JVC KW-AVX840 Instructions Manual
JVC KW-AVX840 Instructions Manual

JVC KW-AVX840 Instructions Manual

Dvd receiver with monitor
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Only for KW-AVX840
Sólo para KW-AVX840
Uniquement pour le KW-AVX840
For canceling the display demonstration, see page 7.
Para cancelar la demonstración en pantalla, consulte la página 7.
Pour annuler la démonstration des affichages, référez-vous à la page 7.
For installation and connections, refer to the separate manual.
Para la instalación y las conexiones, refiérase al manual separado.
Pour l'installation et les raccordements, se référer au manuel séparé.


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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for JVC KW-AVX840

  • Page 1: Manual De Instrucciones

    RÉCEPTEUR DVD ET MONITEUR KW-AVX848/KW-AVX840 Only for KW-AVX840 Sólo para KW-AVX840 Uniquement pour le KW-AVX840 For customer Use: For canceling the display demonstration, see page 7. Enter below the Model No. and Para cancelar la demonstración en pantalla, consulte la página 7.
  • Page 2 – Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Caution: Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. WARNINGS: (To prevent accidents and damage) • DO NOT install any unit or wire any cable in a location •...
  • Page 3: How To Reset Your Unit

    Alliance: <http://www.eiae.org.> How to read this manual: • Illustrations of KW-AVX840 are mainly used for explanation. • This manual mainly explains operations using the buttons on the monitor panel and touch panel. For operations using the remote controller (RM-RK252: supplied only for KW-AVX848),  page 58.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents How to reset your unit ........... 3 Listening to the HD Radio™ broadcast How to forcibly eject a disc ........3 (Only for KW-AVX840) .....34 Rear source operations ......36 INTRODUCTIONS Sound adjustment ........37 Detaching/attaching the monitor panel ...5 Using the sound equalization ......37 Initial Settings ........6...
  • Page 5: Introductions

    INTRODUCTIONS Detaching/attaching the monitor panel Cautions • Hold the monitor panel securely so as not to drop it accidentally. • Fit the monitor panel onto the attaching plate until it is firmly locked. Detaching On the source control screen: The monitor panel is unlocked.
  • Page 6: Initial Settings

    Initial Settings When you power on the unit for the first time or reset Finish the procedure. the unit, the initial setting screen appears. • You can also change the settings on the <Settings> screen. ( page 44) Turn on the ignition switch. The power is turned on, and the initial setting screen appears.
  • Page 7: Canceling The Display Demonstration And Setting The Clock

    Canceling the display demonstration and setting the clock Canceling the display Setting the clock demonstration Display <AV Menu> screen. Display <AV Menu> screen. Display <Settings> screen. Display <Settings> screen. Select <Off>. Finish the procedure.
  • Page 8 Daylight Saving Time. <Central>, channel. Finish the procedure. <Eastern>, Select your residential <Atlantic>, or area. <Newfoundland>* Only for KW-AVX840: Selectable only when SIRIUS Satellite Radio is connected. 1 Select the time display format 2 Adjust the hour 3 Adjust the minute...
  • Page 9: Common Operations

    Common operations • Attenuates the sound. (Press) ( page 10) • Displays <AV Menu> screen. (Hold) ( page 11) Remote sensor Monitor panel Screen (touch panel) Motion sensor ( page 46) Reset button ( page 3) Turning on the power Turning off/on the AV source Turn on the ignition switch.
  • Page 10: Adjusting The Volume

    Adjusting the volume Ejecting the disc/adjusting the monitor panel To adjust the volume • About the adjustable volume range,  page 44 On the source control screen: (<Amplifier Gain>). • You can also adjust the volume by moving your finger on the touch panel as illustrated.
  • Page 11: Switching Screens

    Switching screens Source control screen Common operating buttons Displays navigation screen. * page 30) NAVI] * • Displays the phone control screen. (Press) • Switches to the last connected mobile below) phone. (Hold) ( page 51) Displays the sound adjustment screen. page 37) [TP] Activates/deactivates TA standby reception...
  • Page 12: Av Source Operations

