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Setting The Temperature - Kenwood IC400 Series User Manual

Kenwood iron user manual
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4 VERY SLOWLY unscrew the boiler
cap. If any steam is heard, stop
unscrewing the cap and wait until all
the steam has gone. Once all the
steam has gone continue to slowly
unscrew the cap.
5 Use the funnel provided and slowly
refill the boiler by pouring the water
down the side of the funnel. Take
care not to overfill.
6 Screw the boiler cap back on until it
is completely tight.
7 Plug in the appliance. Wait for the
green ready to steam light to glow,
this indicates that the steam station
is ready for use.
Never unscrew the boiler cap whilst
the appliance is connected to the
power supply and whilst there is
pressure inside the boiler.
Never unscrew the boiler cap during
choosing the right
Follow the clothes label advice.
Match the dots on the label to the
dots on the temperature control. If
there's no label, here's a guide on
which temperature to choose:
Start on clothes needing the lowest
temperature, then work upwards.
(This lowers the risk of burning
something because an iron switched
from 'hot' to 'cool' takes time to
cool down.)
For mixed fibres, eg cotton
, use the lowest suitable
If in doubt, start with a low
temperature on a part that won't be
seen (eg a shirt tail).

setting the temperature

Before switching on the steam
station, make sure that the lock for
continuous steam is in the off
position by firmly pressing the lock
on the left hand side of the iron. This
will ensure that the steam button is
1 Plug the steam station into the
power supply.
2 Switch on, the blue light will glow.
3 Turn the temperature control to the
temperature you want, the light
under the control will glow. When the
iron reaches the set temperature, the
light will go out. (During ironing, this
light will go on and off as your iron
maintains the right temperature.)
dry ironing
Follow the procedure above for
setting the temperature.
Care should be taken not to press
the steam button.
steam ironing
1 Make sure there is water in the
boiler. Plug into the power supply
and switch on.
2 Turn the temperature control to the
desired setting. For best results
when steaming we recommend that
the temperature control should be
set to
It is possible to vary the amount of
steam produced. If the iron is set to
the left for minimum steam. If
selected move the variable steam
control to the middle and if
selected move the variable control to
the right for maximum steam.
3 Wait until the green ready to steam
light glows indicating that the correct
pressure has been reached. This
takes about 8 minutes. (Also wait
until the temperature control
indicator light has gone off.)
During ironing the light will turn on
and off - this is normal and indicates
steam is generated in the boiler.
move the variable steam control to



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