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ATTENTION : Before testing, adjustment and repair
Attentively to read this book.


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Summary of Contents for Haier GOR-6M07

  • Page 1 Haier GOR-6M07 A/S MANUAL ATTENTION : Before testing, adjustment and repair Attentively to read this book.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents. 1. The Sizes and Paraneters. 2. The Description to models. 3. Adjusting the burners. 3.1 The burners of table. 3.2 Adjusting the Oven. 4.The Circuitry of plate 5. How to assembly top burners 6. The Possible faluts and their remoaval. 6.1 Do not flare up any burners.
  • Page 3: The Sizes And Paraneters

    1. Sizes and parameters. 24 3/8" 21 3/4" 21 3/4" Phase Specification Remarks 24 3/8"(W) X 21 3/4"(D) X 33 1/2" Product (Height to Cooktop Maximum Width) Dimension Oven Volume 68.5Liter 17 1/8"(W) X 17 5/8"(D) X 23 1/4"(H) Broiler 10.5Liter 13 3/4"(W) * 14 7/8"...
  • Page 4: The Description To Models

    2.The Description to models 1:Backguard 2:Grate 3:Top plate 4:Lamp Switch 5:Top Burner Knob 6:Oven Knob 7:Oven Rack 8:Oven Pan 9:Oven Door 10:Broiler Tray 11:Broiler Door 12: Timer Knob Broiler Tray Broiler Tray Oven Rack Oven Pan Broiler Pan *For a long ife span clean your applliance frequently. Please set 'Back guard post' in right position and use screw to tighten the "Back guard"...
  • Page 5: Adjusting The Burners

    3.Adjusting the burners. When change the used gas(LNG or LPG) exclude the following instructions. 3.1. Burners of table. 3.1.1 Change sniffle the burners. a) Unscrew screw of fastening Fixative1 from Body burners (for all burners) b) Having Unscrewd with completions of pipe a nozzle, change its on corresponding to gas.(The Thread on pipe and snot without fall to swab the special compo sition.)
  • Page 6: Adjusting The Oven

    3.1. Adjusting the Oven. a) Adjust the air-cushion on burner. b) Change nozzle of burner. Table of asjusting the Oven Nozzle Ф1.05mm Ф1.44mm Open Open on Air-cushion Calibratin completely g nozzle Calibrating nozzle Ф0.52mm Ф0.75mm Thermovalve 4.Circuitry of plate...
  • Page 7: How To Assembly Top Burners

    5.How to assembly top burners Grate Burner Cap Cover Ring Burner Body How to assemble Slim Burner 1. Put the cover ring on burner body. Make sure the locating notch on the inner side of the cover ring is properly aligned with the corresponding bump on the burner body. 2.
  • Page 8: Do Not Flare Up Any Burners

    6. Possible faults and their removal. 5. Possible faults and their removal. 6.1 Do not flare up burners. Faults Removal 1. No fire. 1. Check connecting of electric power. 2. Check contacts and wire 3. Check Spark plug. 4. Check clearance of contacts. 5.
  • Page 10 GOR-6M07 PART LIST Material Material Name number 5012135004 BOARD SKID 5012142100 BASE BOTTOM 5011014004 LEVELER 5011483001 TRACK ASSY,BROIL.DRW(L) 5011483011 TRACK ASSY,BROIL.DRW(R) 5012143004 FRAME BROILER 5011540041 HINGE AY OVEN DOOR - L(60) 5012633018 FRONT ASS'Y OVEN 5013583021 HINGE AY OVEN DOOR - R(60)
  • Page 12: Support Top Main

    GOR-6M07 PART LIST Material Material Name number 5013651011 DRAWER-ASSY 5011058005 SPRING BROILER DOOR 5011059000 LINK BROILER SPRING 5011047010 HINGE-ASSY B/D(R) 5011046010 HINGE-ASSY B/D(L) 5012619012 LINING BROILER DOOR 5012620032 FRONT BROILER DOOR - P/WHITE 5012621026 HANDLE DOOR - BROILER 5011063012 PAN BROILER...

Table of Contents