    AV Off Turns off the AV source. Only for KW-AVX840. “HD RADIO” is shown as the source instead of “TUNER” when the HD Radio tuner box is connected. Select an appropriate input setting on <Audio Input>. ( page 46)
  • Page 13: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the radio Preparation: Select the appropriate tuner channel interval for <Area Setting>. ( page 15) ST/MO indicator DX/LO indicator Sound mode ( page 37) Standby reception indicator The station frequency currently tuned Preset no. in/PS (station name) for FM RBDS when PS signal is coming in Band PTY code for FM RBDS...
  • Page 14 When an FM stereo broadcast is hard to When the FM reception is interfered... receive... Activate monaural mode for better reception. Auto Increases the tuner selectivity to reduce interference noises between adjacent Activate monaural mode to improve FM stations. (Stereo effect may be lost.) reception, but stereo effect will be lost.
  • Page 15: Storing Stations In Memory

    Select a preset number. Select this when using in South American countries where FM interval is 50 kHz. AM interval is set to 10 kHz. • Initial setting is <US> for KW-AVX840, and (Hold) <SA> for KW-AVX848. The station selected in step...
  • Page 16 Selecting a preset station Activating/deactivating TA Standby Reception TP indicator The following features are available only for FM RBDS stations. TP indicator TA Standby Reception Lights up The unit will temporarily switch Searching for FM RBDS program— to Traffic Announcement (TA) if PTY Search available.
  • Page 17: Disc Operations

    Disc operations Playing a disc • If a disc does not have any disc menu, all tracks on it will be played repeatedly until you change the source or eject the disc. Inserting a disc To eject a disc control On the source screen: On the source control screen:...
  • Page 18: Playable Disc Type

    Disc type Recording format, file type, etc Playable DVD-Video * • DTS sound cannot be Region Code: reproduced or emitted from • For KW-AVX840 : 1 this unit. • For KW-AVX848 : 4 DVD-Audio/DVD-ROM DVD Recordable/Rewritable DVD-Video (DVD-R/-RW * , +R/+RW * DVD-VR * •...
  • Page 19: Playback Operations

    Playback operations To display the source control screen ( below) • The operation buttons disappear when no operation is done for about 10 seconds. For DVD/DVD-VR/VCD/DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/JPEG Sound mode ( page 37) Playback mode ( page 22) Media type Playback status Video format/ (3: play / 8: pause / 7: stop) playback mode—...
  • Page 20 For CD/MP3/WMA/WAV Sound mode ( page 37) Audio format Playback mode ( page 22) Playback status (3: play / 8: pause ) Media type Playing time page 10 • MP3/WMA/WAV: Folder no./ Track no. • CD: Track no. While playing, “Jacket picture” is Track/file information shown if the file has the tag data •...
  • Page 21: Video Menu Operations

    Video menu operations Selects the audio type. You can display the video menu screen while watching • For DVD-VR: Selects the audio the playback pictures on the screen. channel (ST: stereo, L: left, R: • Available items on the screen differ depending on the right).
  • Page 22: Selecting Playback Mode

    Only for VCD • To deactivate the PBC function, press [7] then the direct selecting buttons to select a track number. Selecting playback mode For DVD/DVD-VR Selects Repeat playback mode For VCD (without PBC)/CD/DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/MP3/ WMA/WAV Selects Random Selects Repeat playback mode* playback mode* Direct selecting buttons ( below)
  • Page 23: Settings For Disc Playback

    Audio Language Select the initial audio language; Initial English ( page 63). Subtitle Select the initial subtitle language or erase the subtitle (Off). • Initial for KW-AVX840: Off, for KW-AVX848: English ( page 63) Down Mix When playing back a multi-channel disc, this setting affects the signals reproduced through the FRONT OUT/REAR OUT jacks.
  • Page 24: Usb Operations

    • Do not use a USB device with 2 or more partitions. • Depending on the shape of the USB devices and Except for MPEG2 files recorded by JVC Everio connection ports, some USB devices may not be camcorder (extension code <.mod>).
  • Page 25 To display the source control screen ( below) • The operation buttons disappear when no operation is done for about 10 seconds. • To change settings for video playback,  page 41. Sound mode ( page 37) Playback mode ( below) Playback status Audio format Playing time...
  • Page 26: Listening To The Ipod/Iphone Device

