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Bosch 125B LP Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 17

Automatic instantaneous type water heaters for use with natural and liquefied petroleum gas
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1. Unbalanced pressure in waterlines
The added restriction caused by the Aquastar in the hot
water system can result in uneven pressures between the
cold and the hot. In such cases when mixing cold water at
the tap, the lower hot water pressure may be overpowered
by the higher cold water pressure in the building, which may
cause the Aquastar burners to shut down (deactivate).
Do not add any flow restrictor to the shower head.
Position the gas control slide to the single flame (
setting to reduce the burner output and/or turn the
temperature adjustment knob counterclockwise to lower the
maximum water temperature.
Note: turning the knob counterclockwise will increase
the activation flow rate.
2. Temperature balance valves
If the inlet water temperature to the water heater is very
warm the heater can produce temperatures that may be
found to be too hot. A temperature balance shower valve
can automatically mix in cold water to reduce such hot water
temperature, in the event of any temperature instability with
the use of a temperature balance shower valve, refer to
shower valve manufactures instructions for internal
adjustment setting. Adjustments should be made to the
hottest setting in the shower valve. Additionally the
temperature control of the heater can be adjusted to produce
a more comfortable hot water temperature. See SETTING
3. Cold water is mixing with the hot water between the
AquaStar and the outlet
See #6 under "Burners do Not Ignite When Hot Water Is
Turned On".
4. Inlet water pressure is erratic due to inadequate supply
water pressure or saturated pressure tank on well
For installation on a private well system with the use of a
pressure tank, the lowest pressure range setting
recommended is 30-50 psi (2.07-3.45 bar).
5. Gas pressure is too low
See page 2 and 10 for correct specifications.
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