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Connecting External Components; Basic Operation - JVC GVT0289-018D Instructions

Jvc home theater sound system instruction manual
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etting started
DO NOT connect the power cord until all other connections have
been made.
Prepare the Remote Control
When you use the remote control for the first time, pull out the insulation
Insulation sheet
If the range or effectiveness of the remote
control decreases, replace the battery.
To Replace the Battery in the Remote Control
Insert the battery into the remote control by matching the polarities (+ and –)
Lithium coin battery
(product number: CR2025)
Pinch the side of the battery case.
Pull out the battery case and insert
the battery by matching the polarities.
Store the battery in a place where children cannot reach. If a child accidentally
swallows the battery, consult a doctor immediately.
To prevent the battery from overheating, cracking, or starting a fire:
Do not recharge, short, disassemble or heat the battery, or dispose of it in a
Do not leave the battery with other metallic materials.
Wrap the battery with tape and insulate when throwing away or saving it.
Do not poke the battery with tweezers or similar tools.
Dispose of the battery in the proper manner, according to federal, state, and
local regulations.
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
For USA-California Only
This product contains a CR Coin Cell Lithium Battery which contains
Perchlorate material—special handling may apply.

Basic operation

Turning on/off the power
You can also use the power button on the front panel.
A small amount of power is consumed even when the power is turned off
(standby mode). During standby mode, the STANDBY lamp on the front panel
lights up. Unplug the power cord from the AC outlet to turn the power off
You can also turn on the System by pressing one of the input buttons (DIGITAL
Selecting the input source
Press one of the input buttons: DIGITAL 1, DIGITAL 2 or ANALOG.
D1 (DIGITAL 1), D2 (DIGITAL 2) or AN (ANALOG) appears on the display for 2
You can also use the input button on the front panel.
The indicator lamp of the selected input source lights.
Speaker layout
Install the speakers on a flat and level surface to ensure the best sound quality.
The sound may be affected depending on the location in which you install
them. To avoid such issues, change the location and orientation of the
Install the speakers leaving an appropriate distance between them.
If you install the speakers near the TV, color distortion may occur. To prevent
this, turn off the TV's main power or unplug it before installing the speakers.
Wait at least 30 minutes before turning on the TV's main power again.
If the TV is still affected, move the speakers further away.
Typical installation
Installing on the wall
You can install the center unit on the wall.
Ex.: center unit
A: Minimum 6.5 mm
B: Maximum 10 mm
C: Maximum 6 mm
D: φ 4 mm (screw diameter)
Screw (not
The center unit weighs approximately 3.5 kg (7.8lbs). Sufficient care must
be taken when installing it on the wall to prevent any accidents caused by its
falling off.
Use screws which are compatible with the strength and material of the pillar or
wall to prevent the center unit from falling off.
Buttons and lamps on the front panel
(power) button and STANDBY lamp
Turns on/off the System.
STANDBY lamp lights up while the System is turned off.
2 Input button and input source indicator lamps
Selects an input source: "DIGITAL 1," "DIGITAL 2" or "ANALOG."
The indicator lamp for the selected input source lights up.
3 Surround button and surround indicator lamps
Selects a surround mode: "SURROUND 1," "SURROUND 2" or SURROUND
The indicator lamp for the selected surround mode lights.
The DOLBY PROLOGIC II lamp lights up when:
surround is activated with an ANALOG input source selected.
surround is activated and a DIGITAL input source with 2 channel
audio format.
Adjusting the volume
Press VOLUME +/– (0 to 40).
You can also use the volume buttons on the front panel.
Set the volume to the minimum level before starting any source. If the volume
is set to a high level, the sudden blast of sound may damage your hearing and
blow out the speakers.
Turning off the sound temporarily
To restore the sound, press the button again or adjust the volume.
Changing the display brightness
Each time you press the button, the LED brightness changes as follows:
normal \ dim \ off
Making sound clearer (Only for Dolby DIGITAL
and DTS)
You can enjoy low level recorded sound clearly even at a low volume
level—Dynamic Range Compression.
Press DRC.
Each time you press the button, the sound is enhanced the effect as follows:
OF(off) \ MD (middle) \ MX (maximum)
Do not install the center unit onto a plywood or plasterboard wall; otherwise, it
will fall and sustain damage.
When installing the center unit on the wall;
Be sure to have them installed on the wall by qualified personnel.
Care must be taken when selecting a location for installation on the wall.
Injury to personnel or damage to equipment may result if the installed unit
interfere with daily activities.
AC adaptor should not be hanging/put above of any other items. It is
acceptable to place the AC adaptor on the flat floor only.
Recommended mounting surface: Wooden studs. If the mount is to be
installed on any surface other than wooden studs, use suitable hardware
(which is commercially available).

