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Hitachi DZ-BD7H Quick Operation

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Quick Operation

(Hybrid BD Camcorder)
(BD Camcorder)


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  • Page 1: Quick Operation

    Quick Operation (English) DZ-BD7H DZ-BD70 DZ-BD70 DZ-BD7H (Hybrid BD Camcorder) (BD Camcorder)
  • Page 2: Setting Up The Battery Pack

    Quick Operation (English) Setting up the battery pack Charging status CHARGE indicator During charge Charge complete Unlit CHARGE indicator If the CHARGE indicator does not light, check that the connections Note Charging will not occur if the DC , and ) are firmly power cord is connected.
  • Page 3: Turning On The Power

    Turning on the Power Turn on the power. Press and hold the lock button, and turn the power switch to " ". Open the LCD monitor.
  • Page 4: Changing The Display Language (Language)

    Changing the display language (LANGUAGE) You can change the language used on screens and menus. The following shows how to change from Japanese to English. Menu button Confirmation button Cancel/Stop button Press the menu button, then select " " by pressing Then, press c (or the confirmation button).
  • Page 5: Setting The Date And Time

    Setting the Date and Time Press the menu button, then select "Date Setup" by pressing Then, press c to select "Date Set" and press c again. Select each item by pressing and set the correct value by pressing • Repeat this step until year, month, date, hour, minute, and AM/PM are correctly set.
  • Page 6: Inserting A Bd Or Dvd

    Inserting a BD or DVD Attach the charged battery pack to the camcorder or connect the camcorder to a power outlet. Turn the power switch to " ", then press down the disc eject switch until the access/PC indicator lights, then release. After several seconds, the lid pops open.
  • Page 7 Notes • The disc mechanism will be very hot immediately after use. Do not touch the metallic areas. • Do not peer into the pickup. Doing so may cause damage to your eyesight. • To prevent malfunction, never do any of the following: Pickup –...
  • Page 8: Inserting And Removing Card

    Select "YES" by pressing d, then press the confirmation button. • When using a BD-RE/BD-R, formatting Fomat Disc will start. Skip step Disc is not formatted. • When using a DVD-RW, proceed to step Format the Disc now? ENTER RETURN (When using a DVD-RW) The recording format selection screen appears.
  • Page 9: Recording Movies

    BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) BD-RE Recording Movies For model DZ-BD7H: You can choose either HDD or BD/DVD to record movies. For model DZ-BD70: You can record movies to BD/DVD. Slide the Movie/Stills switch to " ". Open the LCD monitor.
  • Page 10 Elapsed recording time Press the record button. (hrs : mins : secs) ・ "m" (recording pause) in the LCD Remaining space on HDD/BD/DVD/Card monitor will change to " " and recording will begin. The recording indicator beneath the lens will also light red. ・...
  • Page 11: Recording Still Pictures

    CARD Recording Still Pictures Still pictures are recorded on an SD memory Card. Slide the Movie/Stills switch to " ". Open the LCD monitor. Press and hold the lock button, and turn the power switch to " ". Turn the power switch to " ".
  • Page 12 Playback Disc Navigation button Menu button Movie/Picture (also referred as scene) selection button (Stop/Cancel) button Confirmation/Play/Pause button BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) CARD Choosing and playing back a scene Press the Disc Navigation button while the media you want to play back is in recording pause mode.
  • Page 13: Digital Zoom

    BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) CARD Useful Selecting a Shooting Recording Mode to Match the Conditions Techniques (Program AE) BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) CARD The camcorder automatically gauges Magnified Recording the subject and surrounding (Optical Zoom and conditions and determines the Digital Zoom) optimal settings for recording (during...
  • Page 14: Selecting A Shooting Mode

    BD-RE BD-R RAM -RW (VR) -RW (VF) CARD Selecting a shooting Restoring all the mode Shooting Settings to During recording pause, press Default (Full Auto) the menu button. You can reset the following manually adjusted shooting settings to their "Camera Functions Setup" defaults with the press of a single "Program AE"...

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