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Kenwood KDV-3241Y Instruction Manual

Dvd receiver
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© B64-4141-08/00 (E2)


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  • Page 1 DVD-RECEIVER KDV-3241Y INSTRUCTION MANUAL © B64-4141-08/00 (E2)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Moving to another track/file Search Intro scan Repeat Random CD TEXT/ID3 TAG To skip to the next or previous folder KDV-3241Y SETUP Menu SETUP Menu Language Menu Language Disc Audio/Subtitle/Menu Display TV Aspect B.L.E. (Black Level Expansion)
  • Page 3: Before Use

    • If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. • When you purchase optional accessories, check with your Kenwood dealer to make sure that they work with your model and in your area. • The RDS feature won’t work where the service is not supported by any broadcasting station.
  • Page 4 EMC Directive 2004/108/EC Manufacturer: Kenwood Corporation 2967-3 Ishikawa-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-8525 Japan EU-representant: Kenwood Electronics Europe BV Amsterdamseweg 37, 1422 AC UITHOORN, The Netherlands KDV-3241Y TV system selection You must select the appropriate system mode for your TV system. When the selected system does not coincide with the system of your TV, normal colour picture may not be displayed.
  • Page 5: Battery Installation

    About Audio file • Playable Audio file MP3 (.mp3), WMA (.wma) • Playable disc file format ISO 9660 Level 1/2, Joliet. Although the audio files are complied with the standards listed above, the play maybe impossible depending on the types or conditions of media or device.
  • Page 6: Region Codes In The World

    16:9 LB on a standard TV set screen (4:3) with a black band at both the top and bottom of the screen (letter box). KDV-3241Y Operation regulatory marks With this DVD, some functions of this unit such as the play function may be restricted depending on the location where the DVD is playing.
  • Page 7 List of playable discs Disc Standard Support types ‡ DVD Video DVD Audio × ‡ DVD-R MP3/WMA/JPEG/MPEG/ DivX Playback ‡ DVD-RW VR mode/Multi-border/ Multisession/CPRM not ‡ DVD+R supported (Playback depends on authoring conditions) ‡ DVD+RW DVD-R DL (Double layer) × DVD+R DL (Double layer) ×...
  • Page 8: Component Names And Functions

    • To prevent deterioration, do not touch the terminals of the unit or faceplate with your fingers. KDV-3241Y g f e • [BAND] • Selects 3 FM and MW bands.
  • Page 9: Remote Control Unit

    Remote control unit ¡ [PWR] Switches the unit ON/OFF. [SRC] Selects a source. [MUTE] Mutes the volume. ™ [4]/[¢] SKIP • Goes to the next (previous) chapter, track or fi le. • Returns to the beginning of the current chapter, track, or fi le.
  • Page 10: Basic Operation

    Draws the disc, and starts playback automatically. ⁄ • The DVD player plays one, standard 12-cm disc at a time. Playing back an 8-cm disc is not possible with this unit and can not use adapter. • Do not insert anything other than a disc into the disc loading slot.
  • Page 11: Mute

    Mute Press [MUTE] to cut the sound. To cancel it, press [MUTE] again. Checking the clock You can see the clock pressing [DISP] on the control panel. ⁄ • If the RDS broadcasting with CT (Clock Time) information’s received by the unit, the clock will be updated automatically in the display.
  • Page 12: Changing The General Settings

    PI MUTE: If the sound of a station with different PI is heard intermittently, the receiver mutes the sound right now. KDV-3241Y • AUX (Auxiliary) ON/OFF It is possible to use auxiliary equipment with this unit. Activate the auxiliary setting when using auxiliary equipment connected to this unit.
  • Page 13: Tuner Operation

    Tuner Operation Listening to radio stations Press [SRC] to select the tuner. Press [BAND] repeatedly to select a band. The indicator lights in the following order. F1 (FM1)—F2 (FM2)—F3 (FM3)— MW (MW) Auto Search: Press [2]/[3] ([2]/[3] on the remote control). “SEARCH”...
  • Page 14: Rds Operation

