Turn the Control knob to select Channel, and then press the Control knob. Cancelling Category and Channel Search mode Press the [FNC] button. KOS-A300 ⁄ • You cannot Channel search until the category information is acquired. Preset Memory Putting the channel in the memory.
  • Page 29: Appendix

    • In this manual, “Music Editor media” means the device that contains music data exported with KENWOOD Music Editor. • “KENWOOD Music Editor ver3.0” is available from the following web site: • For further information on “KENWOOD Music Editor ver3.0”, refer to the site above or the application...
  • Page 30 HD Radio (Optional Accessory) that can be connected to this unit • KTC-HR300 • KTC-HR200 Bluetooth unit (Optional Accessory) that can be connected to this unit • KCA-BT200 KOS-A300 About the Cell-Phone This unit conforms to the following Bluetooth specifications: Version Bluetooth Standard Ver. 1.2 Profile...
  • Page 31 Menu Glossary • Auto Answer This function automatically answers (responds to) a call after lapse of the preset time interval for automatic answer. “OFF” : Does not answer the phone call automatically. “0” : Automatically answers the phone call at once. “1s”...
  • Page 32: Accessories

    ...1 ...1 ...2 (Ø2 x 11.5, Blue) ...1 (Ø2 x 9, White) ...1 (Ø4 x 16.5) ...2 ...1 ...2 KOS-A300 ...1 DISPLAY TEMPLATE & ...1 ...1 (Ø2 x 10, Black) ...2 (Ø2 x 5, Black) ...2 (Ø4 x 4.5) ...2 (Ø4 x 16)
  • Page 33: Installation Procedure

    Installation Procedure Installation Procedure 1. To prevent a short circuit, remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the - battery. 2. Make the proper input and output wire connections for each unit. 3. Connect the wiring harness wires in the following order: ground, battery, ignition.
  • Page 34: Connecting Wires To Terminals

    Ignition cable (Red) (2.5 m) (7.5A) Battery cable (Yellow) (2.5 m) Ground cable (Black) · (To car chassis) (1.5 m) KOS-A300 TO DISPLAY UNIT To prevent USB cable and Display unit terminals from being unplugged, tie them to the wiring harness (Accessory 1) with the cable clamp (Accessory 4).
  • Page 35 Hideaway unit (Rear side) LINE Connection cable (Commercially available) Accessory3 UNIT SIRIUS Satellite Tuner HD Radio Tuner XM Satellite Radio Tuner Bluetooth unit DVD player etc. Car stereo To AUX input English...
  • Page 36: Installation

    Accessory8 (Ø2 X 10, Black) When installing on the 4-degree surface Accessory5 Accessory0 (Ø2 X 5, Black) KOS-A300 When installing on the 8-degree surface Accessory6 Accessory5 ⁄ • The direct installation of Bracket (Accessory ⑥) without Spacer (Accessory 5) is also possible.
  • Page 37 Install Bracket (Accessory 6). When using spacer (Accessory 5) Accessory! (Ø4 X 16.5) When not using spacer (Accessory 5) Accessory@ (Ø4 X 4.5) You can also install it using a double-sided tape (Accessory ~) When using spacer (Accessory 5) Accessory# When not using spacer (Accessory 5) Accessory# ⁄...
  • Page 38 Install the display unit using the screw holes illustrated above when it cannot be secured firmly using the double-sided tape. KOS-A300 Installation of Display Unit — Frame Used — Using the display template (Accessory %), drill a hole on the display installation position.
  • Page 39: Installation For Hideaway Unit

    Installation for Hideaway Unit • Installation using the self-tapping screws Use screws (Accessory$) to fix Hideaway Unit onto an audio board or another. Accessory$ (Ø4 × 16) • Installation using the velcro tapes Remove the backing from the Velcro strips (Accessory@) and attach it to the bottom of the Hideaway Unit.
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting Guide

    ☞ The “MENU” > “Call Beep” of <Function Control> (page 6) is set ON. KOS-A300 Voice is not recognized. ✔ The vehicle window is open. ☞ If the surrounding noise is large, voice cannot be recognized properly. Close the vehicle windows to reduce noise.
  • Page 41 N/A Device: • An unsupported USB device is connected. • Connection to the iPod has failed. ➪ Check that the connected iPod is an iPod that is supported. See <About Audio file> (page 29) for information on supported iPods. No Music Data/Error 15: •...
  • Page 42: Specifications

    : ≤ 600 Ω Other Terminals Input : KAB-BUS Interface Output : Telephone Mute Cable (MAX Current : 500mA) KOS-A300 General Operating voltage (10.5 – 16V allowable) : 14.4 V Maximum Current consumption : 1.0 A Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • Page 43 Kenwood Corporation 2967-3, ISHIKAWA-MACHI, HACHIOJI-SHI TOKYO, JAPAN KENWOOD CORP. CERTIFIES THIS EQUIPMENT CONFORMS TO DHHS REGULATIONS N0.21 CFR 1040. 10, CHAPTER 1, SUBCHAPTER J. Location : Bottom Panel FCC WARNING This equipment may generate or use radio frequency energy.
  • Page 44 This symbol mark indicates that Kenwood manufactured this product so as to decrease harmful infl uence on the environment.