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JVC 0909HHH-MW-MT2009 Instructions Manual

32" class.
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LCD Monitor
LCD Monitor



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  • Page 1

    LCD Monitor GD-32X1U INSTRUCTIONS LCD Monitor INSTRUCTIONS ◆ LCT2576-001A-H...

  • Page 2: Lcd Monitor

    LCD Monitor GD-32X1U 32" class (31.5" Diagonal) As an “ENERGY STAR®” partner, JVC has determined that this product or product model meets the “ENERGY STAR®” guidelines for energy efficiency. Please read the important notice for energy efficiency on page 49.

  • Page 3

    Warnings CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock. Do not remove cover (or back). No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...

  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could void the warranty. ● When you don’t use this monitor for a long period of time, be sure to disconnect both the power plug from the AC outlet and antenna for your safety.

  • Page 5

    9) Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.

  • Page 6

    22) Use of power cords or AC adapters other than those provided may cause fire or malfunction. 23) DO NOT allow young children to play with the plastic bag that came with the monitor when you unpacked it. Failure to do so can result in suffocation, causing injury.

  • Page 7: Warning

    26) When installing the monitor on the wall, ask your dealer to install. 27) Make enough room for inserting and removing the power plug. Place the monitor as close to the outlet as possible. The main power supply for this monitor is controlled by inserting or removing the power plug. 28) Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.

  • Page 8

    Carrying the monitor When carrying the monitor, hold it by the sides as illustrated. IMPORTANT RECYCLING INFORMATION This product has a fluorescent lamp that contains mercury. Disposal of these materials may be regulated in your community due to environmental considerations. For disposal or recycling information, please contact your local authorities or for USA, the Electronic Industries Alliance: http://www.

  • Page 9

    Features › More precise adjustment of picture quality with a wide range of adjustment properties › Enjoy SLR digital camera photographs ➔ page A-11 › Slim cabinet provides you with greater freedom of choice for installation › Quick response making video games more exiting —...

  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    Contents Warning ......... . . ii Installation .

  • Page 11: Installation

    Installation Included items ● Main unit (monitor) ● Stand ● VESA bracket ● M4 x 8 screws (for the stand or VESA bracket, × 4) ● M3 x 12 screw (for the HDMI cover, × 1) ● Remote control unit, AAA size batteries Inserting batteries into the remote control When replacing the batteries...

  • Page 12: Attaching The Speaker Unit

    Attaching the covers ● Attach the HDMI cover (3) and AC terminal cover (5) after connections have been made. Fix the HDMI cover to the unit using the supplied screw. Break off the bottom right of the HDMI cover when you want to extend the HDMI cable backwards.

  • Page 13: Connecting External Devices

    Connecting external devices To connect a device with component terminals To connect a device with a composite terminal To connect a computer To connect a DVI device To connect an HDMI device ø 3.5 mm stereo mini plug Green To INPUT-1 terminal To INPUT-1/INPUT-2 terminals...

  • Page 14

    ● HDMI (V.1.3, with Deep Color, with x.v.Color INPUT-3: D-sub 15 pin AUDIO IN terminal : 3.5 mm stereo mini jack INPUT-2: HDMI terminal A: Video cable (supplied) B: Audio cable (supplied) C: Video cable (supplied) D: RS-232C extension cable (supplied) a: Component cable (sold separately) b: Audio cable (sold separately) c: Video cable (sold separately)

  • Page 15: Connecting The Power Cable/ac Adapter

    Connecting the power cable/AC Adapter ● Connect AC plug adapter and power cord to the monitor in the order of numbers below. ● Insert the power terminal firmly until you hear a clicking sound. ● Ground the earth plug of the power cable to the earth terminal of the AC outlet.

  • Page 16: Parts Identification

    Parts identification Main unit Remote sensor Power indicator Lights while the monitor is on. Remote sensor Aim the remote control here. Turns the monitor on/off (on standby). INPUT Switches the input. Opens the setting menu. Functions as the down cursor MENU key in the menu operations.

  • Page 17: Remote Control

    Remote control POWER Turns the monitor on/off (on standby). LINK Opens the photo viewer menu or the operation window for HDMI CEC devices. (➔ page 11) OPTION Opens the setup window of HDMI CEC devices. Opens the setting menu of the photo viewer (➔...

  • Page 18: Controlling Hdmi Devices

    Controlling HDMI devices You can control HDMI CEC devices connected to this monitor using the remote of the monitor. ● This function can be customized in the “ HDMI ” settings (➔ page 34). ● Devices may not operate or may function differently from described, depending on the model or the manufacturer.

