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Kenmore 721.62752 Use & Care Manual

Microwave hood combination
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Microwave Hood Combination
.... _
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179



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  • Page 1 Microwave Hood Combination ... _ Models 721.62752 721.62759 3828WSA2212 Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Microwave Oven FULL ONE-YEAR WARRANTY MICROWAVE OVEN For one year from the date of purchase, if this Kenmore Microwave Oven fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Sears will repair it free of charge. FULL FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY MAGNETRON...
  • Page 3: Sears Service

    Your Sears Kenmore Microwave Oven has added value when you consider that Sears has a service unit near you, staffed by Sears Trained Technicians - professional technicians specifically trained on Sears Kenmore Microwave Ovens, having the parts, tools and equipment to insure that we meet our pledge to you - "We service what we sell!"...
  • Page 4: Microwave Oven Safety

    • As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by children. • Do not operate the microwave oven if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, or if it has been damaged or...
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT • The microwaveoven shouldbe servicedonly by qualifiedservicepersonnel.Call an authorized servicecompanyfor examination,repair,or adjustment. • See door surfacecleaninginstructionsin the "Caring for Your MicrowaveOven"section. • To reducethe risk of fire in theoven cavity: - Do not overcookfood. Carefullyattend the microwaveoven if paper,plastic,or other combustiblematerialsare placed insidethe ovento facilitatecooking.
  • Page 6 Consult a qualified electrician or serviceman if the grounding instructions are not completely understood, or if doubt exists as to whether the microwave oven is properly grounded. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Electrical Shock Hazard Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
  • Page 7: Getting To Know Your Microwave Oven

    Radio interference Using your microwave oven may cause interference to your radio, TV, or similar equipment. When there is interference, you can reduce it or remove it by: • Cleaning the door and sealing surfaces of the oven.
  • Page 8: Testing Your Dinnerware Or Cookware

    It is normal for the oven door to look wavy after the oven has been running for a while. • Do not try to melt paraffin wax in the oven. Paraffin wax will not melt in a microwave oven because it allows microwaves to pass through it.
  • Page 9: Microwave Oven Features

    2. Model and Serial Number Plate & Cookging Guide Label 3. Charcoal Filter (behind Vent Grille) The turntable rotates in both directions to help cook food more evenly. Do not operate the microwave oven without the turntable in place. To Install: 1.
  • Page 10: Control Panel Features

    Control panel Your microwave oven control panel lets you select the desired cooking function quickly and easily. All you have to do is touch the necessary Command Pad. The following is a list of all the Command and Number Pads located on the control panel. For more information "Using your microwave...
  • Page 11 ii! i!i!i !i!i!i !i!i! i!i!i !i!i!i !i!i! i!i!i !i!i!i !i!i! i!i!i !i!i!i !i!i! i!i!i !i!i!i !i!i! i!i!i !i!i!i !i!i! 3. BEVERAGE. Touch this pad to heat 1 or 2 8-ounce (237 ml) cups of a beverage, without entering a cook time or power. 4.
  • Page 12: Audible Signals

    Audible signals Audible signals are available to guide you when setting and using your oven: • A programming tone will sound each time you toucha pad. • Seven tones signal the end of a Kitchen Timer countdown. Interrupting cooking You can stop the oven during a cycle by opening the door.
  • Page 13: Using The Fan

    2-speed Fan. 1. Touch FAN (once for HIGH, twice for LOW) NOTE: If the temperature gets too hot around the microwave oven, the fan in the vent hood will automatically turn on at the Using the cooktop/countertop 1. Touch LIGHT.
  • Page 14: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock When your microwave oven is first plugged in or after a power failure, the Display will show "PLEASE SET TIME OF DAY". If a time of day is not set, ":" will show on the Display until you touch _.
  • Page 15: Cooking At Different Cook Powers

    Cooking at different For best results, some recipes call for different cook powers. The lower the cook power, the slower the cooking. Each number from 1 to 10 stands for a different percentage of cook power. The following chart gives the percentage of cook power each number pad stands for, and the cook power name usually used.
  • Page 16: Cooking At Different Cook Powers(Cont.)

