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JVC HR-J246EK Instructions Manual

Jvc vcr user manual.
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Press and hold TV button while pressing
, TV PROG. + / -, TV / VCR
The recorder illustrations appearing in this instruction manual are
of the HR-J645EK.
Safety Precautions ...................... 2
Some Do's And Don'ts ............... 3
Basic Connections ...................... 4
Video Channel Set ...................... 6
Auto Set Up ............................... 8
Video Plus+ Setup .................... 10
Basic Playback ......................... 12
Playback Features ..................... 13
Basic Recording ....................... 18
Recording Features ................... 19
B.E.S.T. Picture System ............. 20
Recorder .................................. 28
Edit From A Camcorder ............ 30
(HR-J645EK/ES only) ................. 31
Receiver ................................... 32
Auto Channel Set ..................... 36
Manual Channel Set ................. 38
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   Summary of Contents for JVC HR-J246EK

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    /MENU C.MEMORY TV VOL– PUSH JOG STANDBY/ON Press and hold TV button while pressing , TV PROG. + / –, TV / VCR COUNTER TIMER TV PROG RESET The recorder illustrations appearing in this instruction manual are of the HR-J645EK.
  • Page 2: Video Cassette Recorder

    ABOUT HEAD CLEANING Accumulation of dirt and other particles on the video heads may cause the playback picture to become blurred or inter- rupted. Be sure to contact your nearest JVC dealer if such troubles occur. SAFETY FIRST button does not completely shut...
  • Page 3: Some Do's And Don'ts

    4-STEP QUICK SET UP BASIC VIDEO CONNECTIONS CHANNEL SET PAGE 4 Some Do's And Don'ts On The Safe Use Of Equipment This equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards but, like any electrical equipment, care must be taken if you are to obtain the best results and safety is to be assured. read the operating instructions before you attempt to use the equipment.
  • Page 4: Installing Your New Recorder

    Basic Connections Aerial connector 21-pin AV input connector (SCART) It's essential that your video recorder be properly connected. Follow these steps carefully. THESE STEPS MUST BE COM- PLETED BEFORE ANY VIDEO OPERATION CAN BE PER- FORMED. CHECK CONTENTS Make sure the package contains all of the accessories listed in “Specifications”...
  • Page 5 AUDIO AV1 IN/OUT AV2 IN AV2 IN ATTENTION If you have finished all the necessary connections, go to "Video Channel Set" on page 6, then perform Auto Set Up on page 8; do NOT press the to turn on the recorder's power before you start Auto Set Up. TV Aerial Cable (not provided) ANT.
  • Page 6: Initial Settings

    If you cannot obtain the two vertical white bars clearly with any channel between 22 and 69, consult your JVC dealer. EXIT VIDEO CHANNEL SET MODE Press OK. TURN OFF THE RECORDER...
  • Page 7 ¡ ¶ ¢ IMPORTANT: Before performing the following steps, make sure the recorder's power is off and there is no cassette inserted in the recorder. With AV Connection ¢ ¢ ACCESS VIDEO CHANNEL ¡ SET MODE Hold down STOP on the recorder until the display panel shows the following.
  • Page 8: Auto Set Up

    Auto Set Up Auto Channel Set/Auto Clock Set/Auto Guide Program Number Set ¶ ATTENTION Once you have performed Auto Set Up, even if the recorder's memory backup has expired, all the stored stations and their Guide Program numbers remain in the recorder's memory and the recorder will not perform Auto Set Up again.
  • Page 9 Auto Set Up results appear on the display panel * See "Video Plus+ Setup" on page 10 to check if the Guide Program numbers have been set correctly. If both auto channel set and auto clock set have been performed successfully: Turn on the TV and select its VIDEO channel or AV mode, then make sure that all necessary stations have been stored in the recorder's memory by using the TV PROG.
  • Page 10: Video Plus+ Setup

    Station Name CHANNEL 5 RTE1 (IRELAND) NETWORK 2 (IRELAND) For details, you can consult the JVC Customer Liaison at: 0181-208-7654 With Video Plus+, timer programming is greatly simplified because each TV programme has a corresponding code number which your recorder is able to recognise.
  • Page 11 ENTER PLUSCODE NUMBER Press OK, and a cursor appears above “GUIDE PROG”. Then, using the NUMBER keys, input the PlusCode number (found in most TV listings) of a program scheduled to be broadcast on each station on the list from step 1, starting at the top.
  • Page 12: Playback

    Basic Playback Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). ¶ The easiest, most basic operation possible with your video recorder is tape playback. Already-recorded signals on a video tape are read by your video recorder and displayed on your TV just like a TV programme.
  • Page 13: Playback Features

