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Cleaning The Coffee Maker - Kenmore 100.90007 Use And Care Manual

12-cup thermal carafe coffeemaker
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After every 70 cycles, or carafes of coffee, a reminder will appear in lhe conkol panel
display, change filter and clean along wiIh three beeps, to tell lhe user it is time to clean
the inside of the coffeemaker of all mineral buildup, and to change Ihe water filter
Mineral deposits left by hard water can clog your cofleemaker. Cleaning is recommended
about every 70 uses, when the coffeemaker's reminder lets you know you have reached
this point
To Clean:
1. Press the Ftile_ Reset butlon on the control
panel to slop the blinking words icon and
the beeps (Fig 8)
2 Open the lid of reservoir, and pull out the
water filter Do not clean coffeemaker with
water filter inplace (Fig 9)
3. Pour white vinegar into water reservoir up
lo about the 6-cup ievei shown inside reservoir
4. Add cofd water up to the 12-cup line.
5 Put a paper filler In the brew basket, cfose
cover, and piace empty carafe on tile
warming pla[e
6 Turn ON the coffeemaker and let haft of the
vinegar water solution brew through and
into carale
7. Turn the coffeemaker OFF at this point and
ieI it soak for at least 15 minutes to soflen
any deposits
8 Turn '_heceffeemaker
beck ON and brew the
remaining solution into the carafe When brew
oycie has stopped, turn OFF eeffeemaker,
empty carafe, end discard soiled paper filter
g. Refill reservoir with cold water and lurn ON lo
run another brew cycte You may want to repeat
again lo eliminate any vinegar smefl/laste.
10 Wash lhe brew basket and carafe
! 1 Open the Water Filler, pufl out Ihe old
charcoal discard and replace with a
new one (Fig. 10).
12 Place the Water Fitler with new charcoal
into ihe reservoir Cofleemaker ts cleaned
and ready for use
To reset the cycle count and remove lhe
reminder in the control pane! display, push the
"Fitter Reset" bulton
"I _, ¢'1rl
Fig, 10

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