    Listening to the iPod/iPhone device Preparation Connecting iPod/iPhone Settings for iPod playback When the source is “iPod”... To iPod/iPhone USB cable from the rear of the unit • Use the following cables: – To listen to the music (digital): USB 2.0 cable (accessory of the iPod/iPhone) –...
  • Page 27: Ipod/Iphone Playback Operations

    In You cannot resume playback for video sources. this case, visit the following JVC web site: <http:// www.jvc.co.jp/english/car/> (English website • When you turn on this unit, the iPod/iPhone is only) charged through the unit.
  • Page 28: Selecting A Track/Video From Menu On The Ipod/Iphone

    Selecting a track/video from Video menu: Switches between Music ( ) and Video menu on the iPod/iPhone • Available categories differ depending on the type of Select the menu (Music or Video) (1), a your iPod/iPhone. category (2), then a desired item (3). You can switch to the top of the category by pressing •...
  • Page 29: Using Other External Components

    Using other external components To display the source control screen ( below) • The operation buttons disappear when no operation is done for about 10 seconds. • To change settings for video playback,  page 41. AV-IN name (  below) Sound mode (  page 37) [Mode] Changes the AV-IN name.
  • Page 30: Using The External Navigation Unit

    Using the external navigation unit You can connect a navigation unit (not supplied) to the RGB input terminal so that you can view the navigation screen. ( the Installation/Connection Manual) • Please contact your dealer to inquire about compatible navigation units. •...
  • Page 31: Listening To The Satellite Radio (Only For Kw-Avx840)

    Listening to the satellite radio (Only for KW-AVX840) Before operating, connect either one of the following (not supplied) to the expansion port on the rear of the unit. To listen to the SIRIUS Satellite radio SCC1 and KS-SRA100 D&P, SCVDOC1 and KS-SRA100 To listen to the XM Satellite radio JVC Smart Digital Adapter–XMDJVC100...
  • Page 32: Tuning In To A Channel You Want

    Tuning in to a channel you want Preset no. CATEGORY indicator (only for XM) Sound mode ( page 37) Signal Reception indicator Channel no./Channel name Category name Band Preset list [BAND] Selects the band. Adjusts the volume. [–] For SIRIUS: Selects a category.* [∞] Displays the Category/Channel...
  • Page 33 Displaying the information of the current Selecting a preset channels station Selecting a channel on the list Select a category (1), then a channel (2) from the selected category. Hides the text information Text information Current category Current channel Scrolls the text information Storing channels in memory You can preset six channels for each band.
  • Page 34: Listening To The Hd Radio™ Broadcast (Only For Kw-Avx840)

    Listening to the HD Radio™ broadcast (Only for KW-AVX840) Before operating, connect HD Radio tuner box, KT-HD300 (separately purchased) to the expansion port on the rear of the unit. What is HD Radio Technology? HD Radio Technology can deliver high-quality digital sound—AM digital will have FM-like quality (in stereo) and FM digital will have CD-like quality—with static-free and clear reception.
  • Page 35 Displaying the information of the current Changing HD Radio reception mode channel While receiving an HD Radio broadcast, the unit tunes to digital or analog audio automatically due to the receiving condition. ANALOG Tuning to analog audio only. DIGITAL Tuning to digital audio only. AUTO Switch between digital and analog audio automatically.
  • Page 36: Rear Source Operations

    Rear source operations You can enjoy the rear source playback on the external monitor connected to the VIDEO OUT and 2nd AUDIO OUT jacks, while listening to any source. Activating the rear source Operations on the external monitor (from the remote controller only) AV Menu On <...
  • Page 37: Sound Adjustment

    Sound adjustment Using the sound equalization • The adjustment is memorized for each source until you adjust sound again. If the source is a disc, the adjustment is stored for each of the following categories. – DVD/DVD-VR – VCD/CD – DivX/MPEG1/MPEG2/MP3/WMA/WAV •...
  • Page 38: Adjusting The Cross Over Frequency

