JVC Model HR-DVS1U Instructions Manual

Mini dv/s-vhs video cassette recorder.
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  • Page 2

    Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing the JVC VHS video cassette recorder. Before use, please read the safety information and precautions contained in the following pages to ensure safe use of your new VCR. CAUTIONS CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK...

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Electrical energy can perform many useful functions. But improper use can result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. This product has been engineered and manufactured to assure your personal safety. In order not to defeat the built-in safeguards, observe the following basic rules for its installation, use and servicing.

  • Page 4

    BEFORE YOU INSTALL YOUR NEW VCR ..please read the sections/literature listed below. ”Cautions” on page 2 ”Important Product Safety Instructions” on the previous pages...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Connecting To A Printer ... 65 PECIAL FEATURES TV Multi-Brand Remote Control ... 66 Cable Box Multi-Brand Remote Control ... 67 DBS Receiver Multi-Brand Remote Control ... 68 Control Two JVC VCRs ... 69 ROUBLESHOOTING Power ... 70 Tape Transport ... 70 Playback ... 70 Recording ...

  • Page 6: Nstalling Your New Vcr, Connections, Basic Connections

    NOTES: For full identification of the VCR's rear panel, refer to the Index (REAR VIEW pg. 75). It is not possible to view a TV program through the VCR by the ordinary RF connection. Basic Connections Antenna or Cable Flat Feeder...

  • Page 7: S-video Connection, Component Video Connection

    Connect both the RF cable and the AV cables to the TV as explained in step 3 of "Basic Connections" ( b– Connect the S-Video cable between the S-VIDEO OUT jack on the rear of the VCR and the S-VIDEO IN jack on the TV. Coaxial Cable...

  • Page 8: Nitial Settings, Plug & Play

    12) procedure. Auto channel set has already taken place and it need not be set again. If “- -:- -” appears on the display, your antenna cable may not be connected to the VCR or there may not be a Host PBS signal available in your area.

  • Page 9: Turn On The Vcr, Select Language

    Language Turn on the TV and select the AV mode. MENU This VCR offers you the choice to view on-screen messages in English, Spanish or French (not including messages superimposed on the TV picture). Select the desired language using this procedure.

  • Page 10: Preparation

    Clock Set screen to perform the Semi-Auto or Manual clock setting procedure. Each procedure starts from step 5. If you use a cable box, set the clock manually. ( Preparation POWER INITIAL SETTINGS (cont.) TURN ON THE VCR Press POWER. ACCESS MAIN MENU SCREEN Press MENU. ACCESS INITIAL SET...

  • Page 11: Semi-auto, Auto Daylight Saving Time

    SELECT D.S.T. MODE You have three choices: a– Select "AUTO" and the adjustment to your VCR's clock will be made according to the incoming signal from the host channel. b– Select "ON" and the adjustment will be made based on the clock itself.

  • Page 12

    SELECT D.S.T. MODE Press CH 5∞ or %fi to select the desired mode. a– Set to "ON" so that the adjustment to your VCR's clock will be made on the clock itself. b– Set to "OFF" if Daylight Saving Time does not apply to you.

  • Page 13: Set Receivable Channels

    Turn on the TV and select the AV mode. MENU INFORMATION The VCR detects the band (TV or CATV) and selects the correct band automatically during Auto Channel Set. The selected band will be displayed on the right side of "BAND"...

  • Page 14: Add Or Delete A Channel

    NUMBER MENU Add Or Delete A Channel INITIAL SETTINGS (cont.) ACCESS MAIN MENU SCREEN Press MENU. ACCESS TUNER SET SCREEN Move the highlight bar (arrow) to "TUNER SET" by pressing CH5∞ or %fi, then press OK or ACCESS MANUAL CHANNEL SET SCREEN Move the highlight bar (arrow) to "MANUAL...

  • Page 15: Situate And Connect Controller, Cable Box

    Cable Box Control Suggested Location Place the cable box on top of the VCR. Attach the VCR's Controller to the top of the VCR with the Controller’s transmitter pointed towards the cable box’s remote sensor. ATTENTION: The Controller can also control a DBS receiver. If both a cable...

