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Warranty - Kenmore 100.90007 Use And Care Manual

12-cup thermal carafe coffeemaker
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tf this product faits due to a defect in materiaf or workmanship within five years from the
date of purchase, return it to any Sears store or olher Kenmore outlet tn the United States
far free replacement
This warranty does not inc_ude expendable parts, such as fitters or blades, which can
wear out from normal use wilhtn the warranty period
This warranty applies for only 90 days It this product is ever used for olher than privale
household purposes
Thiswarranty appliesonlywhilethls productisused intheUnitedStates
Thiswarranty givesyou specific l egalrights, and you may alsohave otherdghlswhIch
vary from state to state
Sears, Roebuck and Co, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
When using electrical appliances, basle safety precautions
always be
followed, including the following:
1 READ atilnstructions.
2 DO NOT touch hot sudaces
Use handles or knobs..
3 To protect against fire, electric shock and injury to persons, DO NOT immerse cord,
plug, or the cofleemaker in water or other liquids
4 Close supervision
is necessary when any appliance is used by or near chirdren..
5 ALWAYS UNPLUG cotfaemaker from power outlet before cleaning, and when slating
Allow to cool belore putting on or laking off parts, cleaning or atodng
6 DO NOT operate anyappliance
with e damaged cord or plug, or at er he app ance
or has been dropped or damaged in any manner. Return appliance to
the nearest authorized service facility for examinalion,
repair or adjustmenl.
7 The use of accessory atlachments
nat recommended
by the appliance manufacturer
may resull in fire, electric shock or injury to persons
8 DO NOTusa
9 NEVER tat the cord hang over the edge of table or counter or touch hot surfaces
10 DO NOT place colfeemaker on or near a hot gas or eleelrlc burner or in a heated oven
DO NOT use this coffeemaker for anything other than its intended use

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