    Adjusting the sound precisely Adjusting the cross over Perform steps of “Selecting a frequency preset sound mode,” then... AV Menu On < > : Select a band. Adjust the sound . Select the item to adjust, then make adjustment. Adjusts the cross over for front or rear speakers (high pass filter).
  • Page 39: Changing Display Design

    Changing display design You can change the background, the color of text and touch panel buttons . On < AV Menu >: 2 Select/ the color adjust Color palette Dimmer setting: You can make selections for each dimmer setting—< > (On) or < >...
  • Page 40 Using your favorite scene as the Capture the image displayed on the background screen. While playing a video or JPEG, you can capture an image and use the captured image as a background. • You cannot capture copyrighted content and image from iPod/iPhone.
  • Page 41: Setting For Video Playback

    Setting for video playback You can change the setting for video playback. Picture adjustment Adjust the picture (–15 to +15). You can adjust the picture quality. Adjusts the Touch any position of the screen other brightness than operation buttons. Adjusts the contrast Adjusts the black Adjusts the color Adjusts the tint *...
  • Page 42: Changing The Aspect Ratio

    Changing the aspect ratio Zooming picture You can change the aspect ratio for video playback. You can zoom the picture (<Zoom1> to <Zoom3>). • When <Aspect> is set to <Panorama> or Touch any position of the screen other <Auto> ( left column), the picture is zoomed than operation buttons.
  • Page 43: Using A Rear View Camera

    On < >: The rear view screen is displayed when you shift the gear to the reverse (R) position. • For KW-AVX840: To erase the caution message, touch the screen. To display the picture from the rear view camera manually On <AV Menu>:...
  • Page 44: Setting Menu Items

    Setting menu items • You cannot change <Audio> settings (except <Amplifier Gain>) when the AV source is turned off. Menu item Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Fader/Balance Fader : Adjust the front and rear speaker output balance. F6 to R6; Initial 0 •...
  • Page 45 Menu item Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Speaker Select Select the size of the connected speaker. Standard/Narrow/Middle/Wide Dimmer Auto : Dims the screen and button illumination when you turn on the headlights. • The ILLUMINATION CONTROL lead connection is required. ( the Installation/Connection Manual) : Activates dimmer.
  • Page 46 Menu item Selectable setting/item Initial: Underlined Display Sensor Change the condition for turning off/on the screen and the light of MENU/ ATT button. Sensor: Select the condition of the screen for turning on. Motion : The screen turns on when your hand moves closer to the motion sensor.
  • Page 47 Adjust the touch position of the buttons on the screen. ( page 48) DivX(R) VOD This unit has its own Registration Code. Once you have played back a file Only for KW-AVX840 with which the Registration Code recorded, this unit’s Registration Code is overwritten for copyright protection.
  • Page 48: Memorizing/Recalling The Settings

    Memorizing/recalling the User1 Clears all settings memorized in < >, settings User2 User3 < > and < > You can memorize the settings changed in the <Settings> menu and recall the memorized settings anytime. Memorizing your settings Settings On < >: A confirmation message appears.
  • Page 49: Bluetooth Operations

    Bluetooth, visit the phone book, etc. When you perform these following JVC web site: <http://www.jvc.co.jp/ operations, stop your car in a safe place. english/car/> (English website only) • Some Bluetooth devices may not be connected to this unit depending on the Bluetooth version of the device.
  • Page 50: Connecting Bluetooth Devices

    Connecting Bluetooth devices Connecting a new Bluetooth device Change the PIN code. • If you skip changing PIN code, go to step for the first time When you connect a Bluetooth device to the unit for the first time, make pairing between the unit and the device.
  • Page 51  ] on the source control screen switches between the last connected mobile phone and current one. • Store the Bluetooth adapter in the supplied bag. • When inserting the Bluetooth adapter again, insert it firmly with the JVC logo facing up.
  • Page 52: Using The Bluetooth Mobile Phone

