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Usage Instructions - Frigidaire FRP029GBIS Instruction Manual


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Usage instructions

Engaged wine shelves
• There are some wine shelves of full depth in upper part of cabinet to store
wine bottles.
• All the wine shelves have tabs to engage the cabinet on both sides.
• Any of the wine shelve can be removed to accommodate larger bottles.
To remove a shelf
• Remove all bottles from the shelves.
• Lift the shelve upwards and then gently pull it out.
To replace a shelf
• Place the sides of the shelves back onto the supporting guides of the
cabinet and push back until the shelf tabs slide into place.
Manual temperature setting
1. Mechanical temperatura control (FRP029GBIS / FRP039GBIS models)
• Temperature knob is to be adjusted . Numbers on it do not show the real
temperature degrees. A larger number shows the lower temperature inside
and a smaller number shows the higher one. "0" represents stop.
• For Red Wine,usually place the knob at 2 (12ºC ~ 16ºC).
• For White Wine ,usually place the knob at 6 ((6ºC ~ 10ºC).
• Improper adjust may lead to lower temperature ,higher temperature or
influence energy consumption.
2. Eletronic temperature control
FRP119GBIS models)
Pre-set wine zones
Press the RED
pads to choose preset storage conditions
for either red or white wine. (The indicator light RED or WHITE will
illuminate accordingly.)
The programmed temperature for red or white wine will be displayed for a
few seconds.
Manual temperature setting
The temperature of the wine cooler can be set anywhere between 39°F ~ 64°F
(4°C ~ 18°C) by pressing temperature up ? and temperature down
Press the SET
pad until you hear a "Beep" sound (approximately 2
Press the
pads to increase or decrease the desired temperature in
increments of one degree.
Press the SET
pad to confirm your desired temperature setting. If no
pad is pressed within 10 seconds, your select temperature setting will be
automatically confirmed.
To select temperature display between Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit
(°F), press the "
" pad for approximately 2 seconds.
? pads as


Table of Contents

Table of Contents