Connecting external components

You can connect analog components to the ANALOG terminal and digital
components to the DIGITAL 1 and DIGITAL 2 terminals.
Rear of the center unit
Digital optical cord
RCA pin plug cord
(not supplied)
(not supplied)
Connecting the power cord
Connect the supplied AC adaptor to the DC IN jack on the center unit. Then
connect the supplied AC power cord to the AC adaptor, and plug it in a wall
Plug in the power cord of the subwoofer to a wall outlet.
Disconnect the power cords before cleaning or moving the speakers.
4 Remote sensor
Receives the signal from the remote control.
5 Digital signal format lamps
Shows the digital signal format of the incoming signal when "DIGITAL 1"
or "DIGITAL 2" is selected as the input source. Each lamp lights when:
– DOLBY DIGITAL: a Dolby Digital signal comes in.
– DTS:
a DTS signal comes in.
– PCM:
a Linear PCM signal comes in.
6 Display
Shows the volume level.
7 Volume buttons
Adjusts the volume within the range of 0 to 40.
Adjusting the output level of the
You can adjust the output level within the range of –6 dB to +6 dB.
Press SPK LEVEL +/– for the corresponding speaker.
Adjusts the output level of the subwoofer.
Adjusts the output level of the center speakers.
Adjusts the output level of the front surround speakers.
Using the surround mode
You can listen to a more realistic sound than stereo sound using surround.
Available surround modes are as follows:
– SURROUND 1: Suitable for the reproduction of multi-channel sources. S1
appears on the display when selected.
– SURROUND 2: Suitable for the reproduction of any stereo music sources.
S2 appears on the display when selected.
The indicator lamp of the selected mode lights.
To deactivate, press OFF. OF appears on the display.
Using the core filter
Attach the provided core filter to the power cord and the external components
cord to reduce interference.
Release the stopper of the
core filter.
Run the cable through the core filter, and wind the cable
firmly once inside the cutout of the core filter as shown in the
DC power cord
You can wind two external components cords together.
Close the core filter until it clicks shut.
Do not damage the cord by applying excessive force
when winding.
Setting up the subwoofer
This System is equipped with a wireless subwoofer . When you use it for the
first time, activate the wireless pairing.
Refer to the supplied information sheet—"Activate wireless pairing."
The wireless pairing is not canceled even after the AC plug has been pulled out.
If you have a problem with this System, check this list for a possible solution
before calling for service.
Power does not come on.
The power cord is not inserted securely. Plug it in securely.
The remote control does not work.
The battery is exhausted. Replace the battery.
Sunlight is shining directly on the remote sensor. Hide the remote sensor
from direct sunlight.
The path between the remote control and the remote sensor on the front
panel is blocked.
Point the remote control at the remote sensor on the front panel.
Signals cannot reach the remote sensor. Move closer to the unit.
Pull out the insulation sheet.
Sounds are sometimes interrupted.
Radio wave connections may be interrupted. Change the location and
orientation of the speakers.
No sound from speakers.
The wireless connections have not been activated correctly. Check the
The sound has been turned off temporarily. Press FADE MUTING on the
remote control or adjust the volume by pressing VOLUME +/–.
Radio wave reflections
The System is connected directly by radio waves which are reflected by
walls, furniture and buildings. If the System cannot receive the waves
properly, move the System to obtain better reception.
Radio wave reception may also be interrupted by people moving between
the units.


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