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Siemens Gigaset S45 trio User Manual

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Siemens Aktiengesellschaft,
issued by Siemens Communications
Haidenauplatz 1
D-81667 Munich
Gigaset S45
© Siemens AG 2005
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens Gigaset S45 trio

  • Page 1 Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, issued by Siemens Communications Haidenauplatz 1 D-81667 Munich Gigaset S45 © Siemens AG 2005 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
  • Page 2: Handset At A Glance

    Handset at a glance Handset at a glance 1 Display in idle status 2 Charge status of the batteries = e V U (flat to full) flashes: batteries almost flat e V U flashes: batteries charging 3 Display keys (page 9) 4 Message key Access to calls and message lists (depending on the base station)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Appendix ....18 Care ......18 Contact with liquid .
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions Caution: Read the safety precautions and the user guide before use. Explain their contents to your children, and the potential hazards associated with using the phone. Use only the mains adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the charg- ing cradle.
  • Page 5: Gigaset S45 - A Handset With Many Extras

    Caution: Only use the rechargeable batteries recom- Your Gigaset S45 not only lets you store up mended by Siemens (page 19)! This means: Never use conventional batteries (non- to 150 telephone numbers (page 10) - rechargeable) as this may cause significant your Gigaset S45 can do much, much damage to health and property.
  • Page 6 First Steps Attaching the belt clip Automatic registration Gigaset S45 to Gigaset S450/S455 There are notches for attaching the belt clip on the side of the handset at the same Important: The handset must not already height as the display. be registered to any base station.
  • Page 7 First Steps 1. On the handset ¢ ¢ ¢ Ð Notes: Handset Register H/Set – The handset should only be placed in a Select base station, e.g. Base base station or charging cradle that is 1, and press §OK§ designed for it. Enter the system PIN of the –...
  • Page 8: Making Calls

    Making calls Changing the base station You can accept the call by: ¤ Pressing the talk key c. ¤ If your handset is registered to more than Pressing the handsfree key d. one base station, you can set it to a partic- If the handset is in the charging cradle and ular base station or to the base station Auto Answer...
  • Page 9: Muting

    Operating the handset Muting Activating/deactivating the keypad lock You can deactivate the microphone in your handset during an external call. The Press and hold the hash key. other party hears a wait melody. You will hear the confirmation beep. The Press the control key on the icon Ø...
  • Page 10: Display Keys

    Operating the handset Returning to idle status During an external call Open the directory. You can revert to idle status from any- Initiate an internal consulta- where in the menu as follows: tion call. ¤ Press and hold the end call key a. Adjust loudspeaker volume for earpiece and handsfree mode.
  • Page 11: Correcting Incorrect Entries

    Using the directory and lists Correcting incorrect entries Storing a number in the directory ¢ New Entry You can correct wrong characters in the ¤ Change multiple line input: text by navigating to the wrong input using the control key. You can then: Number : Enter number.
  • Page 12 Using the directory and lists Managing entries in the directory/ Using quick dial keys ¤ call-by-call lists Press and hold the required quick dial ¢ s / C s (select entry) key. Viewing an entry Sending the directory/call-by-call list to another handset Press the display key.
  • Page 13: Last Number Redial List

    Using a handset as a room monitor Managing entries in the last number Date: Enter the day/month in 4-digit format. redial list Time: Press the key briefly. Enter the hour/minute for the reminder Select entry. call in 4-digit format. Open the menu. Options Prompt: Select the type of signal for the...
  • Page 14: Activating The Room Monitor And Entering The Number To Be Called

    Using a handset as a room monitor When the room monitor is activated, set or , if all registered handsets Call All incoming calls to the handset are indi- are to be called) §OK§ cated without a ringtone and are only Save numbers with Save shown on the screen.
  • Page 15: Handset Settings

    Handset settings Setting the display Deactivating the room monitor remotely You have a choice of four colour schemes Requirements: The phone must support and several different contrasts. touch tone dialling and the room monitor ¢ ¢ Ð Display is set for an external destination number. ¤...
  • Page 16: Setting Display Illumination

    Handset settings Adjusting the loudspeaker Changing the screen picture ¢ ¢ ¢ volume Ð Display Screen Picture Scroll to the Selection line. You can set the loudspeaker volume for Press the display key. The View§ handsfree talking to five different levels active screen picture is dis- and the earpiece volume to three different played...
  • Page 17: Activating/Deactivating Advisory Tones

    Handset settings Settings for individual functions Deactivating the ringtone for the current call Set the volume and melody depending on Press the display key. §Silence§ the type of signalling required. ¢ ¢ ¢ Ð Audio Settings Activating/deactivating the alert tone Ringer Settings In place of the ringer tone you can activate Setting, e.g.
  • Page 18: Setting The Alarm Clock

    Handset settings Deactivating the wake-up call/ Confirm.: Select repeating after a pause (slumber mode) Battery: Select On, Call. The battery Requirement: A wake-up call is sounding. tone is activated/deactivated or only Press the display key. The §OFF§ sounds during a call. ¤...
  • Page 19: Appendix

    Questions and answers If you have any queries about the use of your telephone, you can contact us at any Care time at ¤ tomercare . The table below contains a list Wipe the charging cradle and the hand-...
  • Page 20: Customer Service (Customer Care)

    This site can be accessed at any time We, Siemens AG, declare that this device wherever you are. It will give you 24/7 meets the essential requirements and support for all our products. It also pro-...
  • Page 21: Guarantee Certificate United Kingdom

    24 months of pur- under the terms of the Guarantee. chase, Siemens shall, at its own option Insofar as no Guarantee default exists, and free of charge, either replace the Siemens reserves the right to charge device with another device reflecting the customer for replacement or repair.
  • Page 22: Guarantee Certificate Ireland

    Siemens. rial faults within 24 months of pur- chase, Siemens shall, at its own option This Guarantee shall apply to new and free of charge, either replace the devices purchased in the European device with another device reflecting Union.
  • Page 23: Notes On The Operating Instructions

    Notes on the operating instructions Notes on the operating ¢ ¢ Ð Display instructions ¤ With the handset in idle status, press on the right of the control key to open This section explains the meaning of cer- the main menu. ¤...
  • Page 24: Example: Multiple Line Input

    Notes on the operating instructions Example: multiple line input Writing and editing a text message There are many situations in which you can change the settings of a display or The following rules apply when writing a enter data in several lines. text message: In this user guide symbols are used to Control the cursor with u v t...
  • Page 25 Notes on the operating instructions Writing SMS (with predictive text) Order of directory entries Requirement: The directory entries are usually sorted in Your base station must support SMS. alphabetical order. Spaces and digits take first priority. The sort order is as follows: EATONI predictive text helps you when 1.
  • Page 26: Accessories

    Accessories All accessories and batteries are available from your mobile phone retailer. Or you can order direct online via the online Shop: The Online Shop also has the latest product information. Only use original accessories. This will avoid possible health risks and damage,...
  • Page 27: Index

    Index Index Care, phone ....Changing destination number ... . . display language .
  • Page 28 Index Example menu input ....Key 1 (fast access) ....multiple line entry .
  • Page 29 On/Off key ..... Siemens Online Shop ... . . Online Shop .

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