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For Accessories:
The camcorder illustrations appearing in this
instruction manual are of the GR-D93.
The D.S.C. (Digital Still Camera) features
are available on GR-D93 and GR-D73.
Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing this digital
video camera. Before use, please read
the safety information and precautions
contained in the pages 2 – 3 to ensure
safe use of this product.
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pg. 25, 27)

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   Summary of Contents for JVC GR-D33

  • Page 1: Digital Video Camera

    DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA GR-D93 GR-D73 GR-D33 Please visit our Homepage on the World Wide Web for Digital Video Camera: For Accessories: The camcorder illustrations appearing in this instruction manual are of the GR-D93. The D.S.C. (Digital Still Camera) features are available on GR-D93 and GR-D73.

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    However, live recording and LCD monitor/viewfinder playback are possible anywhere. Use the JVC BN-V408U/V416U/V428U battery packs and, to recharge them or supply power to the camcorder from an AC outlet, use the provided multi-voltage AC Adapter.

  • Page 3

    This camcorder is designed exclusively for the digital video cassette, SD Memory Card and MultiMediaCard. Only cassettes marked “ ” and memory cards* marked “...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS GETTING STARTED Provided Accessories ...5 Power ...6 Grip Adjustment ...7 Operation Mode ...8 Date/Time Settings ...8 Viewfinder Adjustment ...9 Brightness Adjustment Of The Display ...9 Tripod Mounting ...9 Loading/Unloading A Cassette ...10 Loading/Unloading A Memory Card (GR-D93/73 only) ... 10 VIDEO RECORDING &...

  • Page 5: Getting Started, Provided Accessories

    NOTES: In order to maintain optimum performance of the camcorder, provided cables may be equipped with one or more core filter. If a cable has only one core filter, the end that is closest to the filter should be connected to the camcorder.

  • Page 6: Power

    POWER/CHARGE Lock Button To DC connector Wind once. This camcorder’s 2-way power supply system lets you choose the most appropriate source of power. Do not use provided power supply units with other equipment. Charging The Battery Pack With the arrow on the battery pack pointing upward, push the battery pack slightly against the battery pack mount a.

  • Page 7: Grip Adjustment

    ATTENTION: Before detaching the power source, make sure that the camcorder’s power is turned off. Failure to do so can result in a camcorder malfunction. Using AC Power Connect the AC Adapter to the camcorder as shown in the illustration on page 6.

  • Page 8: Operation Mode, Date/time Settings

    GETTING STARTED Operation Mode To turn on the camcorder, set the Power Switch to any operation mode except “OFF (CHARGE)” while pressing down the Lock Button located on the switch. POWER/CHARGE lamp Power Switch Lock Button MMENU/VOL. VIDEO/MEMORY (GR-D93/73 only)

  • Page 9: Viewfinder Adjustment, Brightness Adjustment Of The Display, Tripod Mounting

    Some tripods are not equipped with studs. CAUTION: When attaching the camcorder to a tripod, extend its legs to stabilize the camcorder. It is not advised to use small sized tripods. This may cause damage to the unit by falling over. MMENU/VOL. BRIGHT...

  • Page 10: Loading/unloading A Cassette, Loading/unloading A Memory Card (gr-d93/73 Only)

    GETTING STARTED Loading/Unloading A Cassette The camcorder needs to be powered up to load or eject a cassette. OPEN/EJECT Make sure the window side is Cassette holder facing out. Slide and hold OPEN/EJECT in the direction of the arrow, then pull the cassette holder cover open until it locks.

  • Page 11: Video Recording, Basic Recording

    If the Record-Standby mode continues for 5 minutes, the camcorder’s power shuts off automatically. To turn the camcorder on again, push back and pull out the viewfinder again or close and re-open the LCD monitor. LCD monitor/viewfinder indications: •...

  • Page 12: Lcd Monitor And Viewfinder, Tape Remaining Time, Zooming

    42) Tape Remaining Time Approximate tape remaining time appears on the display. “– h – – m” means the camcorder is calculating the remaining time. When the remaining time reaches 2 minutes, the indication starts blinking. 0h 25 m –...

  • Page 13: Journalistic Shooting, Self Recording, Time Code, Recording From The Middle Of A Tape

    When recording is resumed, the time code starts counting up again from “00:00:00”. This means the camcorder may record the same time codes as those existing in a previously recorded scene. To prevent this, perform “Recording From The Middle Of A Tape”...

  • Page 14: Video Playback, Normal Playback, Still Playback, Shuttle Search, Blank Search

    If still playback continues for more than about 3 minutes, the camcorder’s Stop mode is automatically engaged. When 4/9 is pressed, the image may not pause immediately while the camcorder stabilizes the still image. Shuttle Search Allows high-speed search in either direction during video playback.

