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Electrical Installation - Kenwood HCG600 Instructions For Use Manual

Built-in cooking hob
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IMPORTANT: Installation must be carried out according to the manufacturer's
instructions. Incorrect installation may cause harm and damage to people, ani-
mals or property, for which the manufacturer accepts no responsibility.
Before carrying out any work on the electrical section of the appliance, it must be
disconnected from the mains.
Connection to a good earth wiring system is absolutely essential.
The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by
failure to comply with this rule.
Connection to the electric power supply must be carried out by a qualified technician
and following the appropriate safety regulations.
Before carrying out the connection to the power supply, the voltage rating of the appli-
ance (stamped on the appliance identification plate) must be checked for correspon-
dence to the available mains supply voltage, and the mains electric wiring should be
capable of handling the appliance's power rating (also indicated on the identification
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