    Using the Bluetooth mobile phone Receiving a call Switching between handsfree mode and phone mode When a call comes in/making a call... While talking... Status of the device/Battery reminder (only when the Call information information comes from the device) (if acquired) Each time you press the button, the talking method is switched ( ...
  • Page 53 Making a call Using the preset list/phone book/call lists On the source control screen: Preset From preset list From dialled call list. From received call list. From missed call list. From phone book. • You can also display the phone control screen by •...
  • Page 54 Presetting the phone numbers Copying the phone book You can preset up to 6 phone numbers. You can copy the phone book memory of a mobile phone into the unit (up to 400 memories). On the source control screen: On the source control screen: Select an item from phone book/call lists.
  • Page 55 Deleting the phone number About mobile phone compatible memory in the unit with Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) Display the preset list/phone book/call If your mobile phone supports PBAP, the phone book list you want to delete. page 53) and call lists are automatically copied to the unit when the mobile phone is connected.
  • Page 56: Using The Bluetooth Audio Player

    Using the Bluetooth audio player • To register a new device,  page 50. • To connect/disconnect a device,  page 51. Sound mode ( page 37) Battery reminder (only when the Playback mode * ( below) information comes from the device) Track no./Playing time Playback status (3: play / 8: pause)
  • Page 57: Bluetooth Device Settings

    • Touch the current PIN code, enter a new PIN code, then press [Save]. Device Name Shows the device name to be shown on the Bluetooth device — ”JVC Unit.” Device Address Shows the MAC address of the unit. Phone Device* Shows the phone device name.
  • Page 58: Reference

    REFERENCE Using the remote controller (Only for KW-AVX848) For KW-AVX840: To use the remote controller, purchase RM-RK252P separately. If the effectiveness of the remote controller Installing the batteries decreases, replace the batteries. R03/LR03/AAA Before using the remote controller: • Aim the remote controller directly at the remote sensor on the unit.
  • Page 59 • Pauses playback of Bluetooth • “SURROUND” function does not audio. work for this unit. • Enters a number while holding Only for KW-AVX840. 0 – 9 SHIFT. Does not work while listening to Bluetooth audio. • “SETUP” function does not work ( page 60) for this unit.
  • Page 60 Searching for an item directly Various disc operations Tuner frequency Using the disc menu 1 Press DIRECT while holding SHIFT to enter the • DVD-Video/DVD-VR search mode. 1 For DVD Video, press TOPM or MENU. 2 Press number buttons while holding SHIFT to enter For DVD-VR, press...
  • Page 61: Maintenance

    Maintenance Caution on cleaning the unit To keep discs clean Do not use any A dirty disc may not play correctly. solvent (for If a disc does become dirty, wipe it with a example, thinner, soft cloth in a straight line from center to benzine, etc.), edge.
  • Page 62: More About This Unit

    • This unit can play back baseline JPEG files. Progressive JPEG files or lossless JPEG files cannot be played. JVC bears no responsibility for any loss of data in an iPod/iPhone and USB mass storage class device while using this unit.
  • Page 63 Sound signals emitted through the rear terminals Through the analog terminals (Speaker out/REAR OUT /FRONT OUT ) 2-channel signal is emitted. When playing multi-channel encoded disc, multi-channel signals are downmixed. Language codes (for DVD/DivX language selection) Code Language Code Language Code Language Code...
  • Page 64 • Traffic signs should be observed carefully while driving using the iPhone Navigation App. iPhone Navigation App is only an aid. Driver must always decide whether or not to heed the information provided. JVC does not accept liability for erroneous data provided by the iPhone Navigation App.
  • Page 65: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting What appears to be trouble is not always serious. Check the following points before calling a service center. • For operations with the external components, refer also to the instructions supplied with the adapters used for the connections (as well as the instructions supplied with the external components). •...
  • Page 66 ( page 18) • Add appropriate extension codes to the file names. Tracks are not played back as you have Playback order may differ from the one played back using intended them to play. other players. For KW-AVX840: Purchase RM-RK252P separately.
  • Page 67 Symptom Remedy/Cause “Now Reading...” keeps flashing on the Turn off the power and on again. screen. While playing a track, sound is sometimes The tracks are not properly copied into the USB device. interrupted. Copy tracks again, and try again. No sound comes out of the speakers.
  • Page 68 Symptom Remedy/Cause “CALL 1-888-539-SIRIUS TO SUBSCRIBE” SIRIUS Satellite Radio is connected but does not have an appears on the screen. active subscription. For information on how to subscribe,  page 31. “Acquiring Signal” or “NO SIGNAL” appears Make sure your Satellite Radio antenna is mounted outside on the screen.
  • Page 69 Symptom Remedy/Cause Phone sound quality is poor. • Reduce the distance between the unit and the Bluetooth mobile phone. • Move the car to place where you can get a better signal reception. The sound is interrupted or skipped while •...
  • Page 70: Specifications