  • Page 16: Set Cable Box Output Channel & Cable Box Brand, Select Cable Box Output Channel

    (CH2 – CH9) appears on the screen. If your cable box is connected to your VCR’s REAR AUDIO/VIDEO IN connectors ..press CH 5∞ or %fi until "ON L-1 (REAR)" appears on the screen.

  • Page 17

    If the VCR's memory backup expires because of a power failure, set the cable box output channel and brand again. If you are unable to set the Controller, please contact JVC toll free at 1-800-252-5722. CABLE BOX BRAND LIST...

  • Page 18: Dbs Receiver Control, Situate And Connect Controller

    DBS Receiver Control Suggested Location Place the DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) receiver on top of the VCR. Attach the VCR's Controller to the top of the VCR with the Controller’s transmitter pointed towards the DBS receiver's remote sensor. ATTENTION: The Controller can also control a cable box. If both a DBS...

  • Page 19: Set Dbs Receiver Output Channel Dbs Receiver Brand

    . . . press CH 5∞ or %fi until "ON L-1 (REAR)" appears on the screen. Set the VCR to the channel (3 or 4 or L-2 or L-1) on which the signals from the DBS receiver are received. INITIAL SET...

  • Page 20: Set Dbs Receiver Brand

    Controller to change its channels. Make sure to leave the DBS receiver turned on and tuned to the proper channel before the scheduled start of timer recording. If you are unable to set the Controller, please contact JVC toll free at 1-800-252-5722. INITIAL SETTINGS (cont.)

  • Page 21: Recording

    VHS Cassette Adapter and it can be used just like any full-sized VHS cassette. ** This VCR can record on regular VHS and Super VHS cassettes. While only VHS signals can be recorded on regular VHS cassettes*, both VHS and Super VHS signals can be recorded and played back using Super VHS cassettes.

  • Page 22

    START RECORDING Press and hold REC and press PLAY on the remote control, or press REC on the VCR's front panel. Video Calibration takes place at the beginning of both the first SP and the first EP recording after inserting the cassette (when Video Calibration is set to "ON"...

  • Page 23: Layback And Recording, Features Playback Features, High-speed Search, Still Picture/frame-by-frame Playback

    PLAYBACK AND RECORDING FEATURES Playback Features High-Speed Search ACTIVATE HIGH-SPEED SEARCH During playback or still, turn the SHUTTLE ring to the right for forward high-speed search, or to the left for reverse high-speed search. During playback or still, press FF for forward high-speed search, or REW for reverse high-speed search.

  • Page 24: High-speed Search (on The Remote Control), Slow Motion/reverse Slow Motion (on The Remote Control)

    PLAY MENU High-Speed Search (On the Remote Control) ACTIVATE HIGH-SPEED SEARCH During playback or still, turn the SHUTTLE ring all the way to the right for forward high-speed search, or to the left for reverse high-speed search. By releasing SHUTTLE still picture playback is selected. To resume normal playback, press PLAY.

  • Page 25: Superimpose

    Select "OFF" if you do not want the superimposed operational indications on the screen. RETURN TO NORMAL SCREEN Press MENU. The superimposed indication on the TV screen tells you what the VCR is doing. CH 125 THU 12:00 AM STEREO NORM HI–FI...

  • Page 26: Manual Tracking, Index Search

    Pause. PAUSE Manual tracking is possible during hands-free slow-motion. During hands-free slow-motion playback, simply press CH 5 (+) or ∞ (–) on the VCR's front panel or remote to adjust tracking. JOG/SHUTTLE Index Search Index codes are placed on the tape at the start of each recording.

  • Page 27: Repeat Playback, Counter Reset, Next-function Memory, Display Mode Setting, Tape Position Indicator, Time Code

    (Channel number is not displayed during playback.) Next-Function Memory The Next Function Memory “tells” the VCR what to do after rewinding. Before continuing, ensure that the VCR is in stop mode. a– For Automatic Start Of Playback After Tape Rewind . . .

  • Page 28: Picture Control

    MENU PLAYBACK AND RECORDING FEATURES (cont.) Picture Control This feature helps you to adjust the playback picture quality according to your preference. *The default setting is "AUTO." A. MONITOR NOTE: Select "EDIT" when you are dubbing tapes. Refer to page 58. (VHS deck only) ACCESS MAIN MENU SCREEN...