    SOCIAL — RELIGION — PHONE IN TRAVEL — LEISURE — DOCUMENT ⁄ • RDS is only available for FM reception. KDV-3241Y TA (Traffic Announcement identification) function TA function allows the unit to switch to traffic annoucement (TA) from the current source (Another FM station, CD, or other connected components).
  • Page 15: Cd/Mp3/Wma Operation

    CD/MP3/WMA Operation MP3/WMA Disc compatibility with this unit is limited as follows: • Sampling Frequency: 8 kHz to 48 kHz (MP3), 22.05 kHz to 48 kHz (WMA) • Bit rate: 8 kbps to 320 kbps (include VBR) (MP3), 32 kbps to 320 kbps (WMA) •...
  • Page 16: Pause

    Press [SEARCH] on the remote control. Press the appropriate numbered button ([0] to [9]) to select a track/file number. KDV-3241Y Search When a disc has more than one track/file, you can move to another track/file as follows: Press and hold [2]/[3] ([1]/[¡] on the...
  • Page 17: Repeat

    Random All of the tracks/files (RDM) or the current selected folder (^RDM) on the disc is played randomly. Press [RDM] during playback. (or ” ^RDM” “RDM” appears on the display. • Press and hold [RDM] for about 2 seconds during playback.
  • Page 18: Kdv-3241Y

    [DISC MENU/SETUP] or pressing PLAY [3] or [RETURN] on the remote control. ⁄ • Press [2] to go back to the previous level. KDV-3241Y Language Menu Language Select a language for the setup menu and onscreen display. If you select a language for the setup menu, the character set for MP3 tag, DivX subtitle is also changed according to the language.
  • Page 19: Display

    Display TV Aspect • 16:9: Select when a 16:9 wide TV is connected. • 4:3 Letter Box: Select when a standard 4:3 TV is connected. Displays a wide picture with bands on the upper and lower portions of the screen. •...
  • Page 20: Lock (Parental Control)

    • Unlock: If you select Unlock, parental control is not active and the disc plays in full. Press [ENTER] to confirm your rating selection. KDV-3241Y ⁄ • If you set a rating for the player, all disc scenes with the same rating or lower are played.
  • Page 21: Audio

    Input the 6-digit number “210499” and the password is cleared. Enter a new password. Refer to To make a new password (page 20). Area Code Enter the code of the area whose standards were used to rate the DVD video disc, according to the area code.
  • Page 22: Dvd/Vcd Operation

    On a Video CD 2.0 with PBC, PBC will be displayed instead of the track number. Refer to PBC (page 21). KDV-3241Y Playing a DVD and Video CD Insert a disc in the unit. “READING” appears on the display, and playback starts automatically.
  • Page 23: Pause

    Pause Press [38] ([8] on the remote control) during playback. To return to playback, press [38] (PLAY [3] on the remote control). Still picture and frame-by- frame playback Press [38] ([8] on the remote control) during playback. The unit will now go into the PAUSE mode. You can advance the picture frame-byframe by pressing [8] on the remote control repeatedly.
  • Page 24: On-Screen

    To exit the repeat mode, press [REP] ([REPEAT] on the remote control) again. The Off icon appears on the TV screen. KDV-3241Y - Track/All The default settings is All. To repeat the track currently playing, press [REP] ([REPEAT] on the remote control).
  • Page 25: Disc Menu

    Disc menu DVDs may offer menus that allow you to access special features. Press [DISC MENU] ([DISC MENU/SETUP] on the remote control). The disc menu is displayed. Use [5]/[∞]/[2]/[3] to highlight your selection, then press [ENTER]. To remove the disc menu, press [DISC MENU] ([DISC MENU/SETUP] on the remote control) again.
  • Page 26: Photo Operation

    JPEG or TIFF image files on the computer. • Some JPEG/TIFF files may not operate due to a different encoding format or the condition of disc. KDV-3241Y Viewing slide shows This unit can play discs with JPEG or TIFF files. Insert a disc in the unit.
  • Page 27: Moving To Another Folder

