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Whirlpool VB-100 Instruction Manual page 5

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5. Accessories:
The accessories can be attached directly to the handle by removing the telescopic tube and pushing in
the desired accessory.
The accessories can also be attached to the telescopic tube for extra reach. Remove the combination
floor head and push on the desired accessory.
Crevice tool: for crevices, corners and cracks, etc.
Dusting brush: for delicate surfaces.
Upholstery tool / Curtain brush: for curtain, carpet, upholstery, stairs, etc.
6. Dirt Container & Filter Removal and Replacement:
NOTE: Before emptying the dirt container and removing or replacing any filters the hose
must be removed from the vacuum.
WARNING: Always unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet before
removing the dirt container.
WARNING: Do NOT use the vacuum cleaner without ALL of the filters in place.
NOTE: For best performance, replace filters annually.
Press and hold in the latch on the top of the hose connector and remove the connector away from the
vacuum cleaner
Emptying the Dirt Container
Lift the lid of the vacuum cleaner by pressing in the lid release buttons on the vacuum cleaner.
Rotate the dirt container anti-clockwise and lift the container out of the vacuum cleaner



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