    Cooking at different 1. Put food in oven and close the door. 2. Touch COOK TIME. ENTER COOKING TIME scrolls across display. Example for 7 minute, 30 seconds: Touch "7 3 0". Cooking with more than one cook cycle For best results, some recipes call for one Cook Power for a certain length of time, and another Cook Power for another length of time.
  • Page 17: Using Auto Defrost

    Using AUTO DEFROST You can defrost food by choosing a category and setting a weight. AUTO DEFROST has preset times and cook powers for 3 categories: Meat, Poultry, and Fish. NOTES: • To defrost items not listed in the "Auto defrost chart," use 30% cook power.
  • Page 18: Defrosting Tips

    Using HOLD WARM You can safely keep hot, cooked food warm in your microwave oven for up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds (about 1 hour, 40 minutes). You can use HOLD WARM by itself, or to auto-matically follow a cooking cycle.
  • Page 19: Using Auto Cook

    Using AUTO COOK Auto cook provides three preset categories for cooking. Example: To cook 2 cups of rice. 1. Touch OFF/CANCEL. 2. Touch AUTO COOK. 3. Choose food category. CATEGORY TOUCH AND NUMBER ii il Frozen vegetable Cooking guide for AUTO COOK CODE CATEGORY FRESH...
  • Page 20: Using Baked Potato

    Using BAKED POTATO You can cook 1 to 4 potatoes with preset times and cook powers. 1. Touch BAKED POTATO. 2. Touch Number pad for number of potatoes. 3. At end of cooking time: Displaywill show"END"andfourtoneswill sound. Using POPCORN POPCORN lets you pop 1.75, 3.0, and 3.5 ounce bags of commercially packaged microwave popcorn.
  • Page 21: Using Beverage

    Using BEVERAGE You can heat up 1 to 2 8-ounce cups of beverages. 1. Touch BEVERAGE. 2. Touch Number pad for number Using FROZEN ENTREE You can cook frozen entrees by choosing one of 2 preset weights. 1. Touch FROZEN ENTREE 2.
  • Page 22: Caring For Your Microwave Oven

    Your Microwave Oven To make sure your microwave oven looks good and works well for a long time, you should maintain it properly. For proper care, please follow these instructions carefully. For interior surfaces: Wash often with warm, sudsy water and a sponge or soft cloth.
  • Page 23: Caring For The Filters

    4. To replace grease filters, slide filter in the frame slot on one side of the opening. Push filter upward and push to the other side to lock into place. 5. Plug in microwave oven or reconnect power. Charcoal filter: 1.
  • Page 24: Replacing The Cooktop And Oven Lights

    6, Slide the bottom of the vent grille into place. Push the top until it snaps into place. Replace the mounting screws. 7. Plug in microwave oven or reconnect power. NOTE: Do not operate the hood without the grease filters in place.
  • Page 25 Sears Service Center. Make sure to have your model number when ordering. 7. Replace the bulb holder, if damaged. Bulb holder 8.Slide thetopofthevent g rille into place. Push the bottom until it snaps into place. Replace the mounting screws. 9. Plug in microwave oven or reconnect power.
  • Page 26: Cooking Guide

    Starting temperature of food • The lower the temperature of the food being put into the microwave oven, the longer it takes to cook. Food at room temperature will be re-heated more quickly than food at refrigerator temperature.
  • Page 27 • Do not do canning of foods in the oven. Closed glass jars may explode, resulting in damage to the oven. • Do not use the microwave oven to sterilize objects (baby bottles, etc.). It is difficult to keep the oven at the high temperature needed for sterilization.
  • Page 28: Questions And Answers

    Can I use either metal or aluminum pans in my microwave oven? Is it normal for the turntable to turn in either direction? Sometimes the door of my microwave oven appears wavy Is this normal? What are the humming noises that I hear when my...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    • A household fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped. • The electric company has had a power failure. ii... The microwave oven will • You are using the oven as a timer. Touch OFF/CANCEL to cancel the Kitchen not run.
  • Page 30 TURNTABLE PROBLEM CAUSE The turntable will not turn. • The turntable is not correctly in place. It should be correct-side up and sitting firmly on the center shaft. • The support is not operating correctly. Remove the turntable and restart the oven.
  • Page 31 Get it fixed, at your home or ours! For repair of major brand appliances in your own home ... no matter who made it. no matter who sold it! 1-800-4-MY-HOME (1-800-469-4663) For repair of carry-in products like vacuums, lawn equipment, and electronics, call for the nearest Sears Parts and Repair Center.

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