  • Page 19: Changing The Settings

    Changing the settings Example: to change the setting of “ Color Temperature ” Open the menu. Select “ Picture ”. Select “ Color Temperature ”. ● The item currently selected is shown in orange. Select the setting you want. ● When the selected item is followed by an adjustment screen, press the ] buttons to make adjustments.

  • Page 20: Picture

    Technical information Adjust the picture to your needs Set up the monitor for your PC Enjoy SLR digital camera photographs Menu index by task Show Your True Colors. A-10 A-11 A-12...

  • Page 21

    Adjust the picture to your needs Make picture adjustments according to your needs using the “ Picture ” menu. ● You can save six sets (“memories”) of your adjustments. ● You can load a preset into memory and use it as it is, or make your own adjustment.

  • Page 22

    This monitor features rich menus for picture control, in addition to 10 pre- installed sets of picture settings carefully prepared by JVC to suit various types of video content and viewing environment. Enjoy controlling appearance of pictures using the “ Picture ” menu, and create your own picture settings.

  • Page 23

    ● Characteristics of the 10 presets Dynamic Makes pictures colorful and bright, suitable for watching in a well-light room. Standard The most standard setting. Theater Suitable for watching cinemas in a dark room. Monitor Does not apply color adjustments or noise reductions. Input video signals are displayed as they are.

  • Page 24

    ➔ See the following pages for the setting values of each preset. Game Gives priority to the response time for picture movement. Suitable for game consoles. Signage Suitable for digital signage use in market, shops or hotels. CCTV SD Suitable for monitoring CCTVs in SD format.

  • Page 25

    ● Setting values of each preset ● The settings are subject to change for amelioration. Tint Tint Setting BY Gain BY/RY Angle Color Contrast Contrast Setting Black Stretch Dynamic DC Offset Auto Contrast Brightness Sharpness Enhancer Enhancer Setting Detail H.Sharp V.Sharp Backlight Backlight Setting...

  • Page 26

    Photo Pro Game Signage Medium –15 –10 Mode-3 Mode-3 Mode-3 –15 –5 –15 –15 Medium Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto sRGB Auto Wide Mode-5 Mode-2 Mode-2 CCTV HD CCTV SD Option High High –4 –30 Mode-1 Mode-1 Mode-3 –5 Medium Medium Auto...

  • Page 27

    White Balance Setting R Drive / G Drive / B Drive R Cutoff / G Cutoff / B Cutoff Color Management Color Mngmt. Setting Red Tint / Red Color Yellow Tint / Yellow Color Green Tint / Green Color Cyan Tint / Cyan Color Skin Tint / Skin Color...

  • Page 28

    Photo Pro Game Signage Mode-2 Mode-1 Mode-3 Mode-2 Mode-3 Medium Medium Auto Auto Auto Normal Middle Normal CCTV HD CCTV SD Option Mode-2 Mode-1 Mode-4 Mode-2 Mode-6 Medium High Auto Auto Normal Normal Short...

  • Page 29: Selecting The Input Signal

    Set up the monitor for your Selecting the input signal When you connect a PC to the INPUT-3 terminal, set the type of the input signal accordingly. ● For signals in VGA60 and XGA60 Set “ Sampling Mode ” to “ Std ”. (➔ page 32) ●...

  • Page 30

    If the picture is not aligned vertically, or letters on the screen look blurred Set the aspect to “ 1:1 ”, and adjust “ Dot Clock ” and “ Clock Phase ”. (➔ page ● For signals in 1920 x 1080, set the aspect to “ Full ” and adjust the same items. If the picture is cropped, or extra margins are displayed around it 1 Set the aspect to “...

  • Page 31: Sound

    Menu index by task General tone of color Tone of color (including white) Tone of color (in detail) Range of color representation Amplitude of the color difference signal Tint Setting Demodulation angle of the color difference signal Pattern of color correction Color correction (in detail) Total density of color Amplitude of the color difference signal Tint Setting...

  • Page 32: Picture

    Picture Memory Setting You can store up to 6 sets of the “ Picture ” settings and use them. ● When the input is changed, the memory used for the input last time is automatically applied. Memory1 / Memory2 / Memory3 / Memory4 / Memory5 / Memory6 ■...