  • Page 15: Playback Using The Remote Control (gr-d93/73 Only)

    S.SHOT (Snapshot) Button* START/STOP Button* Zoom (T/W) Buttons** ... ( Functions the same as each corresponding button on the camcorder. ( ** Functions when the camcorder’s Power Switch is set to “PLAY” as well. VIDEO PLAYBACK pg. 25, 28) pg. 16) pg.

  • Page 16

    VIDEO PLAYBACK SLOW Rewind Button Left Button Down Button or STOP SHIFT Slow-Motion Playback Allows slow-speed search in either direction during video playback. During normal video playback, press SLOW (YI or IU) more than approx. 2 seconds. After approx. 5 minutes (1 minute for GR-D93) (approx. 20 seconds with an 80-minute cassette) in Slow Rewind or approx.

  • Page 17: Connections To A Tv Or Vcr

    In this case, it is not necessary to connect the yellow video cable. Make sure all units are turned off. Connect the camcorder to a TV or VCR as shown in the illustration. If using a VCR, go to step 3.

  • Page 18: D.s.c. Recording (gr-d93/d73 Only), Basic Shooting (d.s.c. Snapshot)

    D.S.C. RECORDING (GR-D93/D73 only) Basic Shooting (D.S.C. Snapshot) You can use your camcorder as a Digital Still Camera for taking snapshots. Still images are stored in the memory card. NOTE: Before continuing, perform the procedures listed below: Power ( pg. 6) Loading A Memory Card ( pg.

  • Page 19: Dubbing Still Images Recorded On A Tape To A Memory Card

    Dubbing Still Images Recorded On A Tape To A Memory Card Still images can be dubbed from a tape to a memory card. Load a cassette. ( pg. 10) Load a memory card. ( pg. 10) Set the VIDEO/MEMORY Switch to “VIDEO”. Set the Power Switch to “PLAY”...

  • Page 20: D.s.c. Playback (gr-d93/d73 Only), Normal Playback Of Images, Auto Playback Of Images

    These thumbnail images cannot be transferred to a PC. * GR-D93 only Images shot with devices (such as JVC GR-DVM70) that are not compatible with DCF cannot be viewed with this camcorder; “UNSUPPORTED FILE!” will be displayed.

  • Page 21: Viewing File Information, Removing On-screen Display

    Viewing File Information You can get the relevant file information by pressing the INFO Button during normal playback or Index Playback. FOLDER: Folder name ( pg. 24) FILE: File name ( pg. 24) DATE: Date the file was made SIZE: Image size QUALITY: Picture quality PROTECT: When set to “ON”, the file is protected from accidental...

  • Page 22: Additional Features For D.s.c. (gr-d93/d73 Only), Protecting Files, Deleting Files

    ADDITIONAL FEATURES FOR D.S.C. (GR-D93/D73 only) Protecting Files The Protect mode helps prevent the accidental erasure of files. Load a memory card. ( pg. 10) Set the VIDEO/MEMORY Switch to “MEMORY”. Set the Power Switch to “PLAY” while pressing down the Lock Button located on the switch.

  • Page 23: Setting Print Information (dpof Setting)

    CAUTION: Do not remove the memory card or perform any other operation (such as turning off the camcorder) during deletion. Also, be sure to use the provided AC Adapter, as the memory card may be corrupted if the battery becomes exhausted during deletion.

  • Page 24: Resetting The File Name, Initializing A Memory Card

    CAUTION: Do not perform any other operation (such as turning off the camcorder) during initialization. Also, be sure to use the provided AC Adapter, as the memory card may be corrupted if the battery becomes exhausted during initialization. If the memory card becomes corrupted initialize it.

  • Page 25: Menus For Detailed Adjustment, Changing The Menu Settings

    Changing The Menu Settings This camcorder is equipped with an easy-to-use, on- screen menu system that simplifies many of the more detailed camcorder settings. ( pg. 26 – 28) MMENU/VOL. Power Switch Lock Button VIDEO/MEMORY (GR-D93/73 only) Set the VIDEO/MEMORY Switch (GR-D93/73 only) and the Power Switch as follows.

  • Page 26: Recording Menus

    • When shooting subjects with excessive backlighting. • When shooting scenes with movement in various directions. • When shooting scenes with low-contrast backgrounds. Switch off this mode when recording with the camcorder on a tripod. The “ ” indicator blinks or goes out if the Stabilizer cannot be used.