    Playback Features PAUSE ¶ Variable-Speed Search ACTIVATE VARIABLE-SPEED SEARCH During playback, press PUSH JOG The more times you press, the faster the playback picture moves. To decrease speed, press the button for the opposite direction. To resume normal playback, press PLAY. NOTE: In the search, still, or frame by frame playback mode, the picture may be distorted, and there may be a loss of colour.
  • Page 14: Manual Tracking

    ¶ Manual Tracking Your video recorder is equipped with automatic tracking control. During playback, you can override this and adjust the tracking manually by pressing the TV PROG. buttons. ¢ ¢ ¡ REVIEW TV PROG. NOTE: ¡ When a new tape is inserted, the recorder enters the automatic tracking mode automatically.
  • Page 15: Index Search

    ¶ STOP C.MEMORY Index Search Your recorder automatically marks index codes at the beginning of each recording. This function gives you quick access to any one of 9 index codes in either direction. NOTE: Before starting, make sure the recorder is in the Stop mode. C.
  • Page 16: Repeat Playback

    ¶ Soundtrack Selection (HR-J645EK/ES only) Your video recorder is capable of recording three soundtracks (HI-FI L, HI-FI R and NORM) and will play back the one you select. During Playback Pressing AUDIO MONITOR on the remote control changes the soundtrack being played back as follows: TRACK (On-Screen Display) HI FI HI FI...
  • Page 17: Next Function Memory

    ¡ ¶ C.MEMORY Next Function Memory You can set your recorder's power to go off automatically after the tape is fully rewound. Before starting, make sure the recorder is in the Stop mode. For Automatic Power Off After Tape Rewind ..
  • Page 18: Recording

    Basic Recording Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). SP/LP NUMBER ¶ RECORD TV signals being received by the recorder’s built-in tuner can be recorded onto a video tape. You can “capture” a TV programme using your video recorder.
  • Page 19: Recording Features

    Recording Features DISPLAY ¶ Tape Remaining Time DISPLAY REMAINING TIME Press DISPLAY until the time remaining on the tape appears. By pressing the DISPLAY button, you can change the display to show the counter reading, preset position, clock time* or tape remaining time. * Preset position is not displayed during playback.
  • Page 20: Picture System

    B.E.S.T. Picture System Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). ¶ RECORD MENU Display Panel Indication As the tape check progresses, the “– –” marks on the display panel increase upward. Once the "BEST" indicator starts blinking, the check is complete.
  • Page 21 ¡ ¶ RECORD ¢ NOTES: The B.E.S.T. system works for both SP and LP modes only after a tape has been inserted and the Record mode is first initiated. It does not work during recording. In the case of timer recording, the B.E.S.T. system works before recording is initiated.
  • Page 22: Timer Recording

    Video Plus+ Timer Recording Before performing Video Plus+ Timer Recording: Be sure to read "Video Plus+ Setup" ( Insert a cassette with the safety tab in place. The recorder will come on automatically. Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). NUMBER : PDC PROG.
  • Page 23 NUMBER DAILY ¶ MENU Satellite Receiver Users To timer-record a satellite broadcast using Video Plus+, perform steps 1 – 6 and, before the selected programme begins, select the appropriate channel on the satellite receiver. Then set the receiver's timer. If your satellite receiver doesn't have a timer, leave the unit's power switched on.
  • Page 24: Regular Timer Programming

    Regular Timer Programming Remember, the clock must be set before you can progamme the timer ( pg. 44). Before performing the following steps: Insert a cassette with the safety tab in place. The recorder will come on automatically. Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). START+/–...
  • Page 25 : PDC ¡ ¶ ¢ ENTER PRESET POSITION Press TV PROG. +/–. ¢ ¢ ¡ IMPORTANT Be sure to confirm the setting of PDC recording. To change the setting, press "7"). SET TAPE SPEED WEEKLY Press SP/LP ( TIMER RETURN TO NORMAL TV PROG.
  • Page 26 PROG. CHECK START+/– ¶ Check And Cancel Programmes ¢ ¢ ¡ CANCEL TV PROG.+/– ¡ Timer Warning ¢ If you have programmed your recorder to timer-record a programme or a series of programmes, a warning appears on screen to tell you that the recording is to start in 5 minutes.
  • Page 27: Auto Timer

    ¡ ¶ ¢ MENU Auto Timer When the Auto Timer is set to ON the timer is automatically engaged when the recorder power is turned off and automati- cally disengaged when the recorder is powered back on. ACCESS MAIN MENU SCREEN Press MENU twice.
  • Page 28: Editing

