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Rockford Fosgate 500.2 Operation & Installation

Rockford corporation operation & installation manual car stereo amplifier.
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p o w e r
competition Power amplifier
Operation & Installation


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 500. p o w e r ® ® competition Power amplifier chrome heatsink Operation & Installation ®...
  • Page 2: Practice Safe Sound

    SE COMMON SENSE AND PRACTICE SAFE SOUND If, after reading your manual, you still have questions regarding this product, we recommend that you see your Rockford Fosgate dealer. If you need further assistance, you can call us direct at 1-800-669-9899. Be sure to have your serial number, model number and date of purchase available when you call.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Installation section of this manual or refer to the icons listed below. Other information can be located by using the Table of Contents. We, at Rockford Fosgate, have worked very hard to make sure all the information in this manual is current.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    CCESSORY The accessory pack includes the mounting hardware necessary to secure the amplifier to the vehicle and to attach the end caps to the amplifier. Punch Power 500.2 Installation & Operation Manual Punch Verification Certificate (4) Amplifier mounting screws (#8 x (4) Speaker connector screws (3/32"...
  • Page 5: Technical Design Features

    ECHNICAL ESIGN trans•nova (TRANSconductance NOdal Voltage Amplifier) The trans• nova (TRANS conductance NOdal Voltage Amplifier) is a patented circuit (U.S. Patent 4,467,288) that allows the audio signal to pass through the amplifier at low voltage . Each amplifier channel utilizes its own “fully floating” power supply and is configured to increase power gain.
  • Page 6 The DSM (Discrete Surface Mount) manufacturing process combines the advantages of both discrete components and integrated circuitry. Rockford Fosgate is the only American amplifier manufacturer to have invested millions into this process. DSM components differ from conventional discrete components in different ways. They are more compact, more rugged, and they efficiently dissipate generated heat.
  • Page 7 (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) Rockford Fosgate is one of the few manufacturers in any of the sound communities to utilize MOSFET devices in both the power supply and the output stages . MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) devices offer several important inherent advantages over the 30 year old technology of bi-polar design.
  • Page 8: Design Features

    Balanced Line Input– This input will allow the Balanced Line Transmitter (BLT) or any balanced Rockford Fosgate source unit/signal processor to be used in conjunction with the amplifier to provide better noise rejection.
  • Page 9 Bass EQ Control – The Bass EQ allows a narrow band adjustment of up to +18dB centered at 45Hz. The bass boost can be bypassed by turning the control to its minimum or counterclockwise position. E-Z Bridge Switch / 0 -180 Phase Switch – This dual purpose switch enables you to E-Z bridge the amplifier or invert the signal phase of the right channel.
  • Page 10: Installation Considerations

    NSTALLATION ONSIDERATIONS Tools Needed The following is a list of tools you will need for installing the Punch Power amplifier: Allen wrenches 9/64" , 3/32" & 1/8" (included) Wire strippers Battery post wrench Electric hand drill and assorted bits This section focuses on some of the vehicle considerations for installing your new Punch amplifier. Checking your battery and present sound system, as well as pre-planning your system layout and best wiring routes will save installation time.
  • Page 11: Mounting Locations

    Engine Compartment Mounting Rockford Fosgate amplifiers should never be mounted in the engine compartment. Not only will this void your warranty but could create an embarrassing situation caused by the ridicule from your friends.
  • Page 12: Wiring The System

    I R I N G Y S T E M CAUTION: Avoid running power wires near the low level input cables, antenna, power leads, sensitive equipment or harnesses. The power wires carry substantial current and could induce noise into the audio system. 1.
  • Page 13: Using Passive Crossovers

    11. After the final inspection is complete, install the power fuse and enjoy listening. During the initial listening period, you may need to “fine tune” any phasing and level settings within your particular vehicle. To aid in this procedure, play a track with high musical content and cruise around your neighborhood.
  • Page 14: Table Of Crossover Components

    4000 .08mH 6000 51 H 9000 34 H 12000 25 H 6 dB/Octave High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters For more information, see your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer. OMPONENT ALUES 6dB/Octave High-Pass Speaker Impedance 4 OHMS 1000 F 8.2mH 500 F 800 F 6.2mH...
  • Page 15: Using The Xcard

    S I N G T H E The crossover functions are controlled through the use of an XCard and can be set for high-pass, low-pass or full range operation. The XCard shipped with your amplifier is set for Full Range. Each crossover card has two faces: one face operates Full Range, the other has arrows to indicate the edge for selecting HP (high-pass) or LP (low-pass) operation.
  • Page 16: Xcard Resistor Chart

