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Whirlpool VB-100 Instruction Manual page 6

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Position the dirt container over a rubbish bin and press the dirt container release catch.
When all the dirt has fallen close the dirt container base, and return the dirt container to the vacuum
Cleaning the Filters:
NOTE: NOTE: Do not use any detergents or boiling water to wash the filters. Whirlpool
recommends checking the filters every time the dirt container is emptied and cleaning
as instructed below.
NOTE: All filters must be in place before using the vacuum cleaner.
Central Pre-motor Filter
Remove the dirt container as directed above.
Remove the central filter as shown:
The filter can be separated into two separate
Gently tap the central filter, filter shroud and filter
sleeve against the side of a rubbish bin to remove
excess dirt
The Central filter and filter can be rinsed in
warm water (max 40
C). Allow to air dry
completely before replacing.
Return the central filter, shroud and filter
sleeve to the dirt container. Replace the
dirt container as directed, ensuring that it
locks into place rotating clockwise before
the lid is closed.



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