    Edit To Or From Another Video Recorder NUMBER "0" ¶ You can use your video recorder as the source player or the recording deck. TV PROG. ¡ NOTE: ¢ All necessary cables can be obtained from your dealer. MAKE CONNECTIONS Connect the player’s 21-pin SCART connector to the recorder’s 21-pin SCART connector as illustrated on page 29.
  • Page 29 HR-J645EK/ES TV Receiver Player 21-pin SCART Cable (not provided) VIDEO CHAN- RF Cable NEL or (provided) AV mode Recorder HR-J245EK/J246EK TV Receiver Player 21-pin SCART Cable (not provided) VIDEO CHAN- NEL or RF Cable AV mode (provided) Recorder Your recorder Recorder 21-pin SCART Cable...
  • Page 30: Edit From A Camcorder

    Edit From A Camcorder NUMBER "0" ¶ Recorder VIDEO OUT Camcorder AUDIO OUT Player You can use a camcorder as the source player and your video recorder as the recorder. TV PROG. ¡ ¢ HR-J645EK/ES Cable adapter (not provided) Audio/Video Cable (not provided) EDITING (cont.) MAKE CONNECTIONS...
  • Page 31: System Connections

    SYSTEM CONNECTIONS Connection To A Stereo System (HR-J645EK/ES only) Audio Cable (not provided) Mains outlet AUDIO AUDIO OUT MAKE CONNECTIONS Connect the AUDIO OUT L and R connectors on your video recorder to the AUX IN or TAPE MONITOR terminals on your stereo system's receiver or amplifier. NOTES: When connecting your recorder's audio output connectors to a stereo amplifier, make sure you connect L and R correctly.
  • Page 32: Connection To A Satellite

    Connection To A Satellite Receiver Satellite Receiver Unit Back of HR-J645EK/ES Back of HR-J245EK/J246EK NOTES: When connecting your recorder to a TV equipped with 21-pin SCART connectors, follow the illustration above using the cables shown in gray. For details, check your satellite receiver’s instruction manual. SYSTEM CONNECTIONS (cont.) The AV2 IN socket on the rear panel of your recorder allows simple connection to a satellite receiver.
  • Page 33 Aerial terminal Back of TV 21-pin SCART connectors EXT.2 EXT.1 ANT. IN RF OUT...
  • Page 34: Special Features

    Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). ¶ MENU NOTES: When you use this recorder as the player for editing, be sure to set "O.S.D." to "OFF." before starting. During playback, the operation mode indicators may be disturbed depending on the type of tape being used.
  • Page 35: Tape Position Indicator

    ¶ Tape Position Indicator The tape position indicator appears on screen when, from the Stop mode, you press FF, REW or perform an Index Search. The position of “5” in relation to “0” (beginning) or “+” (end) shows you where you are on the tape.
  • Page 36: Tuner Set

    Auto Channel Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). ¶ MENU IMPORTANT Perform the following steps only if auto channel set has not been set correctly by Auto Set Up function ( you have moved to a different area or if a new station starts broadcasting in your area.
  • Page 37 ¡ ¶ ¢ MENU VIEW CONFIRMATION SCREEN The stations your recorder located appear on a Confirmation screen — preset positions (PR), channels (CH) and station names (ID – view the next page of the listing, press PUSH JOG %fi . The blueback screen and the program currently being broadcast by the blinking station appear alternately for 5 seconds each.
  • Page 38: Manual Channel Set

    Manual Channel Set NUMBER ¶ MENU Storing Channels Manually Store channels that were not stored during Auto Set Up ( 8) or Auto Channel Set ( ¡ ¢ PUSH JOG TUNER SET (cont.) pg. 36). ACCESS MAIN MENU Press MENU twice. ACCESS CONFIRMATION SCREEN Press PUSH JOG%fi...
  • Page 39: Delete A Channel

    ¡ ¶ ¢ MENU Perform steps 1 and 2 of "Storing Channels Manually" on page 40 to access the Confirmation screen before continuing. Delete A Channel SELECT ITEM Press PUSH JOG% fi delete begins blinking. CANCEL DELETE CHANNEL Press CANCEL. The item directly beneath the cancelled one moves up one line.
  • Page 40 ¶ MENU Perform steps 1 and 2 of "Storing Channels Manually" on page 38 to access the Confirmation screen before continuing. Set Stations (A) ¡ ¢ PUSH JOG Set Stations (B) NOTE: First perform step 1 of the above procedure. TUNER SET (cont.) SELECT ITEM Press PUSH JOG%fi...
  • Page 41 ¡ ¶ ¢ MENU Perform steps 1 and 2 of "Storing Channels Manually" on page 38 to access the Confirmation screen before continuing. Fine-Tuning Channels Already Stored SELECT CHANNEL TO FINE-TUNE Press PUSH JOG % fi tune begins blinking. ACCESS MANUAL CH. SET SCREEN Press OK three times.
  • Page 42: Tv Station And Id List

