Kenwood SC7000 Instruction Manual

Floor sweeper/steam mop
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Mod. SC7000
Kenwood Limited
New Lane - Havant
Hampshire P09 2NH
Phone: 023 9247 6000
Fax: 023 9248 0214



  Summary of Contents for Kenwood SC7000

  • Page 1 Mod. SC7000 Kenwood Limited New Lane - Havant Hampshire P09 2NH Phone: 023 9247 6000 Fax: 023 9248 0214 825440...
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  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS - READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE - The necessary precautions must be taken when using electrical appliances, and these include the following: 1. Make sure that the voltage on the appliance rating plate corresponds to that of the mains elec- tricity.
  • Page 5 23. Important! The first time that the tank is filled, there may be some slight water leakage; this is normal and will not occur when the tank is refilled. 24. BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT, MAKE SURE THAT ITEMS AND SURFACES TO BE CLEANED ARE RESISTANT AND COMPATIBLE WITH THE HIGH TEMPERATURE OF THE STEAM, ESPECIALLY TREATED TERRACOTTA FLOORS AND WOODEN SURFACES;...
  • Page 6: Description Of The Appliance (Fig. 1)

    DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLIANCE (Fig. 1) “Floor sweeper & Steam mop” is a revolutionary, new product: a multipurpose appliance that allows you to: - save space - save time - clean deep down thanks to a cleaning system that combined steam and suction power. The only system on the market to bring together the suction power of a hand-held cleaner with the hygiene of a steam cleaner.
  • Page 7: Suction Function

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE IMPORTANT: EVEN WHEN THE APPLIANCE IS NOT IN USE, ALWAYS UNPLUG IT FROM THE POWER SOCKET BEFORE INSERTING OR REMOVING THE SINGLE PARTS OR BEFORE CLEANING IT. IMPORTANT: UNWIND THE POWER CORD COMPLETELY DURING USE. The suction and steam functions are enabled simply by angling the handle (I): it is possible to pass from one function to another by inverting the angle of the handle (I) and the direction of use (Fig.
  • Page 8: Cleaning And Maintenance

    3) Alternate use (Suction - Steam) IMPORTANT: The two functions are always used alternately, but at the same time. With the appliance plugged into the mains power and sufficient water in the tank (M), it is possible to use the appliance, alternating the two functions (follow the instructions above); suction or steam can be enabled simply by tilting the handle (I) and it is possible to pass from one function to another by tilting the handle (I) back in the other direction, inverting the direction of use (Fig.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING The cleaner is not picking up dirt or the suction action is not efficient: CAUSE SOLUTION Dust container full. Empty the container. Dirty filter. Clean the filter. Dust container incorrectly secured in its seat. Make sure that the dust container is completely inserted and secured in its seat.
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