    Moving to another folder Press [5]/[∞] to select the previous or next folder in the disc. Moving to another file Press [2]/[3] to select the previous or next file in the selected folder. Slide show interval time Press [DISC MENU] ([DISC MENU/SETUP] or STOP [7] on the remote control) to return to the menu screen.
  • Page 28: Movie Operation

    8 kHz to 48 kHz (MP3) • Bit rate: within 64 kbps to 640 kbps (Dolby Digital), within 8 kbps to 320 kbps (MP3) KDV-3241Y Playing a movie file This unit can play discs with movie files. Insert a disc in the unit.
  • Page 29: Playing Divx Vod Content

    Playing DivX VOD content Some DivX VOD (video on demand) content may only be playable a fixed number of times. When you load a disc containing this type of DivX VOD content, the remaining number of plays is shown on-screen and you then have the option of playing the disc (thereby using up one of the remaining plays), or stopping.
  • Page 30: Slow Motion

    To go directly to any file on the movie menu, press [SEARCH] and then press the file number you want with number buttons ([0] to [9]). KDV-3241Y Repeat All files or the folder on the disc is played repeatedly. The default settings is All.
  • Page 31: Changing The Audio Language

    Changing the audio language Press [AUDIO] repeatedly on the remote control during playback to hear a different audio language or audio file. ⁄ • If the icon appears, the feature is not available on the disc. Subtitles Press [SUBTITLE] on the remote control repeatedly during playback to see the different subtitle languages.
  • Page 32: Language Code List

    Fiji 7074 Finnish 7073 French 7082 Frisian 7089 Galician 7176 Georgian 7565 German 6869 Greek 6976 Greenlandic 7576 Guarani 7178 KDV-3241Y Language Code Gujarati 7185 Hausa 7265 Hebrew 7387 Hindi 7273 Hungarian 7285 Icelandic 7383 Indonesian 7378 Interlingua 7365 Irish...
  • Page 33: Area Code List

    Area code list Enter the appropriate code number for the initial setting Area Code (page 21). Area Code Afghanistan Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bhutan Bolivia Brazil Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Congo Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia Fiji...
  • Page 34: Accessories/ Installation Procedure

    • If the console has a lid, make sure to install the unit so that the faceplate will not hit the lid when closing and opening. KDV-3241Y • If the fuse blows, first make sure the wires aren’t touching to cause a short circuit, then replace the old fuse with one with the same rating.
  • Page 35: Installation/Removing The Unit

    Installation/Removing the Unit Installation Metal mounting strap (commercially available) Firewall or metal support Bend the tabs of the mounting sleeve with a screwdriver or similar utensil and attach it in place. Self-tapping screw (commercially available) Screw (M4X8) (commercially available) ⁄ •...
  • Page 36: Connecting Wires To Terminals

    To car light control switch Ignition key switch Car fuse box Car fuse box (Main fuse) – Battery KDV-3241Y Visual output (Yellow) Parking sensor wire Detection cable (Light Green) H.BRK Cooling fan Digital optical out (Do not use) Subwoofer preout...
  • Page 37 Connector Function Guide Connector B Connector A FRONT LEFT SPEAKER (+) FRONT LEFT SPEAKER (–) FRONT RIGHT SPEAKER (+) FRONT RIGHT SPEAKER (–) REAR LEFT SPEAKER (+) REAR LEFT SPEAKER (–) REAR RIGHT SPEAKER (+) REAR RIGHT SPEAKER (–) Connector Function Guide Pin Numbers for ISO Connectors External Power...
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting Guide

    ✔ The specified CD is quite dirty. ☞ Clean the CD. ✔ The disc is severely scratched. ☞ Try another disc instead. KDV-3241Y Audio file source The sound skips when an Audio file is being played. ✔ The media is scratched or dirty.
  • Page 39: Specifications

    MW tuner section Frequency range (9 kHz space) : 522 kHz – 1620 kHz Usable sensitivity (S/N = 20dB) : 28 μV DVD player section D/A Converter : 24 bit Decoder : Linear PCM/ Dolby Digital/ dts/ MP3/ WMA Wow & Flutter...