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Setting The Temperature - Kenwood IC550 series Owner's Manual

Kenwood professional steam ironing system owner manual
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know your Kenwood
steam station
lock for continuous steam
steam button
temperature control with
indicator light
water tank cover
water tank
water tank guard rail
iron rest
power supply cord
cord storage
steam supply cord
boiler cap
variable steam control
low water indicator light
on/off button
ready to steam indicator light
using your steam station
1 Place the steam station on the
support of the ironing board or any
other stable surface nearby with the
iron sitting on the iron rest. Make sure
the steam station is unplugged and
that the power and steam supply
cords are unrolled and not kinked.
filling with water
1 Lift off the water tank cover and fill
with water. Replace the cover.
2 Remove the tank by lifting off. Lift off
the cover, then fill the tank under the
tap. Re-fit the cover. Replace the
tank into its original position by
gently pushing into place.
Filtered water is best as it reduces
limescale, prolonging the life of your
steam station (Kenwood water filters
are widely available). Alternatively
use 50% tap water and 50% distilled
Do not add anything else to the
water such as water from clothes
driers, scented water, water from
refrigerators, air conditioners,
batteries, bottled mineral water or
rain water. These contain organic
waste or mineral elements that
become concentrated when heated
and cause spitting, brown staining or
premature wear to the steam station.
If you need to refill your steam
station during use, we recommend
the empty water tank is removed for
filling. If filled whilst fitted, always
unplug the steam station first.
choosing the right
Follow the clothes label advice.
Match the dots on the label to the
dots on the temperature control. If
there's no label, here's a guide on
which temperature to choose:
Start on clothes needing the lowest
temperature, then work upwards.
(This lowers the risk of burning
something because an iron switched
from 'hot' to 'cool' takes time to
cool down.)
For mixed fibres, eg cotton
, use the lowest suitable
If in doubt, start with a low
temperature on a part that won't be
seen (eg a shirt tail).

setting the temperature

Before switching on the steam
station, make sure that the lock for
continuous steam is in the off
position by firmly pressing the lock
on the left hand side of the iron. This
will ensure that the steam button is
1 Plug the steam station into the
power supply.
2 Switch on, the blue light will glow.



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