Karcher KMR 1550 B Operating Instructions Manual

Karcher carpet cleaner user manual.
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KMR 1550 B
5.956- 7 00 A2005741 (05/03)

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    KMR 1550 B 1.948-204 1.948-224 www.karcher.com 5.956- 7 00 A2005741 (05/03)

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    Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch Ersatzteilliste Operating Instructions English Spare Parts List Notice d’instructions Français Liste des pièces de rechange Istruzioni per l’uso Italiano Elenco pezzi di ricambio Gebruiksaanwijzing Nederlands Lijst met vervangingsonderdelen Instrucciones de servicio Español Lista de repuestos Norsk Bruksanvisning Reservedelsliste Bruksanvisning Svenska Reservdelslista...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    KMR 1550 B Contents Operating instructions for users For your safety ... 24 On behalf of the environment ... 25 Intended applications ... 25 Unit functions ... 25 Main features ... Prior to initial start-up ... 26 Unloading procedure ...

  • Page 4

    Danger of toppling over if bends are negotiated at high speed! Drive slowly round bends. Caution when carrying out maintenance or repairs! Caution while handling the battery! Caution while transporting the sweeper! – web belts – ropes – chains. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 5: Side, On Behalf Of The Environment, Intended Applications, Unit Functions

    KMR 1550 B On behalf of the environment Exhausted batteries should not be treated as domestic refuse. Make sure that are disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner. After you have changed the engine oil or hydraulic fluid, take the waste product to a recognised collection point or to a waste disposal company.

  • Page 6: Prior To Initial Start-up, Unloading Procedure, Moving The Sweeper

    (in front of the sweeper). support of the wooden planks on the left and right. holding it in place. of the bonnet. or left by 90°, using the open-jawed spanner (7 mm A/F). to drive the sweeper normally. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 7: Operating The Sweeper, Operating Controls, Dashboard

    KMR 1550 B Operating the sweeper Dashboard Hazard warning lights Indicator light (green), direction indicators Rotating warning lamp (optional accessory) Sidelights Indicator light (green) for sidelights Indicator light (red), oil pressure, diesel engine (extinguishes as soon as the engine oil pump has built up sufficient pressure.

  • Page 8: Preparing The Sweeper For Use, Adjusting The Driver's Seat, Filling The Fuel Tank

    Do not fill the tank right up to the top. Leave a gap of at least 1 cm under the bottom edge of the filler neck. replaced firmly on the tank. OPEN = Knob turned so that it is parallel to fuel pipe KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 9: Starting The Sweeper, Driving The Sweeper For The First Time, Braking

    KMR 1550 B Driving the sweeper for the first time Starting the sweeper Select a location with plenty of space to drive the sweeper initially, until you become familiar with the individual operating controls and their functions. All directions given (left/right, front/rear) are as seen from the driver’s seat.

  • Page 10: Cleaning The Filter, Emptying The Waste Container

    Do not empty the waste container while the sweeper is standing on a slope unless the incline is less than 5%, as seen in the direction of travel. (The waste container cannot be emptied while the brush roller is lowered.) KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 11: Typical Applications, Sweeping A Damp Or Wet Floor Surface

    KMR 1550 B n Swivel the waste container downwards. Note: The waste container cannot be fully retracted until it has been tipped all the way back into its original position. Do not sweep up any packing bands, wire or similar objects, as these could cause damage to the sweeping mechanism.

  • Page 12: Long-term Storage, Transporting The Sweeper

    Secure the sweeper in the manner shown in the illustration only, using Operating instructions for users Caution! beforehand. brush roller and open the bulk waste flap beforehand. avoid damage to the bristles. against rolling away. months (see chapter on “Maintenance”). – web belts – ropes – chains. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 13: Cleaning And Care, Maintenance, First Engine Oil Change, Initial Inspection After 8 Operating Hours

    KMR 1550 B Before you carry out any cleaning or general maintenance tasks, Cleaning and care n Park the sweeper and switch off the engine. Cleaning the inside of the sweeper: You can clean out the inner parts of the sweeper by blowing them through with compressed air.

