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Novo Nordisk NovoPen Junior Instructions For Use Manual

Dial-a-dose insulin delivery system
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Insulin Delivery System

Instructions For Use

Rosendahls - Schultz Grafisk A/S
Order no. 600967
Br. NovoPen Junior, USA
3. proof 2010-03-15



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  • Page 1: Instructions For Use

    Dial-A-Dose Insulin Delivery System Instructions For Use Rosendahls - Schultz Grafisk A/S Order no. 600967 Br. NovoPen Junior, USA 3. proof 2010-03-15...
  • Page 2 Open this flap for drawings of the ® NovoPen Junior insulin injection system...
  • Page 3 NovoPen Junior NovoFine ® ® Insulin Delivery Device Disposable Needle Outer needle cap Inner needle cap Pen cap Needle Inspection window Protective tab Insulin scale Cartridge holder PenFill Cartridge (3 mL) ® Insulin scale window Front rubber stopper Threaded plastic cap Piston rod Reset mechanism...
  • Page 5 ® NovoPen Junior Instruction Manual Dial-A-Dose Insulin Delivery System...
  • Page 6 NovoPen Junior from the ordinary NovoPen 3. This booklet includes everything you need to know about using the NovoPen Junior. Please read it carefully before using your NovoPen Junior for the first time. The NovoPen Junior is designed...
  • Page 7 This booklet gives you Begin by reviewing the drawing layout of the parts of the step-by-step instructions for NovoPen Junior, PenFill 3 mL using the NovoPen Junior. cartridge, and NovoFine disposable needle. The inside front cover opens out so you...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1: Preparing the NovoPen Junior ........SECTION 2: Inserting the PenFill 3 mL Cartridge......SECTION 3: Attaching the NovoFine Disposable Needle ..... 11 SECTION 4: Doing an Air Shot ............15 SECTION 5: Giving the Injection ............. 19 SECTION 6: Removing the NovoFine Disposable Needle.....
  • Page 9: Preparing The Novopen Junior

    SECTION 1 Preparing the NovoPen Junior Remove the device cap: Remove the NovoPen Junior from the case. Gently twist the pen cap until the cap separates from the barrel. Pull the pen cap straight up to remove it. If you use more than one insulin product, such as Novolin ®...
  • Page 10 SECTION 1 (cont.) Separate the cartridge holder from the barrel: Unscrew and remove the cartridge holder from the barrel. Make sure the dose indicator window shows zero: Press the push button all the way in until zero (0) appears in the window. The zero should be lined up with the stripe below the dose indicator window.
  • Page 11: Section

    SECTION 1 (cont.) The end of the piston rod should be flat against the end of the reset mechanism prior to inserting each new PenFill 3 mL cartridge. It should not be sticking out. If the piston rod is sticking out: Turn the end of the reset mechanism in a clockwise direction until it is no longer...
  • Page 12: Inserting The Penfill 3 Ml Cartridge

    Sharing the cartridge can spread disease. Use only a new PenFill 3 mL cartridge when loading the NovoPen Junior. Never load a partially filled cartridge. Never try to refill a used PenFill 3 mL cartridge.
  • Page 13 SECTION 2 (cont.) Insert the PenFill cartridge: Hold the cartridge holder so the wider opening is up. Drop the PenFill cartridge into the cartridge holder, plastic cap first. A threaded plastic cap surrounds the end of the PenFill cartridge, like the cap on a bottle. In the center is the front rubber stopper.
  • Page 14 SECTION 2 (cont.) Re-attach the cartridge holder: Screw the barrel into the cartridge holder completely until it is tight. You can see the PenFill cartridge in the insulin scale window. The cartridge holder has a scale with marks showing about how much insulin is left in the PenFill cartridge.
  • Page 15: Attaching The Novofine Disposable Needle

    SECTION 3 Attaching the NovoFine Disposable Needle At the end of the cartridge holder are two inspection windows. You can see the cartridge through these windows. If you use suspension insulin (white and cloudy) such as Novolin N or Novolin 70/30, use the windows to check if there is enough insulin left for proper mixing.
  • Page 16 Novolin N or Novolin 70/30: Always remix the insulin before each injection. To remix the insulin, turn the NovoPen Junior up and down between positions A and B 10 times or until the insulin looks uniformly white and cloudy.
  • Page 17 SECTION 3 (cont.) Wipe the front rubber stopper with an alcohol swab. You must wipe the front rubber stopper with an alcohol swab before each injection, even if you are using the same PenFill cartridge.
  • Page 18 SECTION 3 (cont.) Remove the protective tab from the NovoFine disposable needle. Screw the NovoFine disposable needle firmly onto the PenFill 3 mL cartridge until it is tight. Never place a NovoFine disposable needle on your NovoPen Junior until you are ready to do an air shot and give an injection.
  • Page 19: Doing An Air Shot

    SECTION 4 Doing an Air Shot The PenFill cartridge may Before doing the air shot, contain an air bubble, and small the dose indicator window amounts of air may collect in must show zero (0). the needle and PenFill cartridge If you use a suspension when you use them.
  • Page 20 SECTION 4 (cont.) Set the NovoPen Junior for the air shot: Turn the dial-a-dose selector to 2 units. Full units are shown as numbers. Half units are shown as long lines between the numbers. If you dial more than 2 units, DO NOT turn the dial back to zero (0).
  • Page 21 Pull off the inner needle cap and discard. Do not use the needle if it is bent or damaged. Hold the NovoPen Junior with the NovoFine needle pointing up. Tap the cartridge holder with your finger a few times...
  • Page 22 SECTION 4 (cont.) Do the air shot: Press the push button all the way in. A drop of insulin should appear at the needle tip. If no insulin appears, repeat the following steps, until a drop of insulin appears: a. Make sure the NovoFine needle is securely attached.
  • Page 23: Giving The Injection

