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Descaling; Regular Servicing - STARBUCKS Sirena User Manual

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Limescale normally forms with the use of the appliance. Descaling is necessary every 3-4 months of use of
the machine, every 500 cycles, and/or if you notice a reduction in water flow.
If you want to descale the machine yourself, you can use a non-toxic and/or non-harmful descaling product
for espresso machines, commonly available in stores.
We recommend using the Starbucks Barista Cleaner or a natural citric acid based decalcifying agent.
Use one packet of Starbucks Barista Cleaner mixed into one full tank of water. It is best to let the
Starbucks Barista Cleaner dissolve completely in warm water prior to adding to cold water in the
tank. For best results, descale every 3-4 months or every 500 cycles.
Warning! Never use vinegar as a descaler.
Read decalcifying agent directions. Make sure the machine is turned off. Insert the correct proportion of
decalcifying agent into the water tank. Fill the water tank with water, and mix thoroughly. Replace the tank.
Be sure to remove the portafilter (4) from the brew head (13).
Remove the single screw holding the flat, round screen underneath the brew head (13). The water will now
be able to dispense in one solid stream. Place a container under the brew head (13) and another container
under the steam wand (3).
Turn on the machine and immediately run one cup of the solution through the steam wand by turning the
hot water knob (6) clockwise. Close the knob by turning it counter-clockwise. Now dispense one cup of
the solution through the brew head (13), by pressing the brew button (17 or 19). DO NOT use the steam
function during the descaling process (simply let the water flow through the steam wand).
Turn the machine off and let the solution sit for ½ hour (30 minutes). This allows the descaling solution
to dissolve internal mineral build-up. Please note: Do not let solution sit longer than the recommended time.
Turn the machine back on and run the majority of the solution through the machine, alternating between
the brew head (13) and steam wand (3). Please note: DO NOT run the machine out of water.
Turn the machine off (before water tank is empty), and remove the tank. Rinse and refill the water tank
with fresh, filtered water and reinsert the tank.
Turn machine on and run 3-4 tanks of fresh water through the machine to rinse. Again, alternate between
dispensing water through the brew head (13) and the steam wand (3).
Turn off the machine and unplug it from the power outlet. Let the machine cool thoroughly.
Replace the brew head screen in the brew head (13) with the smooth side of the screen facing down.
Please note: DO NOT use the machine until the brew head screen has been replaced.
If you are using a product other than one recommended, it is important to always follow the
manufacturer's instructions shown on the pack of the descaling product.


Regular servicing by an Authorized Service Center prolongs the life and reliability of the machine.
Keep the original packaging as a protection for future transport.

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Table of Contents