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JVC TH-LB3-B Instructions

Home theater speaker system
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Thank you for purchasing a JVC product. Before operation, please read the instructions carefully.
© 2012 JVC KENWOOD Corporation
Auto power save function
Notes on handling
When no operation is done in certain situations
Important cautions
for 29 minutes, the unit turns off automatically.
Installation of the System
This function is on at the initial setting. For details,
Select a place which is level, dry, and neither too
refer to "Operations."
hot nor too cold; between 5°C and 35°C.
Leave sufficient distance between the System and
In this manual, the remote control buttons
the TV.
are used for explaining the operations unless
Do not use the System in a location near heat
mentioned otherwise. However, if the System has
sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight,
the same or similar button names, they can also
excessive dust, or vibration.
be used for the operations.
Install the System in a location with adequate
ventilation to prevent internal heat buildup.
Playable iPod models
Power cord
Compatible iPod:
Do not handle the power cord with wet hands.
Made for
A small amount of power is always consumed
while the power cord is connected to the wall
iPod nano (6th generation)
iPod nano (5th generation)
Do not pull on the cord to unplug the power cord.
iPod nano (4th generation)
When unplugging the power cord, always grasp
iPod nano (3rd generation)
and pull the plug so as not to damage the cord.
iPod nano (2nd generation)
To prevent malfunctions of the System
iPod touch (4th generation)
There are no user-serviceable parts inside. If
anything goes wrong, unplug the power cord and
iPod touch (3rd generation)
consult your dealer.
iPod touch (2nd generation)
Do not insert any metallic objects or liquids into
iPod touch
the System.
iPod classic
iPhone 4S
Safety precautions
iPhone 4
Avoid moisture, water, and dust
iPhone 3GS
Do not place the System in moist or dusty places.
iPhone 3G
Avoid high temperatures
Do not expose the System to direct sunlight and do
* Only for still picture
not place it near any heating devices.
Also refer to the instruction manual for iPod.
When you are away
If incompatible iPod is connected, NOT SUPPORT is
When away on holiday or for other reasons for an
shown on the display.
extended period of time, disconnect the power cord
If iPod does not play correctly, update iPod
from the wall outlet.
software to the latest version.
Do not block the vents
For details about updating iPod, check on the
Blocking the vents may damage the System.
Apple web site <>.
Care of the cabinet
For the latest information on compatible iPod
Stains on the System should be wiped off with a
models, check on our web site.
soft cloth. If the System is heavily stained, wipe
In this manual, "iPod" refers to iPod, iPod touch
it with a cloth soaked in water diluted neutral
and iPhone devices. When iPod touch or iPhone
detergent and wrung well, then wipe clean with a
device is referred to directly, "iPod touch" or
dry cloth.
"iPhone" is used.
arnings, Cautions and Others
button in any position does not
Do not block the ventilation openings or holes.
disconnect the mains line.
(If the ventilation openings or holes are blocked
Disconnect the mains plug to shut the power off
by a newspaper or cloth, etc., the heat may not
completely (the STANDBY lamp goes off). The
be able to get out.)
MAINS plug or an appliance coupler is used as the
Do not place any naked flame sources, such as
disconnect device, the disconnect device shall
lighted candles, on the apparatus.
remain readily operable.
When discarding batteries, environmental
When the System is on standby, the STANDBY
problems must be considered and local rules or
lamp lights red.
laws governing the disposal of these batteries
When the System is turned on, the STANDBY
must be followed strictly.
lamp goes off.
Do not expose this apparatus to rain, moisture,
The power can be remote controlled.
dripping or splashing and that no objects filled
with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on
the apparatus.
To reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fire, etc.:
Do not remove screws, covers or cabinet.
Do not expose this appliance to rain or
Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat
such as sunshine, fire or the like.
CAUTION: Proper Ventilation
To avoid risk of electric shock and fire, and to
prevent damage, locate the apparatus as follows:
Front: No obstructions and open spacing.
