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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic 940P

  • Page 1

    Getting Started Index P.19-27 Function/Service Call Name Search Contents Text Entry Phone Book Objective Search P.ii Digital TV Objective Search Camera Index P.19-27 Mobile Widget News/Entertainment Overview P.iv Music Player Function Search Contents Managing Files Connectivity Handset Security Function List P.19-2 Using...

  • Page 2: Basics

    My Phone Number My Mail Address Confirming & Using Confirm your phone number on handset Customized address may reduce spam. in Standby without navigating menus. My Number & My Mail Address Customizing Handset Address: My Number: P.1-30 P.14-3 Setting Ringtones Downloading Tunes &...

  • Page 3

    Sending Your Contact Info Messaging Multiple Sending Files Wirelessly Recipients Save mail address and other details; Send files or your own mail address send to compatible devices wirelessly. saved in Account Details via Infrared/IC Enter multiple mail addresses/numbers transmission to other compatible devices. to send a message to all at one time.

  • Page 4: S! Addressbook Back-up

    Camera-Touch/Album-Touch Rotate Speed Selector to select items, Capture, view or search still images by move cursor or scroll pages. Touch Panel operations. Use a variety 940P Features of effects to view captured images. P.viii P.6-13, P.6-15 Yahoo! Keitai Graphic Mail Access Mobile Internet sites via Yahoo! Create HTML messages;...

  • Page 5: Microsd Card

    Digital TV Simple Menu Download Dictionary Enjoy One Seg digital TV programs and Use simplified menus limiting to only Download specialized dictionaries. video in wide horizontal screen. basic functions. Dictionary words appear in character conversion suggestions. P.5-1 P.1-26 P.3-11 S! GPS Navi S! Information Channel/Weather (Japanese) Mobile Widget (Japanese) Check your position on map, and...

  • Page 6

    Call Log ........... 2-13 Focus Functions (Outside Camera) ... 6-11 Contents Answer Phone/Call Data ....2-15 Viewing Saved Images ....6-12 Contents Optional Services ......2-17 Camera-Touch ......... 6-13 Package Contents ......viii Album-Touch ........6-15 3. Text Entry Using This Guide ........viii 7.

  • Page 7: Text Entry

    ® Bluetooth ........11-6 Camera ......... 18-15 15. Internet SoftBank Utility Software Mobile Widget (Japanese) .... 18-18 Getting Started ......15-2 (Japanese) ........11-11 S! Quick News (Japanese) .... 18-18 Using Yahoo! Keitai ......15-3 ® USB (Japanese) ......11-11 Bluetooth ........

  • Page 8: Package Contents

    Using This Guide Handset (940P) Before reading this guide, make a note of the following: In this guide, SoftBank 940P User Guide, SoftBank 940P is abbreviated as 940P. "microSD Card" and "microSDHC Card" are referred to as "microSD Card" in this guide.

  • Page 9

    Speed Selector ( ) Using Speed Selector Operations Softkey Label* Rotate Speed Selector to select items and move cursor. Press to scroll Available Operations Press Select items Adjust volume in volume control windows Move cursor Adjust Camera zoom * Softkey labels vary by menu. Scroll pages Toggle still images etc.

  • Page 10: Usim Card

    Example 2: Japanese Functions & Services Check Box Selection When "(Japanese)" appears in a title, Japanese ability is required to use full range of the function or service. Settings Operation Descriptions Universal Settings Mail Security The following examples are for reference only and may differ from actual Enter Phone Password Check items operations.

  • Page 11: Call Log

    Advanced Operations Abbreviated Descriptions For advanced features and settings, go to pages indicated For advanced settings (Chapter 18), initial operations may under Tip. be abbreviated or omitted. Example: Example: Abbreviated Steps Initial steps are abbreviated. Operations Available during a Voice Call ( P.2-12) Making Calls from Call Log ( P.2-14)

  • Page 12: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Handset, Battery, USIM Card, Charger (sold ■ Before use, read these safety precautions carefully and use your handset separately) & microSD Card (not included) properly. Keep this guide in a safe place for future reference. ■ These safety precautions contain information intended to prevent bodily Danger injury to the user and to surrounding people, as well as damage to property, and must be observed at all times.