  • Page 29: Video Stabilizer, Select The Soundtrack (vhs Deck)

    By activating the Video Stabilizer you can correct vertical vibrations in the picture when playing back unstable EP recordings that were made on another VCR. When this function is set to "ON", vertical vibration will be automatically corrected. *The default setting is "OFF".

  • Page 30: Digital Tbc/nr

    MENU PLAYBACK AND RECORDING FEATURES (cont.) Digital TBC/NR Your VCR is equipped with the Digital TBC (Time Base Corrector) that removes jitter from fluctuating video signals to deliver a stable picture even with old tapes and rental cassettes. The on/off of Digital 3-DNR (Noise Reduction) which cuts noise and enables clear picture reproduction is also linked to this function.

  • Page 31: Digital R

    Depending on the type of tape being used, picture quality may be better with "DIGITAL R3" set to "OFF". If you use this VCR as the player for editing, be sure to set "DIGITAL R3" to "OFF" before starting. MAIN MENU...

  • Page 32: Zoom, Playback Effect

    A. MONITOR PLAY Zoom (DV Deck Only) This function allows you to zoom in on a portion of the screen during playback. ZOOM DURING PLAYBACK Press T to zoom in on an image during playback. Press W to zoom out. MOVE SCREEN After zooming in, use %fi...

  • Page 33: Select The Soundtrack (dv Deck), Sound Mode Selection, Khz Mode Setting

    Select The Soundtrack (DV deck) The DV deck can record two soundtracks simultaneously (L and R) and play back the selected one, or both together. Or, when viewing a pre-recorded tape that contains two separate audio programs, you can choose to listen to either one by selecting either "L"...

  • Page 34: Active Video Calibration, Preparation

    NEXT PAGE SELECT WITH (5,∞) AND (OK) PRESS (MENU) TO END NOTE: When recording or when playing back tapes recorded on this VCR set the Video Calibration to "ON". RETURN TO NORMAL SCREEN Press MENU. MAIN MENU VHS MODE SET...

  • Page 35: Playback

    Playback The VCR assesses the quality of the tape once you start playback. Perform steps 1 – 3 on page 21 ("Simple Playback") before continuing. START PLAYBACK Press PLAY. The VCR adjusts the playback picture quality based on the quality of the tape in use.

  • Page 36: Record One Program While Watching Another, Display Elapsed Recording Time, Display Tape Remaining Time

    TIME Press DISPLAY repeatedly until "REMAIN" appears on screen. The approximate tape remaining time appears on the TV screen and also on the VCR display panel with a " " indicator. The tape remaining time is calculated based on the tape speed (SP or EP) being used.

  • Page 37: Stereo And Sap (second Audio Program), To Record Sap Programs, Retake

    Stereo And SAP (Second Audio Program) Your VCR’s built-in MTS decoder enables reception of Multi- channel TV Sound broadcasts. When the channel is changed on the VCR ... The "STEREO" indication appears on the screen for about 5 seconds if the program is a stereo broadcast.

  • Page 38: S-vhs (super Vhs), S-vhs Et And Vhs

    S-VHS mode. By using S-VHS ET it is possible to record and play back with S- VHS picture quality on VHS cassettes with this VCR. For details, refer to page 39. To record in S-VHS;...

  • Page 39: Super Vhs Et, S-vhs Et

    Super VHS ET (VHS deck only) Your VCR is equipped with Super VHS ET that makes it possible to record with S-VHS picture quality on VHS cassettes. ACCESS MAIN MENU SCREEN Press MENU. ACCESS VHS MODE SET SCREEN Move the highlight bar (arrow) to "VHS MODE SET" by pressing CH5∞...

  • Page 40: Imer Recording

    Simply key in the PlusCode number for the TV program you wish to record and the VCR's timer will be automatically programmed. (The PlusCode programming numbers are the numbers next to the program in most TV listing.)

  • Page 41: Check Program Data

    If you have moved to a different area or if a broadcasting station's channel number has been changed, the wrong VCR or CABLE CH number will be displayed on the VCR Plus+ program screen in step 5. When this happens, set the correct the Guide Channel number for that station.

