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Kärcher KMR 1250 B User Instructions

Karcher lawn sweeper user manual.
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KMR 1250 B
1.091-124 5.956–707 A2003105 (06/02)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 KMR 1250 B 1.091-104 1.091-124 5.956–707 A2003105 (06/02)
  • Page 2 Betriebsanleitung für Anwender Deutsch Ersatzteilliste User Instructions English Spare Parts List Notice d’instructions pour l`utilisateur Français Liste des pièces de rechange Instrucciones de servicio Español Lista de repuestos Uputstvo za upotrebu za korisnik Popis rezervnih dijelo...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Replacing the side brush ... 46 Replace light unit ... 46 Adjusting the sweeping pattern ... 47 Replacing the main brush roller ... 48 Replacing fuses ... 49 Replacing the dust filters ... 49 Troubleshooting ...50 Technical specifications ...51 User Instructions KMR 1250 B...
  • Page 4: For Your Safety

    KMR 1250 B For your safety User Instructions Before you use this machine for the first time, please read the following: – these operating instructions – the enclosed leaflet Safety Information No. 5.956-250. Make sure that all information contained therein is complied with.
  • Page 5: On Behalf Of The Environment

    Caution, environmental hazard due to engine oil or hydraulic fluid! After you have changed the engine oil or hydraulic fluid, take the waste product to a recognised collection point or to a waste disposal company. KMR 1250 B...
  • Page 6: Intended Usage

    KMR 1250 B Intended usage Sweeper functions User Instructions This sweeper – is intended to be used for sweeping outdoor surfaces, – corresponds to application category BIA KAT ”U” for dusts which present no health hazard – should not be used in enclosed spaces, –...
  • Page 7: Prior To Initial Start-up

    Do not move the sweeper over long distances without using its own drive or at higher speeds than 10 km/h (e.g. whilst being towed). After moving the machine n Put the parking brake on. n Set free-wheeling lever to position ”ON”. KMR 1250 B...
  • Page 8: Operating Controls

    KMR 1250 B Operating controls Ignition lock Choke Throttle lever Raise / lower RH side brush Raise / lower main brush Raise / lower LH side brush (optional) Switch for two-handed operation Operating hour counter Lights Bulk waste flap * Function only operative in conjunction with 7 (two-handed operation).
  • Page 9: Preparing The Sweeper For Use

    Use petrol, regular (lead-free). Opening the fuel tap n Open the unit cover. ç Open the fuel tap. OPEN = lever pushed to side opposite to direction of travel n Close the unit cover. KMR 1250 B...
  • Page 10: Starting The Sweeper

    KMR 1250 B Starting the sweeper User Instructions Initial driving trials Carry out initial driving trials in an area where there is plenty of free space until you are familiar with individual operating controls and their functions. All indications of direction (right/left, front/rear) are given in relation to the direction of travel as seen from the driver’s...
  • Page 11: Braking

    Briefly operate the filter cleaning button the filter will be cleaned for a duration of approx. 10 secs. n Set the sweeping mode lever back to dry [ n Continue with cleaning task as before. KMR 1250 B ] and side brush [ , whereupon...
  • Page 12: Emptying The Waste Hopper

    KMR 1250 B Emptying the waste hopper Important information Injury hazard! No person or animal should be allowed to stand in the area traversed by the hopper while it is being emptied. Danger of being crushed! Do not reach into the shafts and linkage of the emptying mechanism.
  • Page 13: Typical Applications

    Follow the same procedure as for sweeping on dry ground. In order to protect the filter from moisture n switch off the dust extraction – set the sweeping mode lever to wet [ At regular intervals: n empty the waste hopper. KMR 1250 B ] (minimum ] (increased...
  • Page 14: Shutting The Sweeper Down For Longer Periods

    KMR 1250 B Shutting the sweeper down for longer periods User Instructions Picking up larger items (sticks, tins, etc.) Caution! When the bulk waste flap is open, stones or grit could be thrown at the front by the main brush. Make sure therefore that when you open the flap no persons, animals or property are endangered.
  • Page 15: Transporting The Sweeper

    Cleaning the outside of the sweeper: The outside of the sweeper can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents which might cause damage to the plastic components. KMR 1250 B...
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    KMR 1250 B Maintenance User Instructions First engine oil change Caution! When an engine is new, it is subject to increased abrasion. In order that the engine does not suffer any damage, we recommend that you change the engine oil and the oil filter after the first 8 operating hours.
  • Page 17: Maintenance Tasks

