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Electrical Installation - Kenwood KHG 601 Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in cooking hobs
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IMPORTANT: The appliance must be installed by a qualified technician according
with the current local regulations and in compliance with the manufacturer
instructions. Incorrect installation might cause harm and damage to people,
animals or objects, for which the manufacturer accepts no responsibility.
Connection to a good earth wiring system is absolutely essential.
The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by
failure to comply with this rule.
Before carrying out any work on the electrical section of the appliance, it must be
disconnected from the mains.
For your safety please read the following information:
The appliance must be connected to a 230 volts 50 cycle AC supply by means of a
three pin socket, suitably earthed and should be protected by a 3 amp fuse in the plug.
The appliance is supplied with a rewireable 13 amp 3 pin plug fitted with a 3 amp fuse.
Should the fuse require replacement, it must be replaced with a fuse rated at 3 amp
and approved to BS1362.
If the mains plug is unsuitable for the socket outlet in your home or is removed for any
other reason, then the cut off plug should be disposed of safely to prevent the hazard
of electric shock.
There is a danger of electric shock if the cut off plug is inserted into any 13 amp socket
How to wire a 13 amp plug.
Green &
Blue Neutral
Use a 3 amp FUSE
Brown Live
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