  • Page 33: Tint Setting

    Tint Adjusts the tone of color. –30 – +30 (Skin color reddish ↔ Skin color greenish) ■ Tint Setting Adjusts the tone of color in detail. ● The setting is fixed to 0 and unadjustable when “ Color Space ” is set to “ sRGB ”, “...

  • Page 34: Contrast Setting

    Contrast Adjusts the brightness of brighter areas of pictures. –30 – +30 (Dark ↔ Bright) ■ Contrast Setting Adjusts settings of functions relating with contrast. ● The functions are not available when “ Color Space ” is set to “ sRGB ” or “...

  • Page 35: Enhancer Setting

    Sharpness Emphasizes outlines on a picture. ● The setting is unadjustable when “ Enhancer ” is set to “ Off ”. –30 – +30 (Fuzzy ↔ Sharp) ■ Enhancer Selects the frequency band enhanced by “ Sharpness ”. Off : Deactivates the function. ■...

  • Page 36: Smart Picture

    Backlight Setting Adjusts settings of functions relating with backlight. ◆ Smart Picture Reduces the backlight automatically in dazzling scenes. On / Off ■ ◆ Dynamic Backlight Reduces the backlight automatically in dark scenes to represent black deeper. High / Medium / Low / Off ■...

  • Page 37: Color Space

    Color Matrix Selects the color matrix used for color conversion. ● The setting is fixed to “ Auto ” and unadjustable when “ Color Space ” is set to “ sRGB ”, “ AdobeRGB ”, or “ x.v.Color ”. ● The setting is fixed to “...

  • Page 38: Color Temperature

    Color Temperature Adjusts the color temperature (color tone). The higher the color temperature, the more bluish the picture. ● The setting is fixed to “ Mode-5 ” and unadjustable when “ Color Space ” is set to “ sRGB ” or “ AdobeRGB ”. ●...

  • Page 39: Color Management

    Color Management Adjusts the total coloring of pictures. Three color management presets are available to suit a variety of color temperature settings. ● The setting is fixed to “ Off ” and unadjustable when “ Color Space ” is set to “...

  • Page 40: Dynamic Gamma

    ◆ Green Tint / Green Color Adjusts the tone/colorfulness of green colors. –15 – +15 (Yellow ↔ Cyan) / –30 – +30 (Dilute ↔ Dense) ■ ◆ Cyan Tint / Cyan Color Adjusts the tone/colorfulness of blue colors. –15 – +15 (Green ↔ Blue) / –30 – +30 (Dilute ↔ Dense) ■...

  • Page 41: Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction Adjusts the settings of picture noise reduction. ● The functions are unavailable when “ PC Monitor Mode ” is set to “ On ” or when signals in a PC signal format are coming in. ◆ Digital VNR Reduces picture noise.

  • Page 42: Natural Cinema

    Natural Cinema Displays quick-moving parts on cinemas originally taken on films with more clarity. ● The setting is fixed to “ Off ” and unadjustable when “ Picture Delay Time ” is set to “ Short ”. ● The setting is fixed to “ Off ” and unadjustable when “ PC Monitor Mode ” is set to “...

  • Page 43: Eco Mode

    Eco Mode Adjusts the brightness of backlight depending on the luminance of the room to reduce power consumption. Display : Activating the function and indicating its performance. ■ On : Activating the function. Its performance is not indicated. ■ Off : Deactivates the function. ■...

  • Page 44: Sound

    Sound ● The following settings are only adjustable when the dedicated speaker unit (sold separately) is connected. ● The following settings are not adjustable while using the Photo viewer (➔ page 36). Bass Adjusts bass tone. –6 – +6 (Weaker ↔ Stronger) ■...

  • Page 45: Turn On Volume

    Optimizes the sound quality for the dedicated speaker unit (TS-C32SPG: sold separately). When the speaker unit is connected, setting “ PEQ “ to “ On “ brings high and low tones into balance, making the sound clearer. Select “ Off “ when connecting other speakers. ●...

  • Page 46: Setup

    Setup Menu Language You can choose the language used for on-screen messages. English (EU) / Deutsch / Français(UE) / Italiano / Español (UE) / ■ Català / Nederlands / Dansk / Svenska / Norsk / Suomi / Polski / Magyar / Русский / Ελληνικά / Português / Česky / Български / Українська...

  • Page 47

    Aspect Adjusts the aspect of pictures. ● The setting is also adjustable through the [ASPECT] button on the remote control. ◆ Options when the current input signal is SD Auto : When the video signal contains information about aspect ratio ■...