  • Page 14: Maintenance Tasks

    – Insert the hand screw into the locking bolt and pull it out. – Push the bolt inwards as far as it will go. – Undo the hand screw and replace it in the side cover. raised position and fold the seat down. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 15

    KMR 1550 B Disconnecting the battery n Slide the seat forwards and tilt it towards the front. n Use an open-jawed spanner (size 10 mm) to first of all loosen the clamp n Reconnect the battery by first of all attaching the clamp on the positive...

  • Page 16

    If the outside temperature is below –5 °C, 5W-30 or 5W-20 can also be used. Caution, Environmental hazard caused by engine oil! Caution, Danger of burns from hot exhaust pipe or scalding by hot engine oil! Capacity: 1.65 litres properly. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 17

    KMR 1550 B Replacing the engine oil filter n Drain off the engine oil. n Open the service flap n Unscrew the engine oil filter. n Rub engine oil into the seal on the new oil filter. n Attach the new engine oil filter by hand and screw it down until the seal n Tighten the engine oil filter by giving it another half turn.

  • Page 18

    The fluid should be level with the rough section on the dipstick. If the fluid level is too low, this is a sign that there is a leak in the hydraulic system. Do not start the sweeper. Call Customer Service. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 19

    KMR 1550 B Checking the electrolyte in the battery Check the acid concentration in electrolyte-filled batteries at regular intervals. Make sure the battery is fully charged before it is tested. If required: n Top up with distilled water until the level of fluid is approx. 1 cm above the...

  • Page 20

    Adjust the strip at the front so that when the sweeper is travelling for- wards, it bends backwards by 20–40 mm and the strip at the rear so that it bends backwards by 0–20 mm. Burns hazard! Take care not to touch the hot exhaust. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 21

    KMR 1550 B n Remove the next three hand screws and lift off the roller cover. n Pull out the brush roller at the side. Note: Raise the brush roller unit before inserting a new roller. Brush roller viewed n Insert a new brush roller, paying attention to correct alignment (see illu- from above n Continue with assembly in reverse order of removal.

  • Page 22

    Operating instructions for users the thrust bearing clockwise until the stop and fasten with the screws (3). To increase coverage – turn screw outwards To reduce coverage – turn screw inwards with the bulk waste flap opened. KMR 1550 B...

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    KMR 1550 B Troubleshooting Problem Engine does not start Sweeper does not move Brushes do not rotate No vacuuming function Poor sweeping results Dust is blown out during sweeping Waste container cannot be raised for emptying Sweeper travels forwards/backwards although...

  • Page 24: Technical Specifications

    4-stroke 480 cm³ 1,65 l 12 Volt 32 Ah electric electromagnetic KMR 1550 B 0–20 cm³ DIN HVLP 51524/3 100 c St / 40 °C splashproof -5 to + 40 ° C 0 - 90 % < 2,5 m/s² 250 cm³...

  • Page 25

    KMR 1550 B 1.948-204.0 1.948-224.0 6.961-480.0 6.961-481.0 5.047-430.0 6.303-135.0 7.312-003.0 6.906-083.0 7.312-261.0 4.020-003.0 7.304-395.0 6.310-066.0 6.961-103.0 7.348-242.0 6.277-429.0 6.961-118.0 6.905-623.0 6.961-103.0 6.414-526.0 6.491-287.0 6.491-288.0 6.491-250.0 6.961-485.0 6.961-199.0 5.047-429.0 6.310-066.0 6.491-220.0 6.491-285.0 4.620-004.0 6.961-118.0 6.961-538.0 4.020-003.0 6.277-429.0 17.02.2003 - 1/2...

  • Page 26

    KMR 1550 B 1.948-204.0 1.948-224.0 6.491-583.0 6.491-584.0 6.961-268.0 6.961-412.0 7.651-020.0 7.651-004.0 6.633-406.0 7.644-007.0 7.644-018.0 7.644-040.0 4.515-034.0 6.961-016.0 6.961-023.0 6.961-521.0 6.961-008.0 7.651-006.0 7.651-014.0 6.651-371.0 7.651-014.0 7.651-006.0 6.651-372.0 6.961-008.0 6.961-536.0 7.651-014.0 6.435-296.0 6.654-116.0 4.515-034.0 7.311-012.0 N IK < < M IC > >...

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