  • Page 13

    Warning Caution Do not place handset, battery or charger inside cooking Do not place handset, battery or charger on an unstable appliances, such as microwave ovens or high-pressure surface. containers, or on IH cooking heaters. May fall, causing injury or malfunction. Take extra precautions Battery may leak, overheat, explode or catch fire, and handset while vibration alert is active or during charging.

  • Page 14: Infrared

    If battery fluid gets into eyes, do not rub; flush with Handset clean water and see a doctor immediately. Failure to do so may cause blindness. Warning Warning Do not use handset while driving a vehicle. Doing so may interfere with safe driving and cause an accident. If battery fluid comes into contact with your skin or Stop your vehicle to park in a safe place before using handset.

  • Page 15

    In a thunderstorm, immediately turn off handset and Do not turn up the volume unnecessarily high when seek shelter. using earphones. There is a risk of being struck by lightning and suffering electric Using earphones with volume turned up for an extended period shock.

  • Page 16

    Parts Materials/Surface Finish Charger (sold separately) PC resin, Elastomer resin/ External Port cover Acrylic UV cured coating Warning Stainless steel/ Slide rail Fluorinated coating Do not cover or wrap charger during charging. May cause overheating, fire or malfunction. ABS resin/ Display rear side Acrylic UV cured coating Always use the specified power supply/voltage.

  • Page 17

    When plugging charger into outlet, keep conductive If you use an implantable cardiac pacemaker or materials (pencil leads, metal parts, necklaces, hair pins, cardioverter defibrillator, keep handset more than 22 cm etc.) away from Desktop Holder terminals or charger away from the implant at all times. plug/terminals and plug charger firmly into outlet.

  • Page 18: Handling Precautions

    Handling Precautions Electromagnetic Waves For body worn operation, this mobile phone has been tested General Notes and meets RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory containing no metal and positioning the handset a minimum SoftBank is not liable for damages from accidental 15 mm from the body.

  • Page 19: Fcc Rf Exposure Information

    FCC RF Exposure Information European RF Exposure Information Your handset is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed not to manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for exposure to radio exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves recommended by international frequency (RF) energy set by the Federal Communications Commission of guidelines.

  • Page 20: Declaration Of Conformity

    We, Panasonic Mobile Communications Development of Europe Avoid forceful rubbing or scratching handset display. Ltd., declare that SoftBank 940P conforms with the essential and Do not put stickers on back of handset display. Stickers get other relevant requirements of the directive 1999/5/EC.

  • Page 21

    Copyrights and Others Function Usage Limits These functions are disabled after handset replacement/upgrade Right of Portrait or service cancellation: Camera; Digital TV; Music Player; S! Appli; Lifestyle-Appli. Portrait right is the right of an individual to refuse to be photographed After a period of disuse, these functions may become unusable.

  • Page 22

    This product is licensed under the MPEG-4 patent portfolio Java and all Java based trademarks and logos are trademarks or license, AVC patent portfolio license and VC-1 patent portfolio registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and license for the personal and non-commercial use of a consumer to other countries.

  • Page 23

    Bluetooth SIG, Inc. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

  • Page 24

    Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United 2 Should interference occur between 940P and other radio States and/or other countries. stations, move to another place or stop the Bluetooth ®...

  • Page 25

    * Requirements are stipulated in Radio Law (Ordinance Regulating Radio Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Equipment, Article 14-2). 940P meets the government's requirements for exposure to radio waves. These requirements are based on scientific basis to assure that radio waves emitted from mobile phones and other handheld wireless devices do not affect human health.

  • Page 26


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