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Lenovo EMC px 12 Network Configuration Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Lenovo EMC px 12

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    White Paper ADVANCED NETWORK CONFIGURATION GUIDE CONTENTS Introduction Terminology VLAN configuration NIC Bonding configuration Jumbo frame configuration Other I/O high availability options Configuration procedure Conclusion...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Advanced Network Configuration Guide INTRODUCTION ® ® The Lenovo px12 network storage array offers versatile storage provisioning, advanced protocol capabilities, expandability, and affordability in an easy-to-use product ideal for small businesses, workgroups, and departments. The px12 provides quad gigabit Ethernet connections,...
  • Page 3: Vlan Configuration

    When you join your Lenovo network storage device to your existing Active Directory user organization, your Lenovo network storage device can work in a high availability environment, which means it can work with multiple AD servers should one server fail or go offline.
  • Page 4: Nic Bonding Configuration

    px12 Advanced Network Configuration Guide • Improved manageability: VLAN removes dependency on the physical network and topology by creating a logical network to connect physically diverse workgroups within a single broadcast domain. It’s easy, flexible, and less costly to modify a logical network in changing environments.
  • Page 5: Jumbo Frame Configuration

    px12 Advanced Network Configuration Guide • IEEE 802.3ad dynamic link aggregation: this mode dynamically bundles or channels NIC ports together and shows them as a single link using the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). It increases the total bandwidth for the link and provides fault tolerance in the event of switch port, cable, or NIC failure.
  • Page 6: Configuration Procedure

    px12 Advanced Network Configuration Guide the px12 server is certified iSCSI storage with MPIO support for the VMware vSphere 4 virtualization platform. To improve performance and data availability at the data path level, a hardware-based network solution or a software-based MPIO solution or a combination of both can be deployed. The network solution requires that both the storage device and server have at least two NICs that can be bonded together.
  • Page 7 px12 Advanced Network Configuration Guide 4. Repeat step 3 to add more VLANs to the interface. You can create up to four VLANs for each network interface. 5. To bond NICs, expand a NIC in the table and expand the Bond Network Interface section. 6.
  • Page 8: Conclusion

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