  • Page 48

    ◆ Options when the current input signal is HD ● You can select “ Full Native ” only when the input signal is 1080i/p. Full : Stretching a picture to the ■ width of the monitor. Full Native : Displaying a picture ■...

  • Page 49: Position Adjustment

    Position Adjustment Adjusts the picture position on the monitor. ● Vertical adjustment is effective when “ Aspect ” is set to “ 14:9 Zoom ”, “ 16:9 Zoom ”, “ Panoramic ”, “ 16:9 Zoom Subtitle ”, or “ Panoramic Zoom ”. ●...

  • Page 50: Input Label

    Input Label Adds a source name specifying a device after the source name (“ Input-1 ” - “ Input-3 ”). (No label) / VCR / DVD / Blu-ray Disc / PVR / D-VHS / STB / SAT / ■ AMP / GAME / CAM / DISC / PC 4:3 Aspect Setting Selects the aspect setting which is applied when “...

  • Page 51: Pc Setting

    PC Setting Adjusts the settings for PC signals. ● The items below are unadjustable when no PC signal is input: “ H Size ”, “ V Size ”, “ Dot Clock ”, “ Clock Phase ”, “ PC Position Adjustment ”, and “ Auto Position Adjustment ”.

  • Page 52: Dot Clock

    ◆ Dot Clock Adjust this when the picture is not aligned vertically. ● The adjustment is kept after turning off the power. –20 – +20 ■ ◆ Clock Phase Adjust this when letters on the screen look blurred or swaying. ●...

  • Page 53: Hdmi

    HDMI Control with HDMI Makes an HDMI CEC-compatible external component controllable through this monitor. On : Enables HDMI CEC control. ■ Off : Deactivates HDMI CEC control. ■ One Touch Play Starting playback on an HDMI CEC-compatible external component automatically turns on the monitor and change its source to the component.

  • Page 54: Amp Control

    AMP Control Makes an HDMI CEC-compatible amplifier controllable through the monitor. ● The setting is fixed to “ Off ” and unadjustable when “ Control with HDMI ” is set to “ Off ”. On / Off ■ Input-1 Audio Selects the audio signal type for INPUT-1.

  • Page 55: Viewing Photographs On Sd Card

    Viewing photographs on SD card/USB device Cautions ● Insert or remove SD cards and USB devices gently and in the right direction. Otherwise, the devices or the monitor may be damaged. ● It is recommended to keep a backup of your files. ●...

  • Page 56: Usb Device

    ● To view the next/previous page, press [GREEN]/[RED]. ● When you turn on the monitor while both an SD card and a USB device are connected, the photographs on the SD card are displayed. Select “ Flash Device “ in the “ Device ” setting (➔ page 38) to display the photographs on the USB device.

  • Page 57

    To customize the settings Open the menu. Change the settings. Exit the menu. ◆ Device Select which device is displayed when both are connected; SD card or USB device. ◆ Sort Select the display order of photographs. File Name : In alphabetic order by file name. ■...

  • Page 58

    About SD cards and USB devices ● The maximum capacity of devices playable on this monitor is as follows: - SD cards, miniSD cards, microSD cards: 2 GB - SDHC cards, miniSDHC cards, microSDHC cards: 32 GB - USB devices: 32 GB ●...

  • Page 59: External Control

    External Control You can control GD-32X1U from external control equipment (a personal computer or a dedicated controller) via the RS-232C terminal on the rear of the monitor. ● Connect the RS-232C extension cable to the RS-232C terminal on the rear side of the monitor. (➔ page 07) Communication specifications Cable A crossover cable with a RS-232C connector...

  • Page 60

    Command outline To control the monitor from external control equipment, send operation commands to the monitor. Example of communication procedures External control equipment 1Operation command to select “ Input-3 ”. 2 Acknowledgment from the monitor. 3The input is changed to “ Input-3 ”. Command structure ! 0x82 0x80 IP 3 Lf a: Header...

  • Page 61: Command List

    Command list ● “ * ” is the monitor ID. Normally, set it to “0x80”. ● Enter the appropriate data to “xx” or “x”. Operation commands † 0x82 † 0x82 † 0x82 † 0x82 † 0x82 † 0x82 0x82 0x82 0x82 ††...

  • Page 62

    Functions Turns on/off the monitor. Selects the input. Adjusts the volume. Turns muting on/off. Selects an item of “ Memory Setting ” (➔ page 13). Selects the aspect ratio. Sends the remote control code pass-through. Sets the monitor ID. Enables/disables operations from the remote control.