Sides/Top/Back: No obstructions should be
placed in the areas indicated by the dimensions
Rating label is placed on the exterior of the bottom.
in the illustration.
Bottom: Place on the level surface. Maintain an
adequate air path for ventilation by placing on
a stand with a height of 10 cm or more.
15 cm
15 cm
15 cm
10 cm
etting started
Since the System may deteriorate in quality,
DO NOT connect the power cord until all other
become damaged or get its paint peeled off, be
connections have been made.
careful about the following:
DO NOT wipe it forcefully.
Preparing the remote control
DO NOT wipe it with thinners, benzines or other
When you use the remote control for the first time,
organic solvents including disinfectants.
DO NOT apply any volatile substances such as
pull out the insulation sheet.
insecticides to it.
If the range or effectiveness of the remote control
DO NOT allow any rubber or plastic to remain in
decreases, replace the battery.
contact with it for a long time.
Do not place anything on top of the System.
To replace the battery in the remote
Doing so may cause the System to fall, causing
malfunctioning and/or injury.
Insert the battery into
The manufacturer accepts absolutely no liability
the remote control by
for any accidents or damage resulting from
matching the polarities
inadequate assembly or mounting, insufficient
(+ and –) correctly.
strength of attachment, misuse or abuse, or natural
If water gets inside the System
Turn the System off and disconnect the power cord
from the wall outlet, then call the store where you
purchased this System. Using the System in this
condition may cause a fire or electrical shock.
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly
Supplied accessories
Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
Check to make sure you have all of the supplied
If anything is missing, contact your dealer
Store the battery in a place where children cannot
reach. If a child accidentally swallows the battery,
Remote control RM-STHLB3E (× 1)
consult a doctor immediately.
AC adaptor (AA-R1904) (× 1)
To prevent the battery from overheating, cracking, or
AC power cord (× 1)
starting a fire:
Lithium coin battery CR2025 (× 1)
Do not recharge, short, disassemble or heat the
The battery has been installed in the remote
battery, or dispose of it in a fire.
control when shipped from the factory.
Do not leave the battery with other metallic
Core filter (× 3)
TV remote pass through cable (× 1)
Wrap the battery with tape and insulate when
Double-sided adhesive tape (× 1)
throwing away or saving it.
Stand System
Do not poke the battery with tweezers or similar
Stand (× 2)*
Stand base (× 2)*
Dispose of the battery in the proper manner,
Foot spacer (× 2)*
according to federal, state, and local regulations.
Screw for stand and stand base (M2.6 × 10 mm)
(× 8)
* These have been binded together when shipped from
the factory. Remove the tape before installation.
etting started
Installing the unit
Install the unit on a flat and level surface to ensure
the best sound quality.
The sound may be affected depending on the
location in which you install it. To avoid such
issues, change the location and orientation of the
For cathode-ray tube television (CRT):
If you install the unit near the TV, color distortion
may occur. To prevent this, turn off the TV's main
power or unplug it before installing the unit. Wait
at least 30 minutes before turning on the TV's
main power again.
If the TV is still affected, move the unit further
Do not drag or push the unit on the floor or table.
Otherwise, the foot spacers at the bottom may peel off
or drop from the unit.
[European Union only]
Using the core filter
To reduce interference, be sure to attach the
provided core filters to the power cord and the
external component cord.
Run the cable through the core filter, and wind it
firmly once inside. Close the core filter until it clicks
shut. (You can wind the cords together.)
DC power cord (to DC IN jack)
RCA pin plug cord (to SUBWOOFER PRE-OUT terminal)
Lithium coin battery
(product number: CR2025)
TV remote pass
through cable (to
IR OUT terminal)
Digital coaxial cord (to DIGITAL IN 2 terminal)
Audio cord (to ANALOG IN terminal)
Composite video
cord (to VIDEO
OUT terminal)
Do not damage the cord by applying expressive force
when winding.
Installing on the wall
Attaching the stand system
You can install the unit on the wall.
