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Oster 5711-33 User Manual

Food steamer/ rice cooker
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Food Steamer/
Rice Cooker
MODEL 5711-33
P . N. 109779



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  Summary of Contents for Oster 5711-33

  • Page 1 User Manual Food Steamer/ Rice Cooker MODEL 5711-33 P . N. 109779...
  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    safety IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: • READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use potholders when • removing cover or handling hot containers to avoid steam burns. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, •...
  • Page 3: Special Instructions

    safety SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS • To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another high wattage appliance on the same circuit. • Extension cords may be used if care is exercised in their use. If extension cord is used: (a) The electrical rating of the extension cord should be at least that of the appliance.
  • Page 4: Parts Description

    parts PARTS DESCRIPTION 1. Lid 2. Rice Bowl 3. Upper Steaming Bowl 4. Lower Steaming Bowl Can Be Used As Egg Tray 5. Drip Tray 6. Heating Element Sleeve 7. Heating Element 8. Base Unit 9. Water Inlet 10. Timer 11.
  • Page 5: Before Using

    before using Read Carefully Before Using Your New Steamer Before the First Use • Check that the voltage rating on the base corresponds to the main voltage in your home. • Remove any labels or stickers from appliance. • Thoroughly wash lid, rice bowl, upper steaming bowl, lower steaming bowl, drip tray and heating element sleeve in warm, soapy water before...
  • Page 6 Using Your Steamer Place unit on a flat, sturdy surface with adequate clearance (i.e., do not place under wall cabinets). The steamer unit and components are not for use in ovens (microwave, convection or conventional) or on stovetop. (Step 1A) Fill water reservoir with clean water ILLING ATER ESERVOIR...
  • Page 7 steamer For Double Tier Steamer Both the upper and lower steaming bowls fit onto the drip tray and base. Place the largest piece of food with longest cooking time in the lower steaming bowl. Place the lower steaming bowl on top of the drip tray and base and place the upper steaming bowl directly on top of the lower steaming bowl.
  • Page 8: Care And Cleaning

    care / reheating Care and Cleaning • Unplug cord from outlet. Before cleaning, allow Steamer to cool. • Never immerse the Base, Cord or Plug in water. • Empty the drip tray and the water reservoir. If there is a small amount of water remaining inside the water box, you can just turn the unit upside down and water will come out from the water inlet.
  • Page 9: Rice / Grains

    rice / grains Rice and Grains 1. There are many types of rice. Follow specific directions for variety used. 2. Accurately measure rice and water then combine in rice bowl. Pour specified amount of water in water reservoir. Cover and steam. 3.
  • Page 10 vegetables Vegetables 1. Clean the vegetables thoroughly. Cut off stems; trim, peel or chop if necessary. Smaller pieces steam faster than larger ones. 2. Quantity, quality, freshness and size/uniformity, temperature of frozen food, may affect steam timing. Adjust water amounts and cooking time as desired.
  • Page 11: Fish And Seafood

    fish / seafood Fish and Seafood 1. The steaming times listed in the chart are for fresh, frozen or fully thawed seafood and fish. Before steaming, clean and prepare fresh seafood and fish. 2. Most fish and seafood cook very quickly. Steam in small portions or in amounts as specified.
  • Page 12 meat /eggs Meat Weight or Approx. Time Variety Number of Pieces (Minutes) Beef Chuck 1 pound 28 – 30 Hamburger 1 pound 18 – 22 Meatballs 1 pound 22 – 24 Chicken Pieces 1 pound (2 – 4 pieces) 26 – 30 Lamb Cubes 1 pound...
  • Page 13: One Year Limited Warranty

    PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THIS PRODUCT TO ANY OF THESE ADDRESSES OR TO THE PLACE OF PURCHASE. Printed in China © 2002 Sunbeam Products, Inc. All rights reserved. OSTER® is a registered trademark of Sunbeam Products, Inc. Imported and distributed by Sunbeam Corporation (Canada) Limited, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3V8.