    ESISTOR Our tests have shown that using 0.047 f capacitors for frequencies below 100Hz, and 0.022 f capacitors for frequencies above 100Hz, result in more linear crossover control. Refer to the Specifications page to determine the capacitor value of each supplied XCard. Butterworth Alignment Q = .707 1% resistors used with 0.047 F capacitors Frequency...
  • Page 17: Xcard Configurations

    ONFIGURATIONS Bypassing the Crossover Speaker + L – 20Hz-20kHz Full Range • XCard 1 inserted as Full Range • XCard 2 inserted as Full Range Configuring a 12dB/octave Filter Speaker + L – 20Hz-80Hz 12dB/octave LP • XCard 1 inserted as Full Range •...
  • Page 18 NOTE: The amplifier is shipped with 80Hz XCards.x2 At least one of the XCards must be customized to enable proper bandpass operation. Refer to “Using the XCard” on page 12 for more information or contact your local Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer for customized XCards. (Mono)
  • Page 19: Installation

    NSTALLATION Power Connections NOTE: We recommend using 4 gauge cables for power and for ground. This will give you the best performance possible. Connect to remote turn-on lead of source unit. Connect to chassis ground of vehicle* Less than 18" (45cm) –...
  • Page 20 Stereo Operation Speaker Gain Phase – 0 – 180 – • RCA inputs are connected to both left and right channels • Signal Input Switch selected to Unbalanced for RCA input • Left Phase Switch set to 0 • Right Phase Switch set to 0 •...
  • Page 21 Bridged Operation Speaker Gain Phase – 0 – 180 Balanced Speaker Terminal • RCA inputs are connected to both left and right channels • Signal Input Switch selected to Unbalanced for RCA input • Left Phase Switch set to 0 •...
  • Page 22: Using The Balanced Line Inputs

    SING THE ALANCED The Balanced Line Inputs can be utilized with the optional Balanced Line Transmitter. Unlike standard RCA cables that use two wires to carry the audio signal and ground, balanced lines use three. In a balanced line, the output signal and its inverted replica travel down a pair of wires where the ground connects via the shield.
  • Page 23 Level Setting the BLT 1kHz Test Tone @ “0dB” 10.3 – • Disconnect Speaker(s) from the amplifier • CD Software used to set levels is a test tone of 1kHz at “0dB” or “All Bits High” • Source Unit set to 3/4 volume (or maximum unclipped output) •...
  • Page 24: Rockford Fosgate Accessories

    Rockford Fosgate products that offer a balanced input. Speaker Gain Bass Phase – 0 – 180 Balanced Unbalanced ATTENTION: We recommend your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer install your new accessory. CCESSORIES CLOCK DISC DSPL AMFM LD RDM D.SCN ®...
  • Page 25 Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer. XM50 XM70 XM80 XM100 = 100Hz XM150 = 150Hz ATTENTION: We recommend your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer install your new accessory. ® ® t h e c o n n e c t i n g ® punch c a p 1 farad •...
  • Page 26 R O U B L E S H O O T I N G Symptom Amplifier does not turn on. (Power LED is off) Amplifier has no sound. (Power LED is on) Diagnosis Voltage applied to the REM terminal of the amplifier is not between 10.5 and 15.5 volts or there is no voltage present.
  • Page 27 Unbalanced/Balanced Line switch is not selected for corresponding input. RCA cables or amplifier connected to Pass- Thru output is defective. • If noise persists, see your local Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer. Diagnosis Readjust input gains of amplifier. Check system with known working source and repair or replace original source as needed.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    This means that it is very important that the signal level throughout the system be optimized BEFORE dealing with your noise problem. Using a scope (or a small portable amplifier) and Track 99 (1kHz at all high bits) of Rockford Fosgate CD RF-...
  • Page 29 III. MOVE THE DECK. If you're at this step, it's time to turn your system into an “amplified deck” by temporarily relocating the deck right ON TOP of the clean amplifier. Then using very, very short signal cables, connect the output of the deck into the input of the amp and test for noise.
  • Page 30: Dynamic Power Measurements