  • Page 42

    Turn on the TV and select the AV mode. MENU To ensure that the VCR Plus+Timer Recording operates correctly it is necessary to set the VCR Plus+ "Guide Channel Set " for each station. Please read the following information carefully. VCR Plus+ Guide Channel Matching VCR Plus+ programming system assigns a VCR Plus+ "Guide...

  • Page 43

    PRESS (MENU) TO END Controller, “CABLE CH” appears in place of “VCR CH”. If not, refer to pages 15 – 17 and re- perform the procedure. (Ex.) If WNJU(Ind.) is received on channel 47 GUIDE CHANNEL SET...

  • Page 44: Express Timer Programming

    Turn on the TV and select the AV mode. START+/– PROG. You can directly program the VCR’s timer to record up to 6 shows each on the VHS and DV decks, as far as a year in advance. Remember, the clock must be set before you can program the timer ( CH+/–...

  • Page 45

    To disengage the timer before recording starts, press TIMER again. Pressing once more re-engages it. In case of a power failure after programming, the VCR’s memory backup keeps your selections for approximately 10 minutes. Programs that start after midnight must have the next day’s date.

  • Page 46: Check, Cancel And Revise Programs


  • Page 47: Auto Sp Ep Timer

    MENU NOTES: If you have programmed the VCR to timer-record 2 or more programs, the second program and those thereafter may not fit on the tape if you set the Auto SP EP Timer mode to "ON". In this case, make sure the mode is not engaged, then set the tape speed manually during timer programming.

  • Page 48: Auto Timer

    VCR's power is turned off. It is automatically disengaged when the VCR is powered back on. NOTE: For safety, when "AUTO TIMER" is set to "OFF", all other VCR functions are disabled while the Timer mode is engaged. To disengage the timer, press TIMER .

  • Page 49: Instant Timer Recording (itr)

    REC to extend the time. Each press extends recording time by 30 minutes. NOTES: You can only perform ITR using the REC button on the VCR's front panel. After you set the ITR time, the previous display reappears. To check the remaining time, press REC once during record- ing and the remaining time will be displayed for about 5 seconds.

  • Page 50: Diting

    Tape Dubbing SP/EP Dubbing An Entire Cassette Because this VCR includes both a VHS deck and a DV deck, you can easily use it for dubbing without connecting any other equipment. NOTES: If you set the dubbing direction incorrectly, you could erase an important recording that you wanted to copy.

  • Page 51

    Normal Dubbing SP/EP PLAY You can dub selected scenes on a tape, starting and stopping wherever you wish. PAUSE START NOTES: There may be a discrepancy of several seconds between where you intend editing to start, and where it actually starts. The superimposed indication during the operation or dubbing is not recorded.

  • Page 52: Random Assemble Editing

    Random Assemble Editing CANCEL PLAY 64-program Editing Memory (8 programmes x 8 scenes) By using the Random Assemble Editing function, you can select up to 8 scenes from a previously recorded Mini DV cassette and automatically dub them onto a VHS cassette. You can also insert Fade/Wipe effects between scenes ( changes to the video by using Playback Effects.

  • Page 53

    EFFECT FADE/WIPE CANCEL PLAY LOCATE EDIT-OUT POINT Press PLAY to start playback. Find the point where you want the edited scene to end, then press PAUSE. Then, press IN/OUT. The edit-out point appears on the screen. USE FADE/WIPE EFFECT ON SCENE TRANSITION (IF NECESSARY) Press FADE/WIPE.

  • Page 54

    CANCEL START PAUSE NOTES: R.A. EDIT When Random Assemble Editing doesn't work, press DUB button, then perform Random Assemble Editing again. To cancel the registered scene, press CANCEL. Each time CANCEL is pressed, the latest regisered scene is erased. When the source tape has more than 2 identical time codes chose and a malfunction may occur.

  • Page 55

    FADER AND WIPE MENU MENU FADER — WHITE Fade in or out with a white screen. FADER — BLACK Fade in or out with a black screen. FADER — MOSAIC Fade in or out with a full-screen mosaic effect. Fade in to a color screen from a black and white screen, or fade out from color to black and FADER —...