  • Page 63: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following are not malfunctions. ● This LCD display is built with very high precision technology; however, be aware that a few pixels may be missing or constantly lit. ● When a still image is displayed for a long time, it may remain indistinctly on the screen after the picture has changed.

  • Page 64

    No sound. ● No sound is output from the monitor if the dedicated speaker unit (sold separately) is not connected. (➔ page 05) ● Press the MUTING button. ● Check the amplifier connection. ● When “ AMP ” is selected under “ Speaker ”, the sound is output from the amplifier, and not from the speakers of the monitor.

  • Page 65: Specifications

    Specifications Model name LCD panel Screen size (visible area size measured diagonally) Display resolution Display colors Viewing angle (TYP.) Luminance (TYP.) Contrast ratio (TYP.) Horizontal/vertical frequency (computer signal) Compliant video signal formats Audio output Operating environment Power requirements AC adapter (FSP180-AKAN1) Power consumption Power consumption (on...

  • Page 66

    To perform the calibration, you need i1Display 2 of X-Rite Incorporated and a Windows PC. Notice on transportation ● This monitor is precision equipment and needs dedicated packing material for transportation. Never use any packing material supplied from sources other than JVC or JVC-authorized dealers.

  • Page 67

    Dimensions unit: mm (inch) 1 : 496.1 (19 5/8) 55.0 (2 1/4) /80.0 (3 1/4) (with TS-C32SPG) 3 : 772.4 (30 1/2) 40.7 (1 5/8) 5 : 254.0 (10) 6 : 214.7 (8 1/2) ● Use screws of adequate length (M4 × 12 – 16) to fix the VESA bracket and wall mount adapter.

  • Page 68

    Logos & Licenses As an “ENERGY STAR®” partner, JVC has determined that this product or product model meets the “ENERGY STAR®” guidelines for energy efficiency. ● For easy understanding, pictures and illustrations are shown by being emphasized, omitted or composed, and may slightly be different from actual products.

  • Page 69

    Compliant signal formats (1) INPUT-3 terminal (PC) Signal PC98 †1 VGA 60 VGA 72 VGA 75 WVGA 60 †2 SVGA 60 SVGA 72 SVGA 75 †1 XGA 60 XGA 70 XGA 75 WXGA(1280) †2†3 †2†4 WXGA(1360) †2†5 WXGA 60 SXGA 60 †6 †7 SXGA+ 60...

  • Page 70

    Total pixels pixel per line line per frame 1088 1056 1040 1056 1344 1328 1312 1664 1792 1793 1688 1066 1688 1066 1880 1087 1650 2200 1125 ● Signals in a format not listed above may not be displayed properly. Change the resolution setting on the PC.

  • Page 71

    Compliant signal formats (2) INPUT-3 terminal (composite) Frequency Signal Vertical (Hz) Horizontal (kHz) PAL/50 50.00 PAL/60 59.94 SECAM 50.00 NTSC3.58 59.94 NTSC4.43 59.94 PAL M 59.94 PAL N 50.00 INPUT-1, INPUT-2 terminal (HDMI-HDMI) Signal VGA 60 480/60p 720/60p 1080/60i 480/60i 1080/60p* 576/50p 720/50p...

  • Page 72

    Total pixels pixel per line line per frame 1650 2200 2200 1980 2640 2640 2750 2640 2200 EIA/CEA-861-D-compliant ● Signals in a format not listed above may not be displayed properly. Change the resolution setting on the PC. ● Some signals may not be displayed properly even if their format is in the list above.

  • Page 73: Index

    This software is based in part on the work of the lndependent JPEG Group. ● The open source software is embedded in this product. For more information, please go to: ● DejaVu font is used in this product under the license below. _____________________________________________________ Fonts are (c) Bitstream (see below).

  • Page 74

    Arev Fonts Copyright ------------------------------ Copyright (c) 2006 by Tavmjong Bah. All Rights Reserved. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of the fonts accompanying this license (“Fonts”) and associated documentation files (the “Font Software”), to reproduce and distribute the modifications to the Bitstream Vera Font Software, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, merge, publish, distribute, and/or sell copies of the Font Software, and to permit persons to whom the Font Software is furnished to do so, subject...

  • Page 75

    Index Icons ..... 10 Numbers 3DY/C ..... 22 4:3 Aspect Setting .

  • Page 76

    LINK ..... . . 11 Lip Sync ....25 Main unit .

  • Page 78

    2009 Victor Company of Japan, Limited 0909HHH-MW-MT...

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