    The IHF-202 standard is a dynamic power measurement and was developed as a means of measuring power in a manner that best represents the Real World operation of an amplifier. Many manufacturers, including Rockford Fosgate, at times will measure amplifier power into a fixed resistor (4 ohm, 2 ohm). While this method is useful in some types of evaluation and testing, it is not representative of an amplifier that is connected to a speaker and playing music.
  • Page 31: 500.2 Specifications

    500. PECIFICATIONS Dynamic Power Rating (IHF-202 Standard) - Measured at 14.4V Per channel into a 4 load Per channel into a 2 load Bridged into a 4 load Continuous Power Rating (Competition Standard) - Measured at 13.8 Battery Volts RMS continuous power per channel, both channels driven into a 4 load from 20 to 20,000Hz with less than 0.05% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) RMS continuous power per channel, both channels driven...
  • Page 32: Warranty Information

    Some states do not allow limitations on the length of an implied warranty, so this limitation may not apply. No person is authorized to assume for Rockford Fosgate any other liability in connection with the sale of the product.
  • Page 33: International Information

    – 30 –...
  • Page 34 NO EN ROCKFORD FOSGATE! Trans• nova , DIAMOND y TOPAZ diseños exclusivos de Rockford Fosgate, son solo algunas de las mas sobresalientes innovaciones que describimos con mas detalle en el capitulo de Caracteristicas Técnicas de Diseño en este mismo manual.
  • Page 35 Operación mono/estéreo (Mono) Speaker Gain Bass Phase – 0 – 180 Balanced Pass Thru Unbalanced – 2 min. Speaker Terminal 4 min. • Los conectores de entrada RCA se conectan a ambos canales derecho e izquierdo • El conmutador de señal de entrada se colocara en Unbalanced para las entradas RCA •...
  • Page 36 NTRODUCTION La série d'amplificateurs Punch Power est la vitrine technologique de Rockford Fosgate. Nos ingénieurs utilisent ici des technologies considérées hors d'atteinte par d'autres fabricants. Trans• nova , DIAMOND et TOPAZ, exclusivement conçues par Rockford Fosgate, ne sont qu'une partie des technologies spécifiques décrites dans la section “Technical Design Features”...
  • Page 37 Opération stéréo/mono (Tri-mode) Input (Mono) Speaker Gain Bass Phase – 0 – 180 Balanced Pass Thru Unbalanced – 2 min. Speaker Terminal 4 min. • Les entrées RCA sont connectées aux canaux gauche et droit • L'interrupteur “Signal Input” doit se trouver dans la position “Unbalanced” pour utiliser l'entrée RCA •...
  • Page 38 Beschädigung des Produktes oder Ihres Fahrzeuges schützen. INLEITUNG Die Punch Power Verstärker repräsentiert das Beste, was Rockford Fosgate anzubiete hat! Unsere Ingenieure haben in diesen Verstärkern technische Features realisiert, die in der gesamten Auto HiFi-Industrie, einzigartig sind. Trans• nova , DIABLO und TOPAZ exklusive entwickelt von Rockford.
  • Page 39 Stereo/Mono Betrieb Speaker Gain Bass Phase – 0 – 180 Balanced Unbalanced – 2 min. Speaker Terminal • Chinch Eingänge des rechten und linken Kanales anschlieben • Signal Eingangsschalter auf “unbalanced” für den Betrieb mit Chinch-Kabel stellen • Linken Phasen Schalter auf 0 stellen •...
  • Page 40 RISULTARE SERIAMENTE DANNOSO PER LA PERSONA O PER IL VEICOLO. NTRODUZIONE La serie Punch Power rappresenta il massimo che Rockford Fosgate ha da offrire! I nostri ingenieri hanno sviluppato delle innovazioni tecnologiche che per altri costruttori sono considerate fantascienza, ma non per Rockford Fosgate! Trans• nova , DIAMOND e TOPAZ, esclusivamente progettati da Rockford, sono solo alcune delle innovazioni descritte nella sezione specifica del manuale.
  • Page 41 Stereo/Mono Operation Input (Mono) Speaker Gain Bass Phase – 0 – 180 Balanced Pass Thru Unbalanced – 2 min. Speaker Terminal 4 min. • RCA inputs non sono collegati ad entrambi, i canli destro e sinistro • Interruttore di segnale input selezionato per il non bilanciamento per l'input •...
  • Page 42 MAN-1770-A 9/96 MADE IN THE USA parts may be manufactured in other countries. Rockford Fosgate Rockford Corporation 546 South Rockford Drive Tempe, Arizona 85281 U.S.A. In U.S.A., (602) 967-3565...

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