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JVC 1203-FOH-ID-VP Instructions Manual Page 47

Digital hd player.
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Other problems
12. The CHARGE indicator on the
AC Power Adapter/Charger
does not light.
13. "SET DATE/TIME!" appears.
14. There is no picture.
15. Files stored in the memory
card cannot be deleted.
16. When the player is connected
via the i.LINK connector, the
player does not operate.
17. The rear of the LCD monitor is
18. Images on the LCD monitor
appear dark or whitish.
19. Colored bright spots appear all
over the LCD monitor.
12. • The temperature of the
battery is extremely high/low.
• Charging is difficult in places
subject to extremely high/
low temperatures.
13. • The built-in clock's battery
has run out.
• The previously set date/time
is erased.
14. • The player is not getting
power, or some other
malfunction exists.
15. • Files stored in the memory
card are protected.
16. • The i.LINK cable was
plugged/unplugged with
power turned on.
17. • The light used to illuminate
the LCD monitor causes it to
become hot.
18. • In places subject to low
temperature, images become
dark due to the
characteristics of the LCD
monitor. When this happens,
the displayed colors differ
from those that are actually
recorded. This is not a defect
of the player.
• When the LCD monitor's
fluorescent light reaches the
end of its service life, images
on the LCD monitor become
dark. Consult your nearest
JVC dealer.
19. • The LCD monitor is made
with high-precision
technology. However, black
spots or bright spots of light
(red, green or blue) may
appear constantly on the
LCD monitor.
These spots are not recorded
on the tape. This is not due to
any defect of the unit.
(Effective dots: more than
99.99 %)
12. • To protect the battery, it is
recommended to charge it in
places with a temperature of
10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F).
pg. 52)
13. • Consult your nearest JVC
dealer for replacement.
14. • Turn the player's power off
and on again. (
15. • Remove protection from the
files stored in the memory
card and delete them.
pg. 24 – 25)
16. • Turn the player's power off
and on again, then operate it.
17. • Close the LCD monitor to
turn it off or set the Power
Switch to "OFF", and let the
unit cool down.
18. • Adjust the brightness and
angle of the LCD monitor.
pg. 14)
pg. 13)


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