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Ionic hair straightener
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Available languages

Available languages



3.1 Hair structure and
temperature settings
The appliance allows you to make
individual temperature settings.
Depending on the hair structure, we
recommend the following settings:
• For fine, porous, colored, bleached
hair: 140 °C to 160 °C
• For normal hair: 170 °C to 190 °C
• For strong, resistant, thick hair:
200 °C to 230 °C

3.2 LCD display

3.2.1 Stop mode

The appliance will run in stop mode
when it is plugged in or turned off. The
LCD will show "000" without backlight
in this mode.
Stop mode
• Default set temperature: 180 °C
The appliance will
remember the last
setting if it is turned off
and still plugged in the
10 / 26 EN
LCD will display the segment bar to
indicate the heating up or cooling
• From one segment to five segments
when the appliance is heating up.
• From five segments to one segment
when the appliance is cooling down.
• The blue backlight will flash until
the preset temperature is reached.
• The appliance will run in "Lock
mode" if no button is pressed for 5

3.3 Turbo heating

By pressing and holding the heat
setting button "+" (3) for 2 seconds,
the appliance will immediately heat
up to the highest temperature setting

3.4 Temperature setting

The temperature can be set using the
heat setting buttons "+" (3) or "-" (4)
with 10 levels ranging from 140 °C to
1. Switch the appliance on by pres-
sing the On/Off button (5) for 2 se-
conds. The LCD lights up in blue.
Ionic Hair Straightener / User Manual



Table of Contents

Table of Contents