You can adjust the height of the unit by using the
stand system (supplied).
Screw (not supplied)
You can select two ways:
Attach the stands to the right and left side of the
unit, then stick the foot spacers under the stands.
A: 6 – 7 mm
B: Maximum 10 mm
C: Maximum 6 mm
D: φ 4 mm (screw diameter)
E: Minimum 15 mm
The unit weighs approximately 3.1 k
g. Sufficient
care must be taken when installing it on the wall to
prevent any accidents caused by its falling off.
Screw for stand and
stand base (M2.6 ×
Use screws, which are compatible with the strength
10 mm)
and material of the pillar or wall to prevent the unit
from falling off.
Foot spacer
Do not install the unit onto a plywood or
Attach the stand, stand bases, then stick the foot
plasterboard wall; otherwise, it will fall and sustain
When installing the unit on the wall;
Be sure to have it installed on the wall by qualified
Care must be taken when selecting a location
for installation on the wall. Injury to personnel or
damage to equipment may result if the installed
unit interferes with daily activities.
AC adaptor should not be hanging/placed above
any other items. Place the AC adaptor on the flat
floor only.
The wider sides of the stands, stand bases, and
foot spacers should be facing the front to fit in the
grooves on the bottom of the unit.
The stands, stand bases, and foot spacers do not
have the difference between the left and right side.
Connecting the TV – viewing
Connecting external
the video/picture from iPod on
your TV
You can connect an analog component to the
ANALOG IN terminal and digital components to the
You can view a video/picture from iPod connected
to the unit on your TV. Connect the video input
terminal on your TV, etc. to the VIDEO OUT terminal
You can also connect a subwoofer to the
with the video cord (not supplied).
Setting the video output
While the source is selected to IPOD and iPod is not
RCA pin plug
connected to the unit...
Press and hold iPod 6 (main unit).
(not supplied)
Each time you press and hold the button, VIDEO OFF
and VIDEO ON scroll on the display.
VIDEO OFF : The video/picture from iPod is shown
Rear of the unit
on iPod itself.
VIDEO ON : The video/picture from iPod is shown
on the TV.
Rear of the unit
IN 2
Digital coaxial
RCA pin
plug cord
(not supplied)
video cord
(not supplied)
TV, etc. (not supplied)
DVD Player, etc.
(not supplied)
Connecting the TV remote pass through
If you install the unit near the TV, the unit may block
the remote control signal of the TV, and it may
not be transmitted to the TV unit. Connect the TV
remote pass through cable (supplied) to the unit for
smooth signal transmission.
As illustrated below, connect the TV remote pass
through cable to the IR OUT terminal. Move the
cable to the remote sensor of your TV as closely as
Even if you connect the TV remote pass through cable
Front of the unit
to the unit, some TVs may not receive the remote
control signal of the TV. Because some TVs use different
carrier frequency for the remote control.
Rear of the unit
Move it to the
remote sensor of
your TV as closely
as possible, then
TV remote
stick it in any rear
pass through
position of the unit.
Front of the unit
adhesive tape
Stand base
Connecting external
component with HDMI cable
You can also connect digital components to the
HDMI 1 IN and HDMI 2 IN terminals and HDMI OUT
This terminal is only for the use in
TV, etc. (not supplied)
the factory or the service center.
(not supplied)
HDMI cable
(not supplied)
Rear of the unit
HDMI cable
(not supplied)
IN 1
DVD player, etc.
(not supplied)
optical cord
Blu-ray player, etc.
(not supplied)
HDMI cable
(not supplied)
TV, etc. (not supplied)
Connecting the power cord
Connect the supplied AC adaptor to the DC IN jack
on the unit. Then connect the supplied AC power
cord to the AC adaptor, and plug it in a wall outlet.
Disconnect the power cord before cleaning or moving
the unit.
To avoid the risk of fire and to prevent damage,
Do not use any AC adaptors other than the one
Do not use the supplied AC adaptor for other



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