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General Repair Information - Nokia 3410 Service Manual

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Nokia Mobile Phones Customer Care E&A
Technical Services, Repair Concepts


In this section you will get some general hints how to carry out repairs:
o Before starting the repair you must take care of ESD precautions like being in your ESD-area and
connecting your wristband.
o Use gloves to avoid corrosion and fingerprints.
o Protect windows and displays with a foil to avoid dust and scratches.
o When cleaning the pads you have to use a soft cloth and isopropanol. It is not allowed to use a
glass fiber pencil because it scratches the surface and will lead later on to corrosion.
o Mechanical parts, which didn't repair the failure, can be reused, if they are not soldered.
o Use always original Nokia parts or accessories.
o Meet the torque requirements when assembling the unit (see also the document "torques for
transceiver assembly" on Partner Websites).
o Always use your own equipment for testing where you are sure that it works. E.g. if the customer
complains about charger function, please test the phone with your own charger to be sure if
phone or charger causes the malfunction.
Following General Service Bulletins have to be followed:
Common notice for good ventilation
Don't try to repair prototypes (indicated on Typelabel).
Be sure that you have minimum hardware requirements in place.
Handling of liquid damages.
If one of your service tools cause malfunction, return the defective part.
Service Policy for packaging serviced products
Check these guidelines when refurbishing products.
You need a Golden Phone for inspecting your measuring equipment.
Please check Partner Websites (PWS) for latest news and files on a regular basis.
Legend for Quick Trouble Shooter:
This legend is valid for all parts of the Quick Trouble Shooter
Follow the steps until the problem is solved. If this doesn't help, you are not authorized
to go forward. Only underlined components ( e.g. I007) can be changed.
Follow the arrows step by step
Pads or contacts: Check optical and mechanical condition as well as corrosion.
Clean if necessary.
Measure component for electrical functionality and change, if needed.
No more action possible, send product to the
appropriate service partner with higher service level.
4, 5
Superscript numbers are for additional comments or instructions
Service Manual 3310/3330/3410 Level 1
PAGE 12 (21)
Copyright 2002 © Nokia Corporation
Approved 2.0
SQX 00451-en MWy

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