    TV Station And ID List STATION NAME Anglia TV ANGL ARTE ARTE BBC Group BBC1 BBC1 BBC2 BBC2 Berlin 1 BLN1 Berlin 2 BLN2 Border TV BORD Bayern1 Bayern3 BRT1 BRT1 BRT2 BRT2 Children Ch CHLD Canal + Channel TV CHNL Central TV CNTR...
  • Page 43: Tv Station Channel Number Guide

    TV Station Channel Number Guide (For customers in the U.K.) Only the main stations are listed. There are in addition many relay stations, and full lists are available from BBC and ITC. BBC1 BBC2 London & South-East Bluebell Hill ... 40 Crystal Palace ...
  • Page 44: Clock Set

    Clock Set Turn on the TV and select the VIDEO channel (or AV mode). ¶ MENU IMPORTANT Perform the following steps only if Auto Clock Set has not been performed correctly by Auto Set Up ( Auto Channel Set ( backup has expired.
  • Page 45: Auto Clock Set

    ¶ MENU NOTES: Just Clock (when set to "ON") adjusts the recorder's built-in clock every hour, except for 23:00, 0:00, 1:00 and 2:00. Just Clock is not effective when . . . – the recorder’s power is on (unless the recorder is tuned to the same preset selected in the Clock Set screen).
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    Press TV PROG. + or – a few times to remove the noise bars from the screen. Engage and adjust tracking manually. pg. 14) Consult your JVC dealer. CORRECTIVE ACTION Insert a cassette, or using adhesive tape, reseal the slot where the tab was removed.
  • Page 47: Other Problems

    2. When scanning channels, some of them are skipped over. 3. The preset cannot be changed. 4. The remote control won’t operate a JVC TV. 5. Channel settings that were made manually seem to have changed or disappeared. 6. No channels are stored in the recorder's memory.
  • Page 48: Questions And Answers

    PLAYBACK Q. What happens if the end of the tape is reached during playback or search? A. The tape is automatically rewound to the beginning. Q. Can the video recorder indefinitely remain in the still mode? A. No. It stops automatically after 5 minutes to protect the heads.
  • Page 49: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Power requirement : AC 220 – 240 V`, 50/60 Hz Power consumption : 24 W (HR-J645EK/ES) : 20 W (HR-J245EK/J246EK) Temperature Operating : 5°C to 40°C Storage : –20°C to 60°C Operating position : Horizontal only Dimensions (WxHxD) : 400 x 94 x 340 mm Weight : 4.3 kg...
  • Page 50: Index

    FRONT VIEW STANDBY/ON COUNTER TIMER TV PROG RESET 1 TIMER Button engages timer standby mode. pg. 23, 25 2 STANDBY/ON Button turns recorder on/off (loading a cassette also turns power on). 3 TV PROG. +/– Buttons select a preset position. pg.
  • Page 51 REAR VIEW [J645EK/ES] REAR VIEW [J245EK/J246EK] 1 Mains Power Cord supplies power to recorder. pg. 4 2 ANT. IN Connector enables connection of aerial. pg. 4 3 AV2 IN Connector enables connection of satellite receiver or second recorder; input recordable when "AU 2" selected. 4 AV1 IN/OUT Connector enables AV connec- tion to TV or second recorder;...
  • Page 52: Display Panel

    DISPLAY PANEL 1 B.E.S.T. Picture System Display lights from bottom to top while B.E.S.T. is active. 2 Symbolic Mode Indicators STILL: SLOW: PLAY: FF/REW VARIABLE RECORD: SHUTTLE SEARCH: RECORD PAUSE: 3 "Timer" Indicator lights when TIMER has been pressed to engage Timer mode. 4 PDC Indicator lights when PDC has been engaged for timer recording.
  • Page 53: Remote Control

    1 DISPLAY Button switches display between clock time, tape remaining time, counter & readings, preset position*. * Preset position is not displayed during playback. 2 TV Button enables remote control of your JVC 3 NUMBER Keys are used in preset position selection ming CANCEL /C.RESET...
  • Page 54 14 How To Use The remote control can operate most of your video recorder's functions, as well as basic functions of JVC TV sets. (See below.) Point the remote control toward the sensor window. The maximum operating distance of the remote control is about 8 m.
  • Page 55 MEMO...

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