  • Page 56

    DV Camcorder DV OUT/IN EDIT You can use a camcorder as the player and your VCR as the recorder. You can perform digital dubbing if you connect a device such as a camcorder which has a DV output/input connector. Because the signals are digital, there is no loss of video or audio quality as a result of editing.

  • Page 57

    OFF before pressing play. START RECORDER Set your VCR to its record mode. If you are using a Master Edit Control-equipped JVC camcorder, it can put the recorder automatically into Record mode. (Refer to camcorder's instruction manual.)

  • Page 58

    S-Video cable Audio/Video cable (supplied) (supplied) S VIDEO IN VIDEO IN Recorder You can use your VCR as the player or the recorder. Your VCR AC IN OUT1 OUT2 Advantages Of S-VHS Editing AUDIO IN S-VHS allows you make high resolution video recordings when dubbing from one VCR to another.

  • Page 59

    Press OK or to select "AUTO", "VHS" or "DV". a–AUTO : The VCR outputs the signals from the deck being used automatically. The superimposed indication is also output. b–VHS : The VCR outputs only the signals from the VHS deck. The superimposed indication is not output.

  • Page 60: Vhs Audio Dubbing, Audio Dubbing

    (CD player etc.) NUMBER "0" PLAY VHS Audio Dubbing Audio dubbing replaces the normal audio sound of a previously recorded tape with a new soundtrack. Use your VCR as the recorder. Normal audio track Video/Hi-Fi audio track DV Audio Dubbing This function lets you record new audio, without erasing the original audio, on a DV tape that was recorded with "SOUND...

  • Page 61

    To stop dubbing temporarily, press PAUSE. Press PLAY to resume dubbing. END AUDIO DUBBING Press STOP to stop the tape in your VCR, and engage the audio component's Stop mode. NOTES: When monitoring the sound during Audio Dubbing, the normal soundtrack is automatically selected.

  • Page 62: Vhs Insert Editing, Insert Editing

    57). LOCATE END POINT (VHS DECK ONLY) Load the recording cassette into your VCR, and play it back to determine the edit-out point (the end of the segment to be replaced) using the JOG/SHUTTLE controls or pressing ™£ and PAUSE.

  • Page 63

    When you reach the start of the section of the source tape that you wish to insert, press PLAY to start the tape in your VCR; Insert Editing begins at this point. END INSERT EDITING VHS deck At counter "0:00:00", Insert Editing will stop automati-...

  • Page 64: Ystem Connections

    OUT2 AUDIO PAUSE SYSTEM CONNECTIONS MAKE CONNECTIONS Connect the VCR and the video titler as shown in the illustration on the left column. PREPARE PLAYING DECK Insert a cassette for playback and make the title you want to display. When using the DV deck as the source player, set "OUTPUT1"...

  • Page 65

    Connecting To A Printer DV IN/OUT DV Cable VC-VDV204U (not provided) To DV IN connector NUMBER "0" PLAY You can make printouts of video images by connecting the GV-DT1/GV-DT3 Digital Printer (sold separately) to the DV IN/OUT connector. Your recorder NOTE: When connecting this recorder to a device equipped with a DV input connector, be sure to use the optional DV cable (VC-...

  • Page 66: Pecial Features, Tv Multi-brand Remote Control

    ZENITH HITACHI SAMSUNG SANYO SEARS TV Multi-Brand Remote Control The VCR's remote control can control several functions on JVC remote control TVs and on the brands of remote control TVs listed below. POWER TV CH + TV VOL + NOTE: Depending on the type of TV, there may be cases where some or all functions cannot be operated using the remote control.

  • Page 67: Cable Box Multi-brand Remote Control

    03, 09, 22 Cable Box Multi-Brand Remote Control The VCR's remote control can control functions on the brands of cable boxes listed below. Some cable box brands have more than one code. If your cable box does not function with a POWER specified code, try other codes.

  • Page 68: Dbs Receiver Multi-brand Remote Control

    DBS BRAND NAME JVC (DISH Network) ECHOSTAR (DISH Network) PRIMESTAR SONY (DSS) RCA (DSS) (Ex.) To set remote control to JVC 51: POWER Hold down Press in succession DBS Receiver Multi-Brand Remote Control The VCR's remote control can control functions on the brands of DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) receivers listed below.

