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Disassembly Instructions - Nokia 3410 Service Manual

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Take care that your workbench is always clean and
protect the Window with a foil against dust and
scratches. Release the A-Cover from the bottom side
of the unit.
Also, protect the inner part of the window with a
foil. The Keymat is loose inside the cover.
When releasing the side clips of the D-Cover you can
use plastic tweezers or the opening tool from 5510
(SRT-6, 0770431), as shown in the picture.
Service Manual 3310/3330/3410 Level 1
PAGE 13 (21)
Take away the A-Cover.
Open the six screws in the predefined order with a
When re-assembling, the reverse
Torx 6 driver.
order has to be taken with a torque of 30 Ncm.
Take away the Display Assembly (UI module) and
avoid touching the pads with your fingers.
Copyright 2002 © Nokia Corporation
Approved 2.0
SQX 00451-en MWy

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