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Mounting The Heater - Bosch 125B LP Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic instantaneous type water heaters for use with natural and liquefied petroleum gas
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Note: Typically, the minimum clearence to combustible
materials should not be less than 6
pipe. Note that this clearance can be reduced if combustible
materials are protected as per table VI of the National Fuel
Gas Code or if Type B gas vent is used.
The Aquastar 125 B is design certified for mounting on a
Secure the two L shaped hooks, which are provided with
heater, to a wall surface. Place them 13 ¼" apart as shown
in Fig. 2.
Do not install this appliance on a carpeted wall or over floor
covering which is combustible, such as carpet. The heater
must be mounted on a wall using appropriate anchoring
materials. If wall is a stud wall sheathed with plasterboard, it
is recommended that support board(s), either 1x4's or
1/2" (minimum) plywood first be attached across a pair
of studs and then the heater should be attached to the
support boards. See Fig. 2.
Expansion and contraction of piping due to changing water
temperature in the pipes imparts movement to the heater
which, if mounted directly to a brittle, friable board, such as
plasterboard, can cause failure of mounting.
In earthquake-prone zones, BBTNA recommends that
installers use a large washer and lag screw through the
existing holes used to hang the heater to affix the upper
third of the heater to the mounting board. To affix the lower
third of the heater, BBTNA recommends that two new holes
be drilled in the heater's frame, each one 16 inches below
the top two holes, and that washers and lag screws be used
to secure the lower portion of the heater to a spacing board.
Before installing the unit, be certain you have the correct
heater for your type of Gas – Propane or Natural Gas.
Identification labels are found on the shipping box, and on
the rating plate which is located on the right side panel of
the cover. Also, each burner orifice is stamped with a number
(79 for LPG and 120 for Natural Gas).
13 ¼"
Fig. 2 - Mounting the Heater
The incandescent particle tray (shipped loose in the carton
with the water heater) must be attached at the bottom of
for single wall flue
the water heater front cover at the time of installation. Use
the screws provided. See figure 3
1" X 4"
Fig. 3 - Incandescent Particle Tray Illustration
6 720 607 030

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