  • Page 69: Control Two Jvc Vcrs

    NUMBER "1" STOP Control Two JVC VCRs The remote control is capable of controlling two JVC VCRs independently; one set to respond to your remote control's A code control signals and another set to respond to B code control signals. The remote control is preset to send A code...

  • Page 70: Roubleshooting

    Before requesting service for a problem, use this chart and see if you can repair the trouble yourself. Small problems are often easily corrected, and this can save you the trouble of sending your VCR off for repair. POWER SYMPTOM 1.

  • Page 71: Timer Recording

    POSSIBLE CAUSE The clock and/or the timer have been set incorrectly. The timer is not engaged. The VCR has not been set up properly. Timer recording is in progress. The timer is engaged but there’s no cassette loaded. VHS deck The loaded cassette has had its Record Safety tab removed.

  • Page 72: Other Problems

    AC supply. Wait for a while and then plug the power back in. Eject and check the condition of the cassette. If everything appears normal resume operating the VCR as usual.

  • Page 73: Uestions And Answers, Playback

    A. The tape is automatically rewound to the beginning. Q. Can the VCR indefinitely remain in the still mode? A. No. It stops automatically after 5 minutes (VHS deck) or 3 minutes (DV deck) to protect the heads.

  • Page 74: Ndex, Front View

    FRONT VIEW EJECT POWER DV IN/OUT 1 Remote Control Sensor 2 Power On/Off Button ( 3 DV EJECT Button pg. 21) 4 DV Indicator pg. 21) 5 Mini DV Cassette Loading Slot 6 STOP Button pg. 21) 7 PLAY Button pg.

  • Page 75: Rear View

    REAR VIEW ANT. IN S VIDEO IN DV PLAYBACK COMPONENT VIDEO OUT 1 ANT. IN Connector ( pg. 6) 2 DV PLAYBACK COMPONENT VIDEO Output Connectors ( pg. 7) 3 S VIDEO Input Connector ( 4 S VIDEO Output Connectors ( S VIDEO OUT OUT1 OUT2...

  • Page 76

    AUDIO DUBBING: AUDIO DUBBING PAUSE: INSERT: INSERT PAUSE: AUDIO DUBBING INSERT: AUDIO DUBBING INSERT PAUSE: 6 VCR Mode Indicator 7 "Cassette Loaded" Mark pg. 22) 8 Channel Display ["L-1" and "L-2" for AUX mode] pg. 41, 45) pg. 36) 2 Tape Speed Indicators...

  • Page 77: Remote Control

    TV CH — & SHUTTLE Buttons with a small dot on the left side of the name can also be used to operate your TV with the VCR/TV/CABLE/ DBS switch set to TV. pg. 66 How To Use The remote control can operate most of your VCR's functions, as well as basic functions of TV sets, Cable Boxes and DBS Receivers.

  • Page 78: List Of Terms

    Cable Box ... 15 Cable Box Brand Setting ... 17 Cable Box Controller ... 15 Cancel Program ... 46 Cassette Adapter..21 Changing VCR Plus+ ® Setting ... 42 Check Program ... 46 Component Video Connection ... 7 Connection to Printer ... 65 Connection to TV ...

  • Page 79: Pecifications

    SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Power requirement : AC 120 V`, 60 Hz Power consumption Power on : 42 W Power off : 5.5 W Temperature Operating : 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F) Storage : –20°C to 60°C (–4°F to 140°F) Operating position : Horizontal only Dimensions (WxHxD) : 437 mm x 127 mm x 390 mm (17-1/4"...

  • Page 80: Or Servicing

    Sophisticated electronic products may require occasional service. Just as quality is a keyword in the engineering and production of the wide array of JVC products, service is the key to maintaining the high level performance for which JVC is world famous. The JVC service and engineering organization stands behind our products.

  • Page 81: Arranty

    WHAT WE WILL DO: If this product is found to be defective, JVC will repair or replace defective parts at no charge to the original owner. Such repair and replacement services shall be rendered by JVC during normal business hours at JVC authorized service centers. Parts used for replacement are warranted only for the remainder of the Warranty Period.

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