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Saito FA-30S (H) Instruction Manual

Single-cylinder 4-stroke engines.
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• FA-30S (H)
• FA-30S Golden Knight
• FA-50
• FA-50 Golden Knight
• FA-56
• FA-56 Golden Knight
Version 2000
• FA-65
• FA-65 Golden Knight
• FA-72
• FA-72 Golden Knight
• FA-80
• FA-80 Golden Knight
• FA-91 Special
• FA-91S Golden Knight
• FA-120 Special
• FA-120S Golden Knight
• FA-150
• FA-150 Golden Knight
• FA-180
• FA-180 Golden Knight


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   Summary of Contents for Saito FA-30S (H)

  • Page 1 INGLE YLINDER TROKE NGINES INSTRUCTION MANUAL Version 2000 • FA-30S (H) • FA-65 • FA-91S Golden Knight • FA-65 Golden Knight • FA-120 Special • FA-30S Golden Knight • FA-72 • FA-120S Golden Knight • FA-50 • FA-72 Golden Knight •...
  • Page 2 VERY IMPORTANT Failure to read and follow these instructions before you proceed to start your engine may result in engine damage and the voiding of your warranty.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Failure to do so may cause This instruction manual has been damage to the Saito engine and/or the developed to ensure optimum airframe. Install the propeller with the performance from the Saito engine you convex (curved) side facing forward.
  • Page 4 Loose clothing may become entangled in the propeller, creating Do not needlessly disassemble your the possibility of bodily harm. Also, Saito engine. Only qualified all loose objects (screwdrivers, individuals should perform engine pencils, nickle cadmium starters, etc.) repairs. Damage due to improper...
  • Page 5: Engine Parts Identification

    Plug Locking Socket (HAN120) is an you will find an exploded view of a ideal source of heat for your glow Saito 4-stroke engine, as well as charts plug. A conventional 1.5-volt heavy- that include part numbers and duty dry cell battery with a Glow Plug descriptions.
  • Page 6 S T A R T I N G T H E E N G I N E Break-In 2. Use the proper glow plugs. Your engine includes the Hangar 9/McCoy The first run on any engine, whether MC-4C (HAN3010) glow plugs, 2-cycle or 4-cycle, is critical to the which are standard replacement glow future of the engine itself.
  • Page 7: Starting The Engine

    4-cycle engines. choke valve (92). Due to the excellent fuel draw characteristics of the Saito 3. Make sure that the fuel tank line(s) engines, the use of the choke was are properly connected. The fuel determined not to be necessary.
  • Page 8 • Connect the heating source to the The idle needle valve (89) (or air bleed glow plug. needle valve) for the Saito .30S(H)/ • Using either the “chicken stick” or GK engines) may now be refined. electric starter, spin the propeller until Please refer to the "Carburetor...
  • Page 9 (89) clockwise to Bleed Carburetors lean the mixture and counterclockwise to richen the mixture. Note: The Saito FA-30S(H) and FA-30SGK use an air bleed carburetor. Note: The fuel mixture is too rich if when openning the throttle rapidly the 1.
  • Page 10: Normal Engine Operation

    • After 1 to 2 hours of operation, valve adjustment may be necessary. Adjust the valves as shown in the "Engine Maintenance" section. • The Saito engines are equipped with a breather nipple (19). It is recommended that a length of...
  • Page 11: Valve/tappet Gap Adjustment

    Figure 2 below. When maintenance procedures, please adjustment is completed, make sure contact the Saito Service Center at you tighten the lock nut. (217) 355-9511. Our technicians will be happy to advise you on Figure 2 maintenance issues.
  • Page 12: Carburetor Maintenance

    C A R B U R E T O R M A I N T E N A N CE Carburetor Tips For Extended Engine Life Maintenance To add longer life to your Saito Should you experience difficulty with engine, the following the carburetor of your engine: recommendations are made: 1.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G Troubleshooting Generally speaking, there are very few things that will keep today’s modern glow engines from starting. To that end, make sure you’re using good quality “fresh” fuel, there are good glow plugs installed, and the starting battery is charged and in good condition.
  • Page 14 T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G SYMPTOM CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Engine fails to Low voltage on Replace/recharge the start starting battery starting battery Bad glow plug(s) Inspect/replace bad glow plug Insufficient priming Repeat priming procedure “Flooded”...
  • Page 15 Small Single-Cylinder Cross-Reference Chart PART FA-30S-GK FA30-S (H) FA-50 FA-50GK FA-56 FA-56GK FA-72 FA-72GK 01 Cylinder, Left 30S01 30SH01 5001B 50GK01B 5601B 56GK01B 8001C 80GK01C 06 Piston 30S06 30S06 5006 5006 5606 5606 8006A 8006A 07 Piston Pin 30S07 30S07 5007 5007 6507...
  • Page 16 P A R T S L I S T Medium Single-Cylinder Cross-Reference Chart PART FA-65 FA-65GK FA-80 FA-80GK FA-91S FA-91SGK 01 Cylinder, Left 6501C 65GK01C 8001C 80GK01C 91S01A 91SGK01A 06 Piston 6506A 6506A 8006A 8006A 91S06 91S06 07 Piston Pin 6507 6507 8007...
  • Page 17 Large Single-Cylinder Cross-Reference Chart PART FA-120SH FA-120SGK FA-150 FA-150GK FA180 FA-180GK 01 Cylinder, Left 120S01A 120SGK01A 15001 150S01 18001 180GK01 06 Piston 120S06 120S06 150S06 150S06 18006 18006 07 Piston Pin 120S07 120S07 120S07 120S07 18007 18007 08 Piston Pin Retainer (6 Pc) 120S08 120S08 300T08...
  • Page 18: Propeller Selection

    In the chart below you will find a each propeller prior to installation propeller selection list. This chart will onto your Saito engine. Failure to do enable you to select the best propeller so may cause unwanted vibration in for initial setup of your Saito engine.
  • Page 19: Specifications

    E N G I N E S P E C S Figure 6 Figure 7 OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS (mm) Items FA-30S (H)/30S GK — — FA-50/FA-50GK — — FA-56/FA-56GK — — FA-65/FA-65GK — — FA-72/FA-72GK — — — 77.5 36 59.5 FA-80/FA-80GK —...
  • Page 20 P A R T S L I S T Description Qty. Description Qty. Cylinder (left) Pushrod Piston Pushrod cover & rubber seal 2 each Piston pin Rocker arm Piston pin retainer Rocker arm screw & nut 2 each Piston ring Rocker arm pin Connecting rod Rocker arm bracket (left)
  • Page 21: Consumer Warranty And Repair Policy

    W A R R A N T Y & R E P A I R S Consumer Warranty and Repair Policy Saito engines are guaranteed against • Damage due to use of improper fuel workmanship and manufacturing and/or glow plug defects for a period of 3 years from •...
  • Page 22 Should your repair cost exceed 50% Horizon Service Center of the retail purchase cost, you will Attn: Saito Warranty be provided with an estimate advising 4105 Fieldstone Road you of your options. Any return...
  • Page 24 Exclusively distributed by Horizon Hobby, Inc., Champaign, IL 61822 © Copyright, 2000 Stock #SAIMAN1 updated 9-7-2000 SAI.99.36...

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