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BKK 2505
User Manual


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  • Page 1 BKK 2505 BreadMaker User Manual...
  • Page 2 Read this manual prior to initial operation of the product! Dear Customer, We hope that your product, which has been manufactured in modern facilities and passed through a strict quality control procedure, will give you very good results. We advise you to read through this manual carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1 Safety Warnings 2 Technical Specifications of Your Appliance 3 Using the Appliance Program selection Program descriptions Start / Stop Baking Selection Size of Loaf Keeping Warm Memory Ambient Conditions Warning Display First Use How To Make Bread Specific Information 4 Important Tips for Baking Tasty Bread About Bread Ingredients Useful Tips / Recommendations...
  • Page 4: Safety Warnings

    Safety Warnings The following safety warnings must be observed when using electrical appliances. 14. Never hit the edge of the chamber in order to remove the bread; otherwise, the 1. Please read all instructions thoroughly. chamber may be damaged. 2. Before use, check that the local voltage 15.
  • Page 5: Technical Specifications Of Your Appliance

    Technical Specifications of Your Appliance 1- Kneading paddle Voltage: 230 V~50 Hz 2- Chamber Power: 600 W 3- Body Insulation class: 1 4- Lid 5- Product's carrying handle 6- On/Off switch 7- Measuring cup 8- Large measuring spoon 9- Small measuring spoon 10- Kneading paddle removal hook Markings on the product or the values stated in other documents supplied with the product are values obtained under laboratory conditions as per relevant standards.
  • Page 6: Using The Appliance

    Using the Appliance Function Description Shows the Shows baking selection of bread selection. size. (Less / Moderate / More) (Small 1 / Large 2) Shows the selected Shows operating time for program. each program. As soon as you connect the breadmaker's 3.
  • Page 7: Start / Stop

    12. Baking: No kneading or rising, only power failure continues for longer than 15 baking. minutes, the memory cannot be maintained and you will need to start the breadmaker Start / Stop again. However, if the dough has not passed the stage of rising when the power Starts and stops the selected program.
  • Page 8: How To Make Bread

    How To Make Bread programs Normal, Village Bread, Whole Wheat Bread, Wholemeal 1. Put the bread chamber in place and Bread and Bread Rolls. This reminds turn clockwise until you hear a click to you to add ingredients such as olives, indicate that it is fixed in to position.
  • Page 9: Specific Information

    Specific Information 1. To make bread quickly Important Warnings for Quick Programs Baking soda, activated with moisture and 1. For all quick programs, the water heat, is used when you need to get the temperature should be 45-50 ºC. bread ready quickly. The Quick program is 2.
  • Page 10: About Bread Ingredients

    About Bread Ingredients Bread flour Sugar Bread flour is rich in gluten content (that Sugar is a very important ingredient is why it is also known as gluten flour that increases flavour and colour of with high level of protein), it has a good the bread.
  • Page 11: Useful Tips / Recommendations

    to the bread, you may use one whisked and the yeast powder supplied in egg in the village bread. the package, you should apply the Oil, butter and vegetable oil breadmaker recipe described on the Oil makes the bread soft and extends mix's package and select the 3-hour storage life.
  • Page 12: Bread Recipes

    Bread Recipes Normal White Bread Program Position Standard Baking position Less/Moderate/More Bread size Small ( I ) Large ( II ) Water 300 ml 320 ml Vegetable oil 1 Large measuring spoon 1 ½ Large measuring spoon Milk 1 Large measuring spoon 1 ½...
  • Page 13 Quick White Bread Program Position Quick Baking position Less/Moderate/More Bread size ------(selection not allowed) Hot Water ( 45-50 C) 280 ml Vegetable oil 1 Larger measuring spoon Milk 1 Larger measuring spoon White Flour 3 Measuring Cups (450g) Sugar 2 Small measuring spoons Salt 1 ½...
  • Page 14: Cleaning And Care

    Bread Rolls Program Position Bread Rolls Baking position Less/Moderate/More Bread size Small ( I ) Large ( II ) Water 280 ml 300 ml Vegetable oil 1 Larger measuring spoon 1 ½ Larger measuring spoon Milk 1 Larger measuring spoon 1 ½...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Reason Solution Some materials can stick on the heating Smoke comes out of the Unplug the breadmaker and clean the heating element, element or to the side of it or oil remains on vent hole during cooking. but be careful not to burn your hands. the heating element during first use.
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