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Safety Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric PAR-30MAA Instruction Book

Ma remote controller.
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Safety precautions

• Thoroughly read the following safety precautions before using the unit.
• Observe these precautions carefully to ensure safety.
• After reading this manual, pass it on to the end user to retain for future reference.
• Keep this manual for future reference and refer to it as necessary. This manual should be made available
to those who repair or relocate the controller. Make sure that the manual is passed on to any future
General precautions
Do not install the unit in a place where large
amounts of oil, steam, organic solvents, or corrosive
gases, such as sulfuric gas, are present or where
acidic/alkaline solutions or sprays are used
frequently. These substances can compromise
the performance of the unit or cause certain
components of the unit to corrode, which can result
in electric shock, malfunctions, smoke, or fire.
To reduce the risk of shorting, current leakage,
electric shock, malfunctions, smoke, or fire, do not
wash the controller with water or any other liquid.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, malfunctions,
smoke or fire, do not operate the switches/buttons or
touch other electrical parts with wet hands.
When disinfecting the unit using alcohol, ventilate
the room adequately. The fumes of the alcohol
around the unit may cause a fire or explosion when
the unit is turned on.
To reduce the risk of fire or explosion, do not place
flammable materials or use flammable sprays
around the controller.
To reduce the risk of damage to the controller, do not
directly spray insecticide or other flammable sprays
on the controller.
Indicates a risk of death or serious injury.
Indicates a risk of serious injury or structural damage.
To reduce the risk of injury or electric shock, before
spraying a chemical around the controller, stop the
operation and cover the controller.
To reduce the risk of injury or electric shock, stop
the operation and switch off the power supply before
cleaning, maintaining, or inspecting the controller.
If any abnormality (e.g., burning smell) is noticed,
stop the operation, turn off the power switch, and
consult your dealer. Continued use of the product
may result in electric shock, malfunctions, or fire.
Properly install all required covers to keep moisture
and dust out of the controller. Dust accumulation and
water can cause electric shock, smoke, or fire.
To reduce the risk of environmental pollution, consult
an authorized agency for proper disposal of remote
To reduce the risk of electric shock or malfunctions,
do not touch the touch panel, switches, or buttons
with a pointy or sharp object.


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