    Less than measurable limit USB Standards USB 2.0 Full Speed Data Transfer Rate Full Speed Maximum 12 Mbps Low Speed Maximum 1.5 Mbps Compatible Device Mass storage class Compatible File System FAT 32/16/12 Max. Current DC 5 V Only for KW-AVX840.
  • Page 71 Version Bluetooth 2.0 certified Output Power +4 dBm Max. (Power class 2) Service Area Within 10 m (10.9 yd) Profile HFP (Hands-Free Profile) 1.5 OPP (Object Push Profile) 1.1 A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) 1.2 AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) 1.3 PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) 1.0 Screen Size 7 inch wide liquid crystal display...
  • Page 72 The countries where you may use the Bluetooth® function Die Länder, in denen Sie die Bluetooth® Funktion verwenden können Pays où vous pouvez utiliser la fonction Bluetooth® De landen waar u de Bluetooth®-functie mag gebruiken Países en los que se puede utilizar la función Bluetooth® Paesi nei quali è...
  • Page 73 Country Country Country Andorra Ísland Türkiye Italia United States of America Australia Lichtenstein Venezuela Österreich Lietuva Vietnam Bosna i Hercegovina Vi t Nam Luxemburg Belgien South Africa Luxembourg Belgique ENingizimu Afrika Lëtzebuerg България Suid-Afrika Latvija Canada Monaco Schweiz Crna Gora Suisse Македонија...
  • Page 74 Having TROUBLE with operation? Please reset your unit Refer to page of How to reset your unit Still having trouble?? USA ONLY Call 1-800-252-5722 http://www.jvc.com We can help you! EN, SP, FR 0111NYMMDWJEIN © 2011 Victor Company of Japan, Limited...
  • Page 75 NEGATIVA. Si su vehículo no posee continu de 12 V à masse NEGATIVE. Si votre véhicule n’offre pas ce voltage inverter is required, which can be purchased at JVC car audio este sistema, será necesario un inversor de tensión, que puede ser type d’alimentation, il vous faut un convertisseur de tension, que vous...
  • Page 76 JVC ou une • If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, have it installed JVC de equipos de audio para automóviles o a una compañía que compagnie d’approvisionnement. by a qualified technician.
  • Page 77: Removing The Unit

    Frein de stationnement Conector de sujeción KW-AVX848 Raccord à sertir KW-AVX840 To metallic body or chassis of the car A un cuerpo metálico o chasis del automóvil Vers corps métallique ou châssis de la voiture Parking brake switch (inside the car) Interruptor del freno de estacionamiento (dentro del automóvil)
  • Page 78 Pour en savoir plus, consultez le revendeur autoradio auprès duquel vous avez acheté cet autoradio. Télécommande de volant (installée dans la voiture) Only for KW-AVX840. Sólo para KW-AVX840. Uniquement pour le KW-AVX840. Not supplied for this unit. No suministrado con esta unidad. Non fourni avec cet appareil.
  • Page 79 / Connecteur Y Au fil de télécommande d’un autre appareil Cable remoto Fil d’alimentation à distance JVC Amplifier Remote lead (blue with white stripe) Amplificador de JVC Front speakers Cable remoto (azul con rayas blancas) Rear speakers JVC Amplificateur Altavoces Fil d’alimentation à...
  • Page 80 RGB. extérieures connectés à la prise d’entrée RVB. Connecting external components (Only for KW-AVX840) / Conexión de los componentes externos (Sólo para KW-AVX840) / Connexion d’appareils extérieurs (Uniquement pour le KW-AVX840) When connecting the external components, refer also to the manuals Cuando conecte componentes externos, consulte, también, los...

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