  • Page 27: Camera Display

    18, 31) REMOTE OFF: Disables the remote control operations. [ON]: Enables the remote control operations. For GR-D33 owners: It is recommended that this function be set to “OFF” to prevent improper operation. DEMO MODE OFF: Automatic demonstration will not take place.

  • Page 28: Playback Menus

    16-bit sound. (In previous models’ functions, “12-bit” is called “32 kHz” and “16-bit” is called “48 kHz”.) The camcorder cannot detect the sound mode in which the recording was made during fast-forward or rewind. During playback the sound mode is displayed in the upper left corner.

  • Page 29: Features For Recording, White Led Light, Night Alive

    30). • “GAIN UP” in CAMERA Menu. ( • “DIS” in MANUAL Menu. ( During Night-Alive, it may be difficult to bring the camcorder into focus. To prevent this, use of a tripod is recommended. FEATURES FOR RECORDING pg. 12) ”...

  • Page 30: Wipe Or Fader Effects, Program Ae With Special Effects

    FEATURES FOR RECORDING SNAPSHOT Button MMENU/VOL. Power Switch Lock Button VIDEO/MEMORY (GR-D93/73 only) Wipe Or Fader Effects IMPORTANT: Some Wipe/Fader Effects cannot be used with certain modes of Program AE with special effects. (See the right column) If an unusable Wipe/Fader Effect is selected, its indicator blinks in blue or goes out.

  • Page 31: Snapshot (for Video Recording), Auto Focus

    There is the sound effect of a shutter closing. The “O” indication appears and a still image will be recorded for approx. 6 seconds, then the camcorder re- enters the Record-Standby mode. You can perform Snapshot also during recording. A still image will be recorded for approx.

  • Page 32: Manual Focus, Exposure Control, Iris Lock

    To reset to Auto Focus Press FOCUS twice or set the Power Switch to “A”. If FOCUS is pressed once, the camcorder will enter the focus adjustment mode again. NOTES: Be sure to focus the lens in the maximum telephoto position when you use the Manual Focus mode.

  • Page 33: Backlight Compensation, White Balance Adjustment, Manual White Balance Adjustment

    If the white balance is correct, all other colors will be accurately reproduced. The white balance is usually adjusted automatically. However, more advanced camcorder operators control this function manually to achieve a more professional color/tint reproduction.

  • Page 34: Editing, Dubbing To Or From A Vcr

    25, 28) To use this camcorder as a recorder (GR-D93/73 only) 1) Perform steps 1 to 3 in “To use this camcorder as a player”. 2) Set “S/AV INPUT” to “ON”. ( 3) Set “REC MODE” to “SP” or “LP”. ( 4) Insert the recording cassette in this camcorder.

  • Page 35

    ( If the remote control is used when both the player and recorder are JVC video units, both units will perform the same operation. To prevent this from happening, press the buttons on both units. (GR-D93/73 only)

  • Page 36: Connection To A Personal Computer

    (GR-D93/73 only) Core filter When using a DV cable, be sure to use the optional JVC VC-VDV206U or VC-VDV204U DV cable depending To DV on the type of DV connector (4 or 6 pins) on the PC. connector If the PC connected to the camcorder via the USB cable is not powered, the camcorder does not enter the USB mode.

  • Page 37: Audio Dubbing (gr-d93/73 Only), Insert Editing (gr-d93/73 Only)

    Make sure you only edit recorded areas. If feedback or howling occurs during TV playback, move the camcorder’s microphone away from the TV, or turn down the TV’s volume. If you change from 12-bit to 16-bit in mid-recording and then use the tape for Audio Dubbing, it is not effective from the point where 16-bit recording began.

  • Page 38: Additional Information

    • Detach the battery from the camcorder. Using the optional AA-V40U AC Power Adapter/Charger, you can charge the BN-V408U/V416U/V428U battery pack without the camcorder. However, it cannot be used as an AC Adapter. Loading/Unloading A Cassette (pg. 10) It takes a few seconds for the cassette holder to open. Do not apply force.

  • Page 39

    To turn on again, set the Power Switch to “OFF”, then to “PLAY”. You can also view the playback picture on the LCD monitor with it flipped over and pushed against the camcorder body. LCD monitor/viewfinder indications: • When power is supplied from a battery: the “...

  • Page 40: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING If the problem still exists after following the steps below, please consult your nearest JVC dealer. The camcorder is a microcomputer-controlled device. External noise and interference (from a TV, a radio, etc.) might prevent it from functioning properly. In such cases, first disconnect its power supply unit (battery pack, AC Adapter, etc.) and wait a few minutes;...

  • Page 41: Advanced Features

    HSet the date/time. ( The built-in clock battery has run out and the previously set date/time has been erased. HConsult your nearest JVC dealer for replacement. There is no picture. The camcorder is not getting power, or some other malfunction exists.

  • Page 42

    LCD monitor. When this happens, the displayed colors differ from those that are actually recorded. This is not a defect of the camcorder. HAdjust the brightness and angle of the LCD monitor. pg. 9, 12) When the LCD monitor’s fluorescent light reaches the end...

  • Page 43

    COPYING FAILED Appears if dubbing of copyguarded signals is attempted while this camcorder is being used as a recorder. Appears in the following cases when dubbing from a tape to a memory card (as digital stills) (GR-D93/73 only): •...

  • Page 44

    (battery, etc.) and wait a few minutes for the indication to clear. When it does, you can resume using the camcorder. If the indication remains, consult your nearest JVC dealer. E03 or E04 UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE EJECT AND REINSERT...

  • Page 45: Cautions

    In case of connecting the unit’s power cord to an AC wall outlet other than American National Standard C73 series type use an AC plug adapter, called a “Siemens Plug”, as shown. For this AC plug adapter, consult your nearest JVC dealer. Battery Packs The supplied battery pack is a lithium-ion battery.

  • Page 46

    LCD Monitor To prevent damage to the LCD monitor, DO NOT… ... push it strongly or apply any the camcorder with the LCD monitor on the bottom. To prolong service life… ... avoid rubbing it with coarse cloth.

  • Page 47

    This same phenomenon occurs on the head drum of a camcorder when it is moved from a cool place to a warm place, after heating a cold room, under extremely humid conditions or in a place directly subjected to the cool air from an air conditioner.

  • Page 48: User Maintenance

    Cassette holder cover Mould may form if the lens is left dirty. When using a cleaner or chemically treated cloth refer to the cautions of each product. To clean the viewfinder, please consult your nearest JVC PUSH HERE dealer. Remove.

  • Page 49: Specifications

    Camcorder For General Power supply DC 11.0 V (Using AC Adapter) DC 7.2 V (Using battery pack) Power consumption Approx. 3.3 W (GR-D73/33), Approx. 3.5 W (GR-D93) (LCD monitor off, viewfinder on) Approx. 4.6 W (GR-D73/33), Approx. 4.8 W (GR-D93) (LCD monitor on, viewfinder off) Approx.

  • Page 50: Index


  • Page 51: Other Parts

    Controls Menu Wheel [MMENU/VOL.] ( Speaker Volume Control [MMENU/VOL.] ( Snapshot Button [SNAPSHOT] ( Power Zoom Lever [T/W] ( pg. 12) Manual Focus Button [FOCUS] ( Blank Search Button [BLANK SRCH] ( Diopter Adjustment Control ( Recording Start/Stop Button ( Power Switch [A, M, PLAY, OFF] ( Lock Button ( pg.

  • Page 52

    Wind Cut Indicator ( pg. 27) Sound Mode Indicator ( pg. 26) (Appears for approx. 5 seconds after turning on the camcorder.) Time Code ( pg. 27, 28) Digital Image Stabilizer (“DIS”) ( During D.S.C. Recording Only (GR-D93/73 only) 1280...

  • Page 53

    During Video Playback b i t BLANK SEARCH PUSH "STOP" BUTTON TO CANCEL 2 0 : Sound Mode Indicator ( pg. 28) Blank Search Indicator ( pg. 14) Tape Speed ( pg. 26) U : Playback : Fast-Forward/Shuttle Search : Rewind/Shuttle Search 9 : Pause 9 U : Forward Frame-By-Frame Playback/Slow- Motion...

  • Page 54: Terms

    Beep (BEEP) ...27 Blank search ...14 Brightness Adjustment Of The Display (BRIGHT) ...9 Changing The Menu Settings ...25 Charging The Battery Pack ...6 Cleaning The Camcorder ...48 Clock adjustment (CLOCK ADJ.) ...8 Connections Charging ...6 Dubbing ...34, 35 To A PC ...36 To A TV Or VCR ...17...

  • Page 55

    SD Memory Card ...10, 45 Self Recording ...13 Shuttle Search ...14 Slow-Motion Playback ...16 Snapshot ...18, 31 Snapshot Mode (SNAP MODE) ...26 Sound Mode (SOUND MODE) ...26, 28 Speaker Volume ...14 Specifications ...49 Still Playback ...14 S-Video/AV input (S/AV INPUT) ...28, 34, 35 Telephoto setting (TELE MACRO) ...26 Time Code (TIME CODE) ...13, 27 Tripod Mounting ...9...

  • Page 56

    Printed in Malaysia COPYRIGHT© 2003 VICTOR COMPANY OF JAPAN, LTD. 1203-FO-ID-PJ...

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