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Warranty And After-Sales-Service; Warranty Record Confirmation And Safekeeping - JVC DZ-VCA3U Instructions Manual

Micro hd camera
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Warranty and after-sales-service

Warranty record confirmation and safekeeping

This product is sold with a warranty card attached.
Warranty card has been delivered to sales dealer of this
product. Please check your particulars and the record after
filling, and keep it properly.
L Warranty period:
Warranty period is one year from the date of purchase.
Thereafter, service will be chargeable.
Servicing will be done by sales dealer based on record
written in warranty card.
However, compensation other than service guarantee will
not be entertained.
Business opportunity loss due to damage will not be
For further details, please refer to warranty card.
L Servicing after expiry of warranty period:
Please consult sales dealer for servicing after expiry of
warranty period.
In the case of maintaining function through service,
servicing will be performed according to the wish of
customer and it will be chargeable.
L After-sales-service inquiry counter
For after-sales-service inquiry, consult sales dealer or
nearest service counter listed in Service Counter Guides.
L Escape clause
1. Using this product for medical treatment is the decision
and responsibility of medical doctors. Our company is not
responsible for treatment result using this product.
2. Our company is not responsible for any damage to this
product due to removal, servicing, inspection, and modifi-
cation unless it is handled by our company or authorized
3. During delivery or redelivery of this product, the responsi-
bility to sterilize it belongs to the doctor or the hospital. Our
company is not responsible if this product becomes a
medium in transmitting bacteria to doctors, technicians,
nurses, patients, etc.
4. Our company is not responsible for the use of this product,
and the performance of this product when, during its use,
natural disaster such as earthquake, fire, or electric power
shutdown occurs. Concerning backup and others, they are
solely the responsibility of the doctors or the hospital.
5. Our company is not responsible for the result of using this
product if the warnings and operating methods printed in
this Instruction Manual are not followed.



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