    DO NOT use the clicking sound as a guide for selecting your dose. The NovoPen Junior can deliver insulin in half unit steps from a minimum dose of 1 unit to a maximum dose of 35 units. If you dial more than your dose, DO NOT turn the dial back to zero (0).
  • Page 24 SECTION 5 (cont.) If you dial a larger dose than you need, pull the barrel and the cartridge holder apart, as shown in the drawing a. While holding them apart, gently press the push button against a hard surface and release your grip b.
  • Page 25 SECTION 5 (cont.) Give the injection: After the air shot is done and you have chosen the correct number of units, insert the NovoFine needle in the correct site on your body. (Use the injection technique recommended by your health care professional).
  • Page 26 SECTION 5 (cont.) To ensure that all the insulin For example, if you dial 25 units is injected, keep the and there are only 20 units left NovoFine needle in the skin in the PenFill cartridge, after for several seconds after the injection the number in the injection with your thumb dose indicator window will be 5...
  • Page 27: Removing The Novofine Disposable Needle

    SECTION 6 Removing the NovoFine Disposable Needle Remove the NovoFine Health care professionals, relatives and other disposable needle: caregivers should also follow After the injection, remove the instructions for removing the needle without replacing the needle to eliminate the the cap. risk of unintended needle Hold the cartridge holder penetration.
  • Page 28 SECTION 6 (cont.) Replace the pen cap: After you remove the disposable needle, hold the pen cap so that the clip is lined up with the dose indicator window. Gently slide the pen cap onto the barrel.
  • Page 29: Removing The Penfill 3 Mlcartridge

    PenFill cartridge for proper mixing. Remove the barrel: Remove the pen cap. Hold the NovoPen Junior with the dose indicator window at the top. Unscrew the barrel from the cartridge holder.
  • Page 30 SECTION 7 (cont.) Remove the PenFill 3 mL cartridge: Tip the cartridge holder. The PenFill cartridge will drop out. Press the push button all the way in until zero (0) appears in the window. Turn the end of the reset mechanism in a clockwise direction until the piston rod is no longer sticking out...
  • Page 31: Function Check

    You will not be injecting insulin into your body. Always check the functioning of the NovoPen Junior if you suspect it has been damaged or if you are uncertain that it is delivering the correct dose.
  • Page 32 FUNCTION CHECK (cont.) Do not replace the inner needle cap. Place the outer needle cap securely over the exposed NovoFine needle. Expel 20 units of insulin into the outer needle cap: Turn the dial-a-dose selector so the dose indicator window shows 20.
  • Page 33 If the second function check also shows under- or overfilling, do not use your NovoPen Junior. DO NOT try to repair a NovoPen Junior that you think is not working properly. See Warranty section for further information.
  • Page 34: Storage

    STORAGE Guidelines for storing the Store the NovoPen Junior without the NovoFine NovoPen Junior and needle attached and with PenFill 3 mL cartridges: the pen cap in position. PenFill cartridges should be For information on storing stored in a cool place, such...
  • Page 35: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Guidelines for maintaining Be sure to: the NovoPen Junior. Clean it by wiping with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol. Protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture when not in its case. Make certain you: Do not soak it in alcohol,...
  • Page 36: Important Things To Know

    IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW The NovoPen Junior is not Keep the NovoPen Junior recommended for the blind away from areas where or visually impaired, without temperatures may get too the assistance of a sighted hot or too cold such as a car individual trained to use it.
  • Page 37: Important Notes

    NovoPen Junior. Before each injection, be certain: Be sure to: The NovoPen Junior contains Check the dose indicator the correct insulin PenFill window after each injection cartridge (such as Novolin R, to make sure you have...
  • Page 38 DO NOT place a DO NOT share the same NovoFine needle on the PenFill cartridge with anyone NovoPen Junior until you are else even if you attach a new ready to do an air shot and NovoFine needle for each give an injection or do a injection.
  • Page 39: What To Do If

    Your NovoPen Junior is You must screw the piston malfunctioning. rod back into the barrel (see page 7). Never try to...
  • Page 40: Using Novopen Junior With Novopen 3 Penmate

    USING NOVOPEN JUNIOR WITH NOVOPEN 3 PENMATE NovoPen 3 PenMate is a replacement component which helps to insert the needle. When using NovoPen Junior with NovoPen 3 PenMate, you should follow the instruction manual that is included with your NovoPen 3 PenMate.
  • Page 41: Warranty

    WARRANTY Should your NovoPen Junior No other warranty is made device be defective in materials with respect to NovoPen Junior. or workmanship within This warranty will be invalid two (2) years of purchase, and Novo Nordisk A/S, Novo Nordisk Inc. will replace it Novo Nordisk Inc., Nipro...
  • Page 42 ® ® ® ® ® NovoPen , Novo Nordisk , NovoFine , PenFill , Novolin , NovoLog , and PenMate are registered trademarks of Novo Nordisk A/S © 2010 Novo Nordisk A/S Novo Nordisk Inc. Princeton, NJ 08540 8-4252-31-005-1...