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Using Your Steam Station - Kenwood IC400 Series User Manual

Kenwood iron user manual
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This iron complies with European
Economic Community Directive
before using for the first time
1 Remove all packaging and any
stickers or labels.
2 Wind excess cord around the base
of the steam station.
3 Test the iron on an old cloth to make
sure the soleplate and boiler are
clean. We recommend that you
allow steam to disperse by pressing
the steam button in order to release
any residues that may have built up
during the manufacturing process.
Repeat step 3 after prolonged
periods of storage.
know your Kenwood
steam station
lock for continuous steam
steam button
temperature control with
indicator light
boiler cap
cord cactus locations
steam supply cord
cord storage
variable steam control
low water indicator light
on/off button
ready to steam indicator light
iron rest
power supply cord
cord cactus

using your steam station

1 Place the steam station on the
support of the ironing board or any
other stable surface nearby with the
iron sitting on the iron rest. Make sure
the steam station is unplugged and
that the power and steam supply
cords are unrolled and not kinked.
2 Fit the cord cactus into one of the
cord cactus locations. Place the
steam supply cord into one of the
grooves on the other end of the cord
cactus. This will keep the cord in an
upright position.
filling with water
1 Unscrew the boiler cap by turning
2 Use the funnel to fill the boiler.
Maximum capacity when empty is
0.9 l. Take care not to overfill if the
steam station contains water.
3 Refit the cap, don't overtighten.
Filtered water is best as it reduces
limescale, prolonging the life of your
steam station (Kenwood water filters
are widely available). Alternatively
use 50% tap water and 50% distilled
Do not add anything else to the
water such as water from clothes
driers, scented water, water from
refrigerators, air conditioners,
batteries, bottled mineral water or
rain water. These contain organic
waste or mineral elements that
become concentrated when heated
and cause spitting, brown staining or
premature wear to the steam station.
refilling the boiler
The red low water indicator light will
glow when the boiler requires filling.
Carry out the following procedure to
release the pressure:-
1 Press the steam button until the
steam stops coming out - this may
take several minutes, then release
the steam button.
2 Wait until the red low water indicator
light comes on, then press the
steam button again to release any
residual steam.
3 Switch off and unplug the steam
station and wait 5 minutes.



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