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Honeywell 3800 Quick Start Manual

3800 linear series
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3800 Linear Series
Quick Start Guide



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Summary of Contents for Honeywell 3800

  • Page 1 3800 Linear Series Quick Start Guide...
  • Page 2: Getting Started

    Note: Refer to your user’s guide for information about cleaning your device. For localized language versions of this document, go to Getting Started Turn off computer’s power before connecting the scanner, then power up the computer once the scanner is fully connected.
  • Page 3 Keyboard Wedge Connection Serial (RS-232) Connection...
  • Page 4: Reading Techniques

    Reading Techniques The view finder projects a red aiming beam that should be centered over the bar code. Hold the scanner over the bar code, pull the trigger, and center the aiming beam on the bar code. The aiming beam is smaller when the scanner is closer to the code and larger when it is farther from the code.
  • Page 5: Standard Product Defaults

    To read PDF417 bar codes with a PDF-enabled 3800, hold the trigger down and move the scanner up and down so the aiming line sweeps from the top of the bar code to the bottom, and back up. This ensures that the entire code is scanned.
  • Page 6 Interface Scan the bar code that describes the PC or interface you are using. USB Keyboard (PC) RS-232 Japan DOS/V AT/PS2 Keyboard Wedge (Default) Emulate External Keyboard...
  • Page 7: Keyboard Country

    Program Keyboard Country Country Code Scan Country Code Scan Belgium Italy Denmark Norway Finland Spain France Switzerland Germany/Austria USA (Default) Great Britain Save Note: For a complete list of country codes, see the User’s Guide for your product at our website,
  • Page 8: Reread Delay

    This sets the time period before the scanner can read the same bar code a second time. Setting a reread delay protects against accidental rereads of the same bar code. Medium Reread Delay for 3800 only Medium Reread Delay for 3800g, 3800r and 3800i...
  • Page 9: Add Code Id Prefix To All Symbologies

    Scan the following bar code if you wish to add a Code ID prefix to all symbologies at once. Add Code ID Prefix To All Symbologies (Temporary) Note: For a complete list of Code IDs, see the User’s Guide for your product at our website,
  • Page 10: Data Format Editor Instructions

    Data Format Editor Instructions The following are abbreviated instructions for entering a data format. For complete instructions refer to your User’s Guide, available at our website, 1. Scan the Enter Data Format symbol. 2. Primary/Alternate Format: scan 0 for Primary Format.
  • Page 11: Programming Chart

    Programming Chart...
  • Page 12 Save...
  • Page 13: Visual Menu

    Visual Menu To obtain access to additional features for the 3800, use Visual Menu, available from our website at For complete download instructions and descriptions of Visual Menu’s features, refer to your User’s Guide. Visual Menu Visual Xpress™ To obtain access to additional features for the...
  • Page 14: Online Technical Assistance

    Asia Pacific Telephone - Hong Kong: +852-3188-3485 or 2511-3050 Telephone - China: +86 21 6361 3818 E-mail: Japan Telephone: +813 5770-6312 E-mail: Malaysia Telephone: +603-6201-7020 E-mail: Online Technical Assistance You can also access technical assistance online at
  • Page 15: For Further Information

    Product Service and Repair Honeywell provides service for all its products through service centers throughout the world. To obtain warranty or non-warranty service, contact the appropriate location below to obtain a Return Material Authorization number (RMA #) before returning the product.
  • Page 16: Online Product Service And Repair Assistance

    Fax: +31 (0) 40 2901 631 E-mail: Asia Pacific Telephone: +852-2511-3050 Fax: +852-2511-3557 E-mail: Japan Telephone: +813-5770-6312 Fax: +813-5770-6313 E-mail: Online Product Service and Repair Assistance You can also access product service and repair assistance online at
  • Page 17: Limited Warranty

    (C) static electricity or electro- static discharge, (D) operation under conditions beyond the specified operating parameters, or (E) repair or service of the product by anyone other than Honeywell or its authorized representatives. This warranty shall extend from the time of shipment for the duration published by Honeywell for the product at the time of purchase ("Warranty Period").
  • Page 18 Use of any peripherals not manufactured/sold by Honeywell may result in damage not covered by this...
  • Page 19 International Inc. extends these warranties only to the first end-users of the products. These warranties are non- transferable. The duration of the limited warranty for the 3800, 3800g, 3800gHD, 3800gPDF is five (5) years. The duration of the limited warranty for the 3800i is three (3) years.
  • Page 20 Honeywell 700 Visions Drive P.O. Box 208 Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0208 Linear-02-QS Rev B 6/08...

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