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Rockford Fosgate Punch P1000X5D Instructions Manual

5ch amplifiers.
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101411 BCF
Printed in China


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 101411 BCF 1230-56982-02 Printed in China...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    20 Limited Warranty Information ©2011 Rockford Corporation. All Rights Reversed. ROCKFORD FOSGATE, PUNCH, and associated logos where applicable are registered trademarks of Rockford Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3: Specifications

    Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.9” x 8.1” x 2.2” (30.2cm x 22.6cm x 5.6cm) CEA 2006 Power ratings on Rockford Fosgate amplifiers conform to CEA-2006 industry standards. These guidelines mean your amplifier’s output power ratings are REAL POWER numbers, not inflated marketing ratings.
  • Page 4: Design Features

    Design Features Gain Control The input gain control is preset to match the output of most source units. Crossover Switch Variable Crossover Selectable switch for High-Pass (HP) or All Pass (AP) Is a built-in 12dB/octave Butterworth filter with a crossover point variable from 50Hz to 500Hz. Power/Protect LED Power LED illuminates red when the unit is turned on.
  • Page 5 Design Features Punch EQ A Gyrator based Punch EQ that eliminates frequency shift with boost. This works along with the crossover switch on the amplifier. When set to Low- Pass (LP) operation, this control is a narrow band adjustment variable from 0dB to +18dB @ 45Hz.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Contents working on any vehicle. 7. Never run wires underneath the vehicle. Running the wires inside the • P1000X5D - Punch 5 Channel Amplifier vehicle provides the best protection. • Mounting Hardware 8. Avoid running wires over or through sharp edges. Use rubber or plastic grommets to protect any wires routed through metal, especially •...
  • Page 7 Installation Before installation, disconnect the battery neg- 8. Connect from source signal by plugging the RCA cables into the input ative (-) terminal to prevent damage to the unit, jacks at the amplifier. fire and/or possible injury. NOTE: All “ACTIVE” inputs must have RCA jacks connected. Switch in 2CH.
  • Page 8 Installation 5-Channel Stereo illus.-2.1...
  • Page 9 Installation 3-Channel (2ch Mono & 1ch Stereo) *bridged illus.-2.2...
  • Page 10: Operation

    Operation Adjusting Gain Switch in FRONT. position,“ACTIVE” - Front channel inputs only for sub output. Switch in SUB position,“ACTIVE” - Sub inputs for sub output. 1. Turn amplifier gains to minimum (counter-clockwise). NOTE: When connecting to the 5-Channel inputs, be sure to route front, 2.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Step 5. Check Amplifier if you experience excess Engine Noise. NOTE: If you are having problems after installation follow the Trouble- 1. Route all signal carrying wires (RCA, Speaker cables) away from shooting procedures below. power and ground wires. Step 1.
  • Page 12 MISE EN GARDE: si vous ne vous sentez pas à l’aise pour effectuer vous-même le câblage de votre bre allant jusqu’à 4 AWG. nouvel appareil, veuillez confier l’installation à votre distributeur agréé Rockford Fosgate. Bornes de télécommande (REM) MISE EN GARDE: avant d’entamer l’installation, déconnectez la broche négative (-) de la batterie Le connecteur de fil robuste nickelé...
  • Page 13 Françias REMARQUE: Gardez le fil NOIR (masse) aussi court que possible.Toujours inférieur à 76,2 cm. Permet de sélectionner la phase de sortie de l’amplificateur entre 0° et 180°. Préparez le fil de télécommande (REM) à connecter à l’amplificateur en dénudant son Égaliseur Punch (illus.-8.1) extrémité...
  • Page 14 Estos conectores niquelados del tornillo de presión para el cable pesado en el reloj validan los a su DistribuidorAutorizado Rockford Fosgate local sobre la instalación. cables de la talla 12 a 24AWG. Este terminal se usa para encender y apagar el amplificador de PRECAUCIÓN: Antes de la instalación,desconecte el terminal negativo de la batería (-) para preve-...
  • Page 15 Español terminal de anillo del tamaño correcto al cable.Use el terminal de anillo para conectar al NOTA:Al conectar a las entradas de 4 canales, asegúrese de tender ambos cables RCA delantero borne positivo de la batería. y trasero muy juntos. Prepare el cable NEGRO (cable de tierra) para fijarlo al amplificador pelando 13mm de Filtro Infrasónico (illus.-6.1) aislamiento del extremo del cable.
  • Page 16 VORSICHT: Wenn Sie beim Einbau des Geräts unsicher sind, lassen Sie es bitte von einem quali- Die Strom – Sind Strom und die Erdungslinks das überzogene Nickel, Klemmschraube und ne- fizierten Rockford Fosgate Techniker einbauen. hmen Kabel zu Stärke 4 AWG-Lehre auf.
  • Page 17 Deutsch Pol einführenund die Befestigungsschraube anziehen. Den Untergrund am Fahrgestell HINWEIS: BeiAnschließen an dieFünfkanaleingänge darauf achten, dass sowohl die Front- als auch durchAbkratzen der Farbe von der Metalloberfläche und sorgfältiges Reinigen des Bereichs die Rear-RCA-Kabel dicht zusammen verlegt werden. von Schmutz und Schmiere vorbereiten.Die Isolation am anderen Ende des Kabels abziehen Infraschallfilter (illus.-6.1) und einen ringförmigen Stecker anbringen.Das Kabel mittels einer nichteloxierten Schraube Der infrationale Filter 20Hz 24dB/octave begrenzt dieMenge von Niederfrequenzinformationen ge-...
  • Page 18 12AWG e 24AWG.Questo terminale viene utilizzato per accendere o spegnere ATTENZIONE: Se aveste dei dubbi circa l’installazione, rivolgetevi ad un tecnico qualificato della l’amplificatore a quando viene alimentato con +12V c.c. Rockford Fosgate. Considerazioni Sull’installazione ATTENZIONE: Prima dell’installazione, scollegate il terminale negativo (-) della batteria per evitare Segue un elenco degli utensili necessari per eseguire l’installazione:...
  • Page 19 Italiano Preparate il filo NERO (cavo della messa a terra) per poterlo attaccare all’amplificatore, Interruttore in posizione FRONT,“ATTIVO”: solo ingressi canali anteriori per l’uscita dell’altoparlante. spelando via 13 mm di isolante dall’estremità del filo. Inserite il filo spelato dentro il Interruttore in posizione SUB, “ATTIVO”: altoparlante ingressi per l’uscita dell’altoparlante.
  • Page 20 What is Covered This warranty applies only to Rockford Fosgate products sold to consumers by Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealers in the United States of America or its possessions. Product purchased by consumers from an Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer in another country are covered only by that country’s Distribu- tor and not by Rockford Corporation.

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