    First of all disconnect the cable from the negative termi- nal (–), then disconnect the positive terminal (+). Note: When reconnecting the battery, proceed in reverse order – connect the positive terminal (+) first of all, then the negati- ve terminal (–). KMR 1250 B...
  • Page 18: Checking Tyre Pressures

    KMR 1250 B Checking tyre pressures Checking the oil level Filling up with oil Changing the engine oil User Instructions n Park the sweeper on a level surface. n Check air pressure and adjust pressure as required. Air pressure for front and rear wheels = 6 bar n Park the sweeper on a level surface.
  • Page 19: Cleaning Or Replacing The Air Cleaner

    Set the fuel tap to OPEN. Check that there is no leakage. n Carry out a visual inspection. If there is any loss of fluid from the hydraulic unit, cylinder or hoses, call KÄRCHER Customer Service. KMR 1250 B and wash it out in a...
  • Page 20: Checking The Level Of Electrolyte In The Battery

    KMR 1250 B Safety information which must be observed when handling batteries. Comply with the user instructions and ensure that these are displayed at the charging station. Before the operator carries out any work on batteries, he/she must have received proper instruction from a suitably qualified person.
  • Page 21: Replacing The Sealing Skirts

    Make certain it engages properly, the label HALOGEN on the headlight glass must be able to be read horizontally 4. n Screw in again the screw between the supports, then secure the panel with the 6 screws. KMR 1250 B...
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Sweeping Pattern

    KMR 1250 B Adjusting the sweeping pattern User Instructions (only valid for main brush roller with ”fixed setting”) n Open the unit cover and secure it in place. ç The sweeping pattern can be altered by turning the cen- tral adjusting knob.
  • Page 23: Replacing The Main Brush Roller

    Note: Make sure the bristles point in the right direction – see illustration. n Set up the sweeping pattern by turning the adjusting knob – see “Adjusting the sweeping pattern”. KMR 1250 B (seen in direction of travel). (turn-lock...
  • Page 24: Replacing Fuses

    KMR 1250 B Replacing fuses Replacing the dust filters User Instructions n Park the sweeper and switch off the engine. n Open the unit cover. n Replace a defective fuse with one of the same current value. Note: Repeated defects of the same fuse indicate a technical fault in the electrical system.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Sweeping pattern wrongly adjusted Fuse defective Switch defective Hydraulic unit is defective Neutral position not correct KMR 1250 B Remedy Re-charge or replace batteries Fill up with fuel Open fuel tap Fill up with oil Set hand lever to ON - see...
  • Page 26: Technical Specifications

    KMR 1250 B Technical specifications * Travel speed for driving in traffic should be reduced from 8 to 6 km/h and a 6 km/h sign displayed, or ABS (mounting kit) StVZO (vehicle construction and use regulations) (Order no. 2.638-754) displayed.
  • Page 27 – type of brush roller and its degree of wear. Noise emission Sound level (EN 60704-1) Guaranteed noise level (2000/14/EC) Machine vibration Rated vibration value (ISO 5349) KMR 1250 B electric DIN HVLP 51524/2 46 c St /40 °C typedrip-proof IPX3 -5 to + 40 °C 0 –...
  • Page 28 KMR 1250 B 1.091-104.0 1.091-124.0 7.654-002.0 6.348-316.0 6.348-337.0 6.435-289.0 6.435-295.0 6.435-331.0 6.905-986.0 7.312-003.0 7.313-003.0 7.306-501.0 6.654-116.0 6.491-500.0 N IK < < M IC > > 6.491-514.0 6.618-090.0 7.651-002.0 6.651-382.0 6.682-378.0 6.414-532.0 6.435-288.0 6.491-596.0 6.435-295.0 6.303-058.0 6.303-125.0 5.031-452.0 7.644-017.0 7.644-007.0 6.644-277.0 7.644-018.0...
  • Page 29 KMR 1250 B 1.091-104.0 1.091-124.0 5.190-082.0 5.190-083.0 5.365-215.0 5.031-378.0 5.190-084.0 4.038-524.0 5.190-055.0 5.190-084.0 6.905-982.0 5.394-439.0 5.365-216.0 5.190-083.0 5.365-215.0 5.190-089.0 5.190-082.0 06/99 - S 2/2...

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