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Package Contents - Fujitsu fa-19w1s-h2a User Manual

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Package Contents

Safety Precautions
Quick Setup
The LCD monitor and the stand.
All of accessories have been tested and qualified. Do not use any non-qualified accessories
with this LCD monitor.
DC Adapter (POTRANS: UP06511190 or DELTA:ADP-65MB B).
Power Cord.
15-pin D-Sub Signal Cable.
Audio Cable.
User Manual (CD-ROM).
Quick Guide
Warranty card
48.4cm (19" Wide Screen) TFT LCD Monitor.
Supports Resolutions up to 1440 x 900.
Caution This LCD monitor must be operated with the original accessories.
This set must be operated with the correct power supply.
Do not let children use this LCD monitor alone.
Viewing the User Manual for other safety precautions.
The setup steps are described as following: (Step 2 to 4 are illustrated on the overleaf of the
1. Shutdown your computer and unplug.
2. Please combine the LCD monitor with the stand tightly
3. Connect the 15-pin D-Sub (or DVI-D, optional) signal cable and Audio cable to the
computer and the LCD monitor.
4.Connect the LCD monitor power cord to AC power input socket firmly and completely.
5.Use the cable tie to bind up the power cord and the D-sub signal cable/ DVI-D cable.
6.After installation, please turn on the LCD monitor and the computer, respectively.
7.About function adjustment and troubleshooting, please refer to the content of the

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