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How To Assemble; How To Operate - Whirlpool VB-100 Instruction Manual

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3. How to Assemble

IMPORTANT: Always unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet
before assembling or removing the accessories.
1. Insert the flexible hose connector into the
inlet on the main body of the vacuum
cleaner until it clicks into place.
2. Push the telescopic extension tube on to the
end of the handle.

4. How to Operate

Cord Release
Fully unwind the power cord. A yellow mark on the power cord indicates the recommended cord length.
Do not exceed the cord length beyond the red mark.
On/Off Button
Insert the power plug into the electrical outlet. Ensure the vacuum cleaner is switched off.
Press the on/off button located on the top of the vacuum cleaner and press the button again to turn the
vacuum cleaner off.
Carpet Cleaning
For carpet and rug cleaning press the rocker switch on the combination floor head to raise the brushes.
Hard floor Cleaning
For hard floor cleaning, press the rocker switch on the combination floor head to lower the brushes.
Cord Rewind
To rewind the power cord, press the cord rewind button, located on the top of the vacuum cleaner, and
guide the power cord with one hand. This will prevent the cord from whipping which could cause damage
or injury.
Carry Handle
Use the carry handle located on the top of the vacuum cleaner to move the vacuum cleaner from room to
Hose Storage
For convenience there is a slot located at the rear of the vacuum cleaner where the floor tool and hose
can be parked for storage.
3. The telescopic extension tube can be
lengthened or shortened by pushing the
button in and sliding the tube apart or
together as required.
4. Fit the combination floor head by pushing
onto the extension tube.



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