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LG RC389H User Instructions page 15

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10:49 AM
Adjust the SETUP settings
Adjust the general settings
Auto Programming – This option automatically scans and sets the available
[Start]: Start the channel scanning.
Program Edit– This option allows you to add channels and edit preset
[Edit]: Displays the screen which show preset channel list and channel
editing options. (page 13)
Clock Set– The clock must be set in order to use [Timer record].
TV Aspect – Selects the aspects ratio of the connected TV.
[4:3 Letter Box]: Select this when connecting to a standard 4:3 screen TV
and prefer the wide picture with bands on the upper and lower portions of the
[4:3 Pan Scan]: Select this when connecting to a standard 4:3 screen TV and
prefer the wide picture on the entire screen cuts off the portions that do not
[16:9 Wide]: Select this when connecting to a wide-screen TV.
VCR Play System – Your video recorder uses triple colour standards, PAL,
MESECAM and Auto. During play your video recorder should select the colour
system automatically, however if you experience problems you may need to do
it manually.
Page 15
Power Save mode – Selects whether this unit is in power save mode when the
power is turned off. This option is not available when a timer recording is set.
[ON]: The front panel display is off and only signals arriving at the antenna
input are passed through when the unit is turned off.
[OFF]: Turns off the [Power Save Mode].
Factory Set – You can reset the unit to all its factory settings. Some options
cannot be reset (Rating, Password, and Area Code). The